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Setting Up Cockpit Pan


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How do I set up my hat switch to get a smooth cockpit pan? I tried to set mine up but I might have chosen the wrong assignments or put them in the wrong order. Anyway, this is what I have assigned:

8=PA,39,C65855,0     -{PAN_LEFT_DOWN}-
9=PA,33,C65857,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_DOWN}-
10=PA,34,C65672,0     -{PAN_RIGHT}-
11=PA,35,C65856,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_UP}-
12=PA,36,C65734,0     -{PAN_UP}-
13=PA,37,C65854,0     -{PAN_LEFT_UP}-
14=PA,38,C65671,0     -{PAN_LEFT}-
15=PA,32,C65735,0     -{PAN_DOWN}-

When I pan down the view moves back and then down.  I can pan left but when I try to pan right, often I just move over to the co-pilot's seat where, if I try to pan up, I get to the eyebrow panel and that's as far as I move. I just want a smooth pan from the pilot's seat all around the cockpit. I don't want to move to the different cockpit seats.


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I have not looked at the PAN controls for a long time, as these were never working correctly in MSFS (especially Pan View). As it says in the README.txt:


Quite a few events/controls that are available in MSFS are not available (or are provided but have
no effect/don't work) for use by 3rd party applications via the provided SDKs. These include:
   - events for view control
   - events for slew control
   - events for weather

For view and slew control, you can assign in MSFS or assign in FSUIPC7 but to the default key assignments
used for view/slew control in MSFS.

I will look again at the Pan controls when time permits. I am rather busy at the moment with various issues raised since the SU15 release, so it may take a while before I get time to look into this (probably next week).


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39 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

I will look again at the Pan controls when time permits.

Just checked these and the Pan controls still don't work from an external app. Either assign directly in MSFS, or assign in FSUIPC to the default key controls for the camera/view in MSFS, e.g. lctl+Left, lctl+Right, lctl+Down, lctl+Up for quick look
       lshift+Right, lshift+Left, lshift+Down, lshift+Up to move camera,
       Right, Left, Down, Up for eyepoint movement,

Check the default key assignments in MSFS to control the camera, try them out and then assign the ones you want to use to your hat switches.


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