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  1. Great selection of aircraft and airlines. The late 70's to early 80's is a perfect time for your aircraft. Will this be using existing airports? I'm really looking forward to seeing this new retro package. Thanks to all that made it happen!
  2. May I inquire in this retro project what is the year or years it is suppose to represent?
  3. Sweet! As soon as you can a sneak preview will be nice
  4. Got my checkbook ready and hope to see at least one Boeing 707? Hopefully a smoke belcher on takeoff!
  5. In the meantime while under house quarantine hopefully another airport will materializes
  6. Really nice shot. I just hope you have taken some of our suggestions. What is the ETA? One year still? I got my credit card at the ready.
  7. Looking forward to playing your schedule. A big shout out "Thank You" for updating and all your efforts and time you put into it.
  8. I was just thinking, as most us have extensive travel and on our current airports there are numerous parking areas not being utilized. Why do we not have any military aircraft (cargo) or whatever in any of our schedules? Surely, you will almost always see somes ort of transport or cargo at airports throughout the world. It can be any country not necessarily all U.S. military. \Curious Bob
  9. I hope all is not lost for Asia or SE Asia? After all we haven't explored those areas yet. Dreaming probably. Cheers!
  10. Hi All, I have the latest airport Dubai. I find it extremely boring or am I missing something? I have the latest RC and RT installed. I go back to my favorite airports that are fast paced like JFK, LAX, ATL. Please tell me that someone has an updated schedule in the works. If I could I would make one but my computer talents are not that good. I love the customs scheds that are available. You guys are fantastic! I use a custom schedule on all my airports by various authors or programmers. Give me a hint. Is there one in the making for Dubai? No complaining Feelthere, I have all your add ons. Cheers to All
  11. Thanks All. I can not wait for the next version. if they incorporate our ideas and wants. The product will be a dream come true
  12. Hi guys, I just thought of an idea or I am really naive. But sometimes while playing I get interrupted or just want to stop. why can not I save a played game and go back to my play at a later time? I have to just lose out and start again. Am I missing something?
  13. Yes it makes things a little more challenging at LAX, JFK etc. Movements are slow but its part of the airport experience. Add the challenge cause there is plenty of empty hanger ramps where aircraft overnight. I will read your old topic. thanks Last, Flow control. Especially from LAX to SFO. weather up in the Bay area really would effect or gate space. I would try to find places for the departures to sit and wait their turn to take off. Sitting them on the gate with inbound arrivals is not an option. We parked them sometimes inremote parking to wait their slot. Flow control is not fun. But it makes challenges?
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