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FSUIPC msfs2020 auto save supported aircrafts?


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Cant find a list any where online. I tested a few and seems like fenix doesnt really work at all as it starts cold and dark on on sea water if you cruising over the sea. default b787-10 also spawns you on the floor but with enough speed that you can climb back up, fmc needs to be redone completely though. Horizon b787 for some reason loses its mind and cant climb. What about other aircrafts has anyone tested? compared it to volanta autosave (I assume its the same basically as its a msfs2020 issue?)

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The auto-save functionality in FSUIPC relies on the SimConnect SDK function SimConnect_FlightSave, which is still documented as NOTE: The current status of this function is NO ERROR, NO RESPONSE, which is Asobo's way of saying that this function is still not fully working. I have recently asked about this again on the Asobo forums but have yet to receive a response - see https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/status-of-simconnect-flightsave-function-still-not-working-correctly/8743.

It seems that some folks have more success with this than others, and it does seem to be  dependent on the aircraft, with more success on GA/simpler aircraft than with more complex airliners. There is no list of aircraft where this function is fully working 100% of the time as far as I am aware,

Although it is Asobo who provide the flight save/load functionality, it will be up to the aircraft developers to implement the saving/loading of the panel state, so you will get issues if this has not been implemented (correctly) by the aircraft devlopers.

I presume Volanta autosave has the same issues as that will also be using the MSFS SDK to save the flight state. Volanta also state:
    Not all third-party aircraft may be supported as saving/loading of panel state can differ by aircraft. Note: If an aircraft works with the simulator's default save/load function, it will work with Volanta.

which also applies to FSUIPC auto-save.

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