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  1. Nyerges' Real Traffic

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Nyerges' Real Traffic

    Thanks for the help!
  3. Nyerges' Real Traffic

    All I'm referring to is Real Color KLAX. There are liveries that do not exist, and the liveries that do exist, are specific for the various MDS's. For example, Allegiant Airlines: The only livery that exists, is for Boeing 757-200, and an MD-88. The 'Real' flight that are currently flying in and out of KLAX, are Airbus A-319's. If you put the A-319 (319) in the klax_schedule file, the Allegiant Airlines A319, shows up white. No livery! But if you put it back to 752, or M88,, the livery is there. That is what I'm talking about. Another example, would be Spirit Airlines. They fly A321's into and out of KLAX. If you put 321 into the klax_schedule, it will also show up as a white aircraft. Once you re-designate it to an 319, or 320, whalla, the livery comes back to life! Also, there is no livery for UPS. Vic had said that there was a new Real Traffic download as of Sep 9, but it has not seemed to fix the various liveries. So again, it would be nice to know exactly what livery with MDS's, exist in the Real Traffic for KLAX. That is why I was hoping that Vic would reply. If any others out there know of a way to see a list of current liveries, please share. Thanks!
  4. Nyerges' Real Traffic

    MDS = Mission Design Series (ie Boeing 767-300 / 763; Airbus A-340 / 340)
  5. Nyerges' Real Traffic

    Vic, Is there any way to get a full listing of MDS's with their accompanying airline livery, that is included with your Real Traffic KLAX?
  6. If anyone does discover any problems, please let me know and I’ll do my best to try and fix them. It is really impossible to play the simulation for 24hrs straight , in order to test every single flight.
  7. Thanks for your work as well! It’s nice to be dealing with real schedules as it brings more reality to the simulation.
  8. I compiled all of the flight data from 0000-2359 on 1 specific day from last week (27 Sep 2017), all from flight aware. There were 1802 arrivals/departures for that 24hr period. Yes, these are all ‘Real Flights’. I made a massive spreadsheet compiling all of the data and then sorted it all down to the specific data that is required for the lax_schedule file. This took several days and several hours to complete. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, as I too have wanted to handle ‘Real Flights’ in and out of KLAX. I have tested several phases of every hour, and so far have not encountered any errors. There’s a helluva lot of traffic to handle!!!!! But it is fun, enjoyable and very challenging! I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy ‘Real Traffic’ as I have wanted to and therefore have offered my files and my work for free! Hope you all enjoy. I’m glad that there are others that have done this work as well, and have also offered their files too. Enjoy!!! KLAX Arrivals & Departures by Local Times.pdf
  9. Updated the klax_schedule.txt file on 9 Oct 2017 Due to Real Color LAX being restricted to certain liveries and certain MDS's at the time it was developed by the developer, I have gone and made some changes to my klax_terminal file that I had previously posted. In the new terminal file below, I have changed several of the MDS's with several of the airlines, that were showing up as white airplanes. Now that the MDS's have changes, the airline liveries are back. Unfortunately, there are some airlines that will still show up white no matter what, as they were not included in the original Real Color LAX file. The schedule however has remained exactly the same. If you're up for a challenge, I have attached a 'Real Life' 24hr schedule for KLAX. Make sure you back up the file that you already have in the Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KLAX subdirectory. You can leave the existing klax_schedule file in the folder. Just add a .bak extension to it (klax_schedule.bak). When you have done this, you can copy the klax_schedule file from below, and place it into the KLAX folder. I have also attached a current klax_terminal file as well. Do the same by renaming the existing file with a .bak, before copying the below terminal file to the subdirectory. This project has taken some time, but it is a lot of fun, and definitely a challenge, working with "Real Life' traffic, that happens to have real flight numbers. 1802 flights! Enjoy! klax_terminal.txt KLAX Arrivals & Departures by Local Times.pdf klax_schedule.txt
  10. So I have Tower 3d Pro, with Real Color LAX, and Real Traffic. It works great! When I downloaded Schedule Creator 24 V1 and created a schedule for KLAX with it, I have noticed that I loose the colors on the Allegiant Airlines jets. They're just plain white. Not sure if its affecting any other airline as well. When I go back to the original schedule for KLAX that came with the program, the colors return. Weird! Any ideas?
  11. Is there a way to just get it to say Frontier?
  12. Any idea how to get Frontier to work with voice recognition? I've tried all different combinations in the text file, and nothing seems to work. Any help?
  13. Will this work with Tower 3d Pro?
  14. KLAX Terminal Assignments

    If you are using KLAX, with Real Traffic and Real Colors, you will be interested in the following: As of June 5, 2017, the following is an accurate representation of the real Airline Terminal assignments at KLAX: Terminal_GA: FDX Terminal_1: SWA Terminal_2: EIN,AMX,SLI,VIR,WJA,DAL Terminal_3: DAL Terminal_TBIT: VOI,QTR,AIJ,CHH,AVA,AFL,BER,CCA,AFR,ANZ,AZA,ANA,AAR,BAW,CPA,CAL,CES,CSN,CMP,ELY,UAE,ETH,ETD,EVE,FJI,IBE,JAL,KLM,KAL,LAN,LPE,DLH,NAX,PAL,QFA,SAS,SWR,VOZ,WOW Terminal_4: AAL Terminal_5: NKS,JBU,FFT,AAY,TCX,TAI,SCX,LRC,HAL,AAL Terminal_6: VRD,BTQ,ACA,ASA,QXE,GLA,BUG Terminal_7: UAL Terminal_8: CPZ,MEO,SKW,ASH,UAL All you have to do, is open up the KLAX Terminal note file and make the updates and save. This makes the simulation a lot more realistic in my opinion. Enjoy!
  15. Left Shift Key

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem: When pushing the left shift key to talk, it will eventually stop working to issue commands. It usually happens to me after about 30 minutes of play time. When it happens, all I get is a beeping noise when I push the key, and not voice transmission takes place. I've noticed a few time when I have pushed the button, that a windows box will pop up asking about windows sticky keys? Does this have something to do with the problem that I am having? Please help, as this is really annoying, and it usually happens when the simulation is starting to get real busy! Frustrating to say the least!