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Non-compliant “ini” file


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I just purchased FSUIPC MSFS, I did all the installation and registration of the product according to the YouTube video.
After installing the PCMO Fenix32 files, the INI file does not match.
I have provided you with the INI file.
Thank you for your reply.


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22 minutes ago, Faize31 said:

the INI file does not match.

Does not match what? What do you mean by this? The ini file does not match anything.... it is unique to your system and set-up.

Your ini looks like a default ini file - no profiles or assignments, and with one lua file recognised (PMCO_FNX32X.lua).

You have to configure/set-up FSUIPC7 for what you want to use. Please see the provided documentation - start with the User guide and also look through the Advanced User guide. This will give you an idea of what you can do with FSUIPC7.

Otherwise, please explain why you think you have an issue, and what you actually want to do with FSUIPC7.

Also, before purchasing FSUIPC7 I recommend trying the trial license first (available at the top of this forum) to make sure it is suitable for your needs. But too late now!


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