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  1. Hi Pete, now its 11 years ago and I come back to this issue. I run two FlightSim PCs and tried on both to start FSX MPL mode. The LOG file filenames, I will attach, starts with the prefix F3 and F4. The F3 LOG shows the version where FSUIPC stops working, and the F4 LOG shows the version where I can control FSX. The F3 LOG stops after this line : " 101479 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint1" and continues when I stop FSX. The F3 FSUIPC Version is 4.969 and the F4 FSUIPC Version is 4.97 Both systems are WIN7 , both FS are the same FSX version. What is the reason for this different behaviour? How can I troubleshoot? thanks Alhard F3 FSUIPC4_mpl.log F4 FSUIPC4_mpl.log
  2. Hello Pete, good to have you back. How was the trip to the US? Thanks for your advises. Normally I check the versions. Sorry. I think disabling controllers in the sim could solve the problem. Normally I never disable the controllers in the controller disable box. I delete all assignments in the standard FSX controller assignments. I will follow your advises and report again. Alhard
  3. Hi All, I used Joystick Letters and it is still NOT working. What more infos do you need? Please help.
  4. Thanks Stefan, I will try Alhard
  5. Hi Pete, I coded a rotary encoder for trim wheel purpose with FSUIPC like this: --------------------------------- [Buttons] !2=;Änderung wegen TrimWheel 170728 ButtonRepeat=20,10 PollInterval=10 3=CP(+0,6)0,7,Cx43000BC0,xC0010100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Decr 4=CP(+0,6)0,7,Cx43000BC0,xC0010100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Decr 1=CP(+0,7)0,6,Cx33000BC0,x3FFF0100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Incr 2=CP(+0,7)0,6,Cx33000BC0,x3FFF0100 ; ELEV_TRIM Sword Incr -------------------------------- It worked for some days perfect. I could move the trim wheel, sitting on a rotary encoder, and the plane followed the control. Now , when I move the trim wheel, the throttle move back to a 50% position. I am not aware, that I changed anything relevant to this problem. The standard controller assignment in FSX is NOT used. I reloaded my FSX and the C172, and always the same effect: moving trim wheel , moving thottle axis. Here is the log file, see attachment and remarks below: Remarks to the LOG files. From line 97189 on I move the throttle and mixture. Then in line 127032 I connected the USB encoder trim wheel. I moved the trime wheel and suddenly in line 127203 the AXIS_THROTTLE_SET was moved. I disconnected and connected the USB encoder just for test purpose. The behaviour is still there with USB encoder permanent connected. What did I do wrong? What shall I check additionally? Thanks Alhard FSUIPC4.log
  6. Reading METAR in FSX

    Yes there is. I will try. Alhard
  7. Reading METAR in FSX

    Thanks for your quick response. I think, you have a lot to do after vacation time. Yes, I tried a lot with the Simconnect SDK, but as I am not very experienced with C++ programming, I am looking for a quick solution wtih a VB frame program to start with.
  8. Reading METAR in FSX

    Pete, thanks for your hint. I remember I used it some years ago and it works today with FSX also. But I suppose, you are reading the weather info via FSX offsets. I need a program, which reads the current weather info via SimConnect Calls like SimConnect_WeatherRequestObservationAtStation Do you have an idea? best regards Alhard
  9. Reading METAR in FSX

    Hi Pete, I do not want to program myself a little Add-On for reading the current (!) FSX weather. Do you know about a small program , which reads the current METAR out of FSX ? How can I use FSUIPC ? With FS-Interrogate I found a first step. Here I found a thread http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/simconnect-weather.5254/ but the add-on is no more available. thanks Alhard
  10. Great thanks, Pete. There is nothing outstanding for now. I really appreciated, as ever, your strong and prompt help and I learned a lot. All the Best! regards Alhard, using FSUIPC since more than 10 years.
  11. Result with P3D. I tested with default Maule. All Door toggle works fine with offset togglebits 15. It doesn't work with TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT parameter 15 for all doors, but single doors with par 1,2,3. So for P3D, which is for now not my favourite Sim, I have a solution . regards Alhard
  12. In addition I will test it now on P3D. OK? Alhard
  13. Pete, I missed to send the aircraft.cfg of the Beaver in my virgin PC: [exits] number_of_exits=3 exit.0=0.4 // (0=Main 1=Cargo 2=Emergency) exit.1=0.4 // (0=Main 1=Cargo 2=Emergency) exit.2=0.4 // (0=Main 1=Cargo 2=Emergency) Alhard
  14. Hi Pete, I tested now the behaviour on a very new Windows an FSX installation. I call it my "virgin" test PC. Attached is the complete log file. The behaviour of the Beaver is always still opening/closing ONE door only. My objectiv is, to assign ONE button (individual selected) to toggle Opening/Closing ALL (!) doors. In my Simmer group, which I moderate, all want to have this feature. As FS Control " TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT " is unfortunately not working on my 2 systems, I was looking for an alternative = KEYPRESSES. PLease check the log file and please tell me also why always the ATC_MENU_CLOSE function is operated. I checked all button assignments in FSX and in FSUIPC, but I can't find any assignment to this function. Thanks and best regards Alhard Problem Open Doors FSUIPC4.log
  15. Hello Pete, I enabled the logging and attached are my results. There are still some question marks. Please give advise for more tests. Have a pleasant Easter Weekend. Thanks, Alhard Tests Close-Open Doors FSUIPC.txt