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  1. Tower!3D Pro - No GA Traffic (SP 3.1 Related)

    You´re welcome :)
  2. Multiplayer freezes on load screen

    That's good to hear! I hope this solves the problem. We´ll be here in case anything goes wrong. Have a great day, Ariel
  3. Tower!3D Pro - No GA Traffic (SP 3.1 Related)

    Hello Craig, Just to let you know, we are looking into the new GA issue and likely will release a hotfix soon :) Greetings, Ariel

    Hello gentlemen, Thank you for all your reports. We are looking into this. We would appreciate if you could provide a log for every problem you find (I already reported the ones you posted on this thread, thank you.) Best regards, Ariel
  5. Loading hangs at 70% with Real Traffic

    Hello Chris, Could you please tell us what Tower version and Real Traffic version you have? Thank you, Ariel
  6. Tower!3D Pro - No GA Traffic (SP 3.1 Related)

    Hello Craig, thank you for the report. I will notify this immediately to our team and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer. Greetings, Ariel
  7. Multiplayer freezes on load screen

    BrendanMan33, Please re-download the add-ons from the same link that you received during purchase and please tell us the outcome. Have a great day, Ariel
  8. Travon 2012 LSALT sector info

    Hi Wayne, I´m sorry I do not have an answer, but we will deliver it as soon as we can; that you can know for sure! :) Best regards, Ariel
  9. E-jets v2 P3D v4 - Couple of bugs

    Hi Shom, Sorry for not answering earlier. Could you please explain me what are you talking about? Which colors and which cockpit? Thanks, Ariel
  10. Taxiway F at KLGA

    Hello Delta VII, Can you please post San Diego related issues in another KSAN thread, or in a new one? (Not in a KLGA thread!) It would help us keep things organized :) We will add this report to the buglist however. Thank you for the info. Best regards, Ariel
  11. Multiplayer freezes on load screen

    Hello BrendanMan33, You must have the same Real Traffic and Real color and airport files as the other party. The only way to check is making sure both sides downloaded the latest version of each installer. Hope it works! Best regards, Ariel
  12. Tower!3D Pro - KLAS Terminal_E Issues

    Thank you Craig. I will make sure to remind our guys about this issue. Will get back to you as soon as we have an answer. Best regards, Ariel
  13. Tower!3D Pro - Restarter Incoming Not Triggering Outgoing

    Hello Craig, Thank you for the report. We are investigating it right at this moment. I will get back to you as soon as we have a diagnosis. Best regards, Ariel
  14. One bug and a suggestion

    Hello PilatusPilot32, Thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate it. We already have the HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY and TAXIWAY commands. As of CROSS RUNWAY, we will immediately add it to our list! Thank you. Kind regards, Ariel
  15. Suggestion For LAX

    Hello, Could you please tell us what syntax have you used? Thanks, Ariel