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  1. Career Mode?

    Thanks Vic. Much appreciated!!!
  2. Career Mode?

    Just wondering whether there are plans to include a career mode in Tower!3d Pro in the future?
  3. My Observations

    I know especially on 25R at LAX and 27R at PHL the time between issuing the cleared for takeoff command and the aircraft actually beginning its takeoff seems to take forever
  4. My Observations

    Windows 7 comes with only one voice, Microsoft Anna. That's why, even though you may choose random voices, this is the only one you'll hear
  5. proper procedure for takeoff and landings

    I also wait until an arriving plane has totally cleared 24R or 25L at LAX before I clear another plane for takeoff on 24L or 25R
  6. Editing in Tower!3D

    I tried the real traffic also. The only oddity I noticed is that all aircraft have plain white textures. Just want to check to see if this is normal :-)
  7. Would help to see the schedule

    I assume the schedules are all on GMT? If so, I started a session at LAX at 1100 and had all the traffic I could handle. I assume that would have been 1900 Pacific Time.

    Yeah, looks like the aircraft are not parked on the taxiway anymore. Also, you now hear "Good Day" instead of Good Bye" now after contacting departure. Nice touch!
  9. Great to hear......
  10. The only solution I can offer is for arriving aircraft to avoid Taxiway S
  11. I had the same thing happen - it's like TAB2054 is parked right on the taxiway
  12. Tower 3D: some small suggestions

    It'd be nice to be able to designate a traffic density percentage for arriving and departing aircraft. Great job by the development team by the way!