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  1. So I have Tower 3d Pro, with Real Color LAX, and Real Traffic. It works great! When I downloaded Schedule Creator 24 V1 and created a schedule for KLAX with it, I have noticed that I loose the colors on the Allegiant Airlines jets. They're just plain white. Not sure if its affecting any other airline as well. When I go back to the original schedule for KLAX that came with the program, the colors return. Weird! Any ideas?
  2. Is there a way to just get it to say Frontier?
  3. Any idea how to get Frontier to work with voice recognition? I've tried all different combinations in the text file, and nothing seems to work. Any help?
  4. Will this work with Tower 3d Pro?
  5. KLAX Terminal Assignments

    If you are using KLAX, with Real Traffic and Real Colors, you will be interested in the following: As of June 5, 2017, the following is an accurate representation of the real Airline Terminal assignments at KLAX: Terminal_GA: FDX Terminal_1: SWA Terminal_2: EIN,AMX,SLI,VIR,WJA,DAL Terminal_3: DAL Terminal_TBIT: VOI,QTR,AIJ,CHH,AVA,AFL,BER,CCA,AFR,ANZ,AZA,ANA,AAR,BAW,CPA,CAL,CES,CSN,CMP,ELY,UAE,ETH,ETD,EVE,FJI,IBE,JAL,KLM,KAL,LAN,LPE,DLH,NAX,PAL,QFA,SAS,SWR,VOZ,WOW Terminal_4: AAL Terminal_5: NKS,JBU,FFT,AAY,TCX,TAI,SCX,LRC,HAL,AAL Terminal_6: VRD,BTQ,ACA,ASA,QXE,GLA,BUG Terminal_7: UAL Terminal_8: CPZ,MEO,SKW,ASH,UAL All you have to do, is open up the KLAX Terminal note file and make the updates and save. This makes the simulation a lot more realistic in my opinion. Enjoy!
  6. Left Shift Key

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem: When pushing the left shift key to talk, it will eventually stop working to issue commands. It usually happens to me after about 30 minutes of play time. When it happens, all I get is a beeping noise when I push the key, and not voice transmission takes place. I've noticed a few time when I have pushed the button, that a windows box will pop up asking about windows sticky keys? Does this have something to do with the problem that I am having? Please help, as this is really annoying, and it usually happens when the simulation is starting to get real busy! Frustrating to say the least!
  7. Tower 3D voice

    I finally was able to somewhat get it working. Now another problem that I can't figure out. I am running this with two monitors and I place the strips and ADIRS on the second monitor. Now, after a few minutes of running the program with voice, The adirs and the strips on the second monitor shut down and then the voice stops working. When I push the left shift button to talk, it just beeps. Any help, or has anyone else experienced this problem?
  8. Tower 3D voice

    Not sure what's going on, but i can't get any of the voice recognition to work in Tower 3d Pro. I have Tower 2011, and the voice works great! I cannot get it to recognize any commands. Is there a help guide that will help with the different commands. I have realized that there are different commands/statements in Tower 3d, than there is in tower 2011. I would really like to be able to utilize the voice in Tower 3d Pro
  9. Manual for Tower!3D Pro

    Is there an instruction manual for Tower!3D Pro?
  10. Tower 2011 - create lines for taxiways

    I have been able to create the taxi lines, and airplanes are showing up parked on them. However, when they call for taxi clearance, they do no move. When I clear the aircraft to taxi to a certain runway, they reply back with the following comment: "Taxi to Runway 24L via D" then there is no movement and then they reply "We would like a more practical way to the runway/terminal" They will not move. Not sure why? I evidentially have not done something quite right when creating the taxi way lines. I pulled up the settings of existing taxiway lines right next to where I created the new one, and matched the settings of the ones that already work. Please help if you can. Thanks!
  11. Tower 2011 - create lines for taxiways

    I can create the lines just fine. When I look at the other taxi way lines leading up to the jetway, there is a little black dot called a knot. This is what I cannot create? That's what I'm thinking is missing, in order for it to work properly. There is a check box that will filter those out from showing, so in almost positive that it need to be there. When I create a new taxi way, it's not there and I cannot figure out how to add it. BTW, you're schedule creator works like a champ. Thanks for all of the hard work to make the simulation better.
  12. Tower 2011 - create lines for taxiways

    Sorry, I meant to say that the game erred on loading. Isn't the knot that little black dot at he beginning of the lines?
  13. Tower 2011 - create lines for taxiways

    I was able to create the line. Thanks for the info. I have not been able to add the knot, which I think is what's needed to activate the line. I tied to run the game, and it retired on loading due to the taxi way line that I added. I went back in and deleted it and the game works fine. It would be nice to know how to fully use the airfield editor, but the instructions in the manual are very vague? Are there any additional instructions available that would be more detailed?
  14. Does anyone know how to create the lines for ne taxiways leading to a gate in the tower editor. I've read the manual top to bottom and front to back and cannot figure out how to draw the green taxi line. I want to add some to the existing LAX airport. Any help please?
  15. Tower 2011 - KLAX

    Has anyone created a new airport file for KLAX, with the new Tom Bradley International Terminal. It now has jet ways on both sides of the terminal, and the ramp and taxi ways have been modified. If anyone knows where to find this file, or knows how to edit the existing airport file, please let me know. Thanks!