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LVAR Offset for throttle axis


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A thousand apologies if this has already been covered (I couldn't find it). It's been a *long* time since I did any LUA programming - and my grey cells aren't what they used to be!!

I suffer from the dreaded Logitech X-56 "throttle creep" and used to use a LUA script I wrote to disable all throttle inputs when in autopilot, using the offset 310A.

The scripts (on/off) appear to work (and write a value to that offset) but the throttle remains active.

Does MSFS use a different offset? If so, how can I find out what it is? I've Googled without success, but think I should be able to track/trace it when flying ... but how?




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4 hours ago, Adamski said:

Does MSFS use a different offset? If so, how can I find out what it is?

No, the same offset is used.

What aircraft are you flying? How have you assigned the throttle? Could you show me your lua script, FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files please. Please add offset logging for offset 0x310A (as UB in hex), and once you have set auto-pilot please activate logging for Axes Controls.

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Thanks, John (and hi!!) ... you're quite correct, as ever.

It turns out I was forgetting to pass the axis through FSUIPC (I'd been fiddling with Axis & Ohs) .... mega DUH!!!

I wrote the scripts almost exactly two years ago ... I'm amazed they still work, LOL!

I'm amending it so it can work across the board (without checking for autopilot engage y/n) - mainly for the aircraft that use detents (FBW A320 or Fenix A320) where it's easy for the throttle to creep out of the slot.

I think a more effective solution would be to do a hardware mod on the throttle (clear the jelly/gloop). Unbelievable how Saitek/Logitech produce this expensive cr*p!

Thanks again,


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