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Throttles not working in commercial aircraft


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I’ve been able to bind all controls for GA but can’t get any of my airliners to work. Flaps and spoilers work, no throttles and no switches. I’ve erased profile in game controls so there are no duplicates. I’ve set throttles as send to direct FSUIPC calibration and even tried the send to FS normal axis as well. No luck. They move in FSUIPC calibration. I can’t get FENIX 320,PMDG737,Aerosoft CRJ and even default 787. Not sure the issue. Hopefully it can be fixed. I’d prefer to fly airliners occasionally.  Does FSUIPC work with these aircraft?

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8 minutes ago, abh_jc_03 said:

Does FSUIPC work with these aircraft?


9 minutes ago, abh_jc_03 said:

I can’t get FENIX 320,PMDG737,Aerosoft CRJ and even default 787.

But what have you assigned to? You need to assign to the controls that work for the aircraft that you have loaded. I don't have the Fenix, but for the:
   CRJ - assign with 'Send to FS as normal axis' and use the THROTTLE1_AXIS_SET_EX1 and THROTTLE2_AXIS_SET_EX1 controls (or THROTTLE_AXIS_SET_EX1)
   PMDG737 -  the standard Throttle assignments should  work with this aircraft, assigned using send to direct FSUIPC calibration
   default 787 - the standard Throttle assignments should also work with this aircraft

If you cannot get the throttle working for a specific aircraft. please show me/attach your FSUIPC7.ini file and the FSUIPC7.log file, generated with logging for Axes Controls activated - just load the aircraft, move the throttle through its full range and back again, then exit FSUIPC7 before attaching the files.


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1 minute ago, abh_jc_03 said:

Why dies one use the send to FSUIPC and other send as FS axis?

They are just different ways of assigning, and only the standard axis controls are used when sending direct to FSUIPC calibration, i.e. you cannot use the *_EX1 controls with this, for example.

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Ok thanks for the input. I don’t think I’ve ever used the “EX1” etc. just set as throttle one or throttle 1 set. But they worked for GA aircraft.  Any reason the switches wouldn’t work?  They register in FSUIPC. I check FS control and press the switch and sejrct what I’m assigning. 

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23 minutes ago, abh_jc_03 said:

Any reason the switches wouldn’t work?

What switches and for which aircraft?
Many of the standard controls don't work in MSFS, especially for add-on aircraft. You need to look into using other methods. For most aircraft, you should look to see if there is an appropriate preset defined - use the HubHop site (https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) to search for the function/button by aircraft/aircraft provider. All presets are available for assignment in FSUIPC7 by checking the 'Select for Preset' checkbox. You can then click the Find Preset... button which will open a tree-dialog that should allow you to easily find the preset.

For PMDG aircraft there may be presets available, but you can also use the custom controls. To use these, please see the following FAQ entry: 


Almost all buttons/switches in PMDG aircraft can be controlled using the provided custom controls (take a look at the header file where the custom controls ae defined).

You can also try looking at Input Events for some functions, although not all aircraft support these, You can list the input events available using Log -> Input Events. You can also see these being used, and the parameter to be used (if any), by activating logging for Input Events (Log->Input Events) and then clicking the button/switch in the VC. In fact logging is the mechanism to determine what to use for a button/switch assignment, especially with Event logging activated (Log->Events). If you open the logging console (Log->Open Console) you will see what events are used by a button/switch in real-time when you click/press the button in the VC.

If you have any issues with a specific button/function in an aircraft, you can post again. Check there isn't a post covering this first, and give your post an appropriate title (i.e. include the aircraft name and provider if not Asobo, and the function you want to control).


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