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  1. Oh, I didnt know. Was it announced somewhere. I fully understand you to end development , cause I was a developer also in my early times. Nevertheless, it's bad news for our new function "Ignore" in FSX. I tested the minor update successfully ! Thanks again. best regards Alhard PS: send me a PM if you have a work around idea.
  2. P.S. Its 'Dowson' not 'Dawson'! Sorry for the typo. Cheers Alhard
  3. Hi John, IT WORKS PERFECT with P3D. Thanks! Now I need it also for FSX FSUIPC V4, as the group flies with FSX mainly and often P3D. Is it impertinent or ungrateful to ask for again?
  4. Great, John, thanks for the quick implementation. I will test it tomorrow and I will report.
  5. This is bad and good news!! Bad, cause I would miss you very very much Pete, It was great "talking" and developing over the past 12 years with you. I hope you will stay here in the forum. Good, cause the brilliant tool FSUIPC stays in Dawson family hands. John, welcome again from my side. BTW.: 2 years ago I intended to ask you Pete, who will be your follower? But I didn't dare. Now I got the answer!! Best regards, Alhard (13 years FSUIPC user)
  6. Hi dear Dawsons, thanks for your understanding and proposed help. May I ask Pete: who is John? Your new developing partner? He is very welcome!
  7. Hi Pete, as I am the moderator and group leader of about 8 simulator pilots, we have joint meetings every 4 weeks on two simulators at my home for 8 hours, and also intermediate meetings. For preparation and during my sessions, I configure the flights for new actions on different airplanes, different weather conditions, different airfields. Therefore the FSUIPC calibration and configuration could change very often. I am using profiles from begin on, as we fly gliders, single propeller, twin propeller, commercial airliners (A320), helicopters, etc. Beside the profiles, I store the configurations in different FSUPC-xxxx.INI files. Now , since I connected the additional microcontroller box (Arcaze USB) , I have this jitter problem with "ignore axis" solution . And, sometimes the (e.g.:) ailerons don't work, due to jitter of other axis ! Please help.
  8. Hi Pete, I did not assign any of these "open" axis. What troubles me is the following: When I start my flight and want to change e.g. the calibration of one of my assigned axis, I CAN NOT , due to jittering continuously one of these "open" axis. An access to the correct axis is not possible, as long as I do not click on "ignore axis". The reason for having "open" axis is that some of the input sensors of my micro controller is OPEN. No hardware connected. Does it make sense to send you the log file?
  9. I am using this button 'ignore' each time when I start to fly. And I have to do this for 4 axis! Next time I have to do it again and again, cause this axis ignore is not stored. So I still think this function is missing.
  10. Thanks, this would be fine. I have an USB microcontroller with a lot of buttons and no axis, which send axis information to FSUIPC, though there is no axis installed. And this confuses the FSUIPC configuration with the other real axis.
  11. Hi Pete, I found in the documentation the parameter IgnoreThese= j.b, j.b, ... , but I need ignore axis. I understood it's for buttons only. How can I implement this function ignore axis ?
  12. This is very good information and advise. Thanks. Now I know better what happens. I pressed the key for New_View and I found the corresponding control 65825 (see below). 249835 LogOptions changed, now 60000000 0000001D 249991 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=Y, In Menu=N, In Dlg=N 251489 KEYDOWN: VK=219, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0 251489 .. Key not programmed -- passed on to FS 251489 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65825 (0x00010121), Param= 0 (0x00000000) NEW_VIEW 251785 KEYUP: VK=219, Waiting=0 255373 Memory in use: 2542Mb, Avail=1554Mb, MaxFreeBlock=1448Mb I will continue my investigations and report in case of a solution 😀
  13. Thanks Pete, this is not good news. But there is still open my question before : E. g. : how is the usage of IPC. Control (65825), the New View control. What parameter? I do not understand. Sorry. I now experiment in panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg, with the camera and window segment.
  14. Hello mtjoeng, I tested with your proposal and I got a new window with the Cockpit View. Thats good. But how can I select (e.g.by parameter) which View and the position of the new window in my FSX screen? I think I read very carefully all the docs, written by Pete, but unfortunately I didn't find a solution. Thanks
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