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  1. Gazdon


    Custom schedules add more intensity Gary😀
  2. Gazdon

    Tower 3d pro steam update

    Thanks. Tbh I am aware steam updates but it didn't click when I read click the link. All is ok. Thx again
  3. Gazdon

    Tower 3d pro steam update

    Just noticed theres an update on steam but the link is dead. Does anyone know where I can get this update? Gaz
  4. Gazdon

    Help required

    How long does it take for a service pack to be released? If EDDM is due , its overdue but still there are new airports being released. Got Orlando and happy with that so with the Easter sale going on I'm going to pick up EDDM.
  5. Gazdon

    Help required

    Magic. Thx . I was tilting towards EDDM and KMCO so that's good.
  6. Gazdon

    Help required

    Hi Guys Looking at getting one or two the following: EDDM - KMCO - KBOS - KSFO Which of the above would be the best to get regarding bugs or are they pretty much the same. Don
  7. Gazdon

    Real Color

  8. Gazdon


    Hi My password for download link has expired. How do I get another password?
  9. Gazdon

    Real Color

    Hi Does anyone know the current version of Real Color for TIST KPHL KLAX. I have sp 3. I have had to do a reinstall of windows so I have to reinstall Tower. My download link at BT micro has expired.Any help would be appreciated. I am also going to purchase the Pro version off steam. I take it these will work in the Pro verion. Gaz
  10. Gazdon

    Building and surrounding quality

    look forward to that then :)
  11. Gazdon

    KSMF - nearly a huuuuge mistake

    If the Pro version does not support dual monitors I will not be buying. I think they should find a way of implementing this as urgent.
  12. Gazdon

    second monitor

    I will buy the Pro version if a 2nd monitor will be used other than that I will stick with the standard version. I liked Tower 11 because of that. Big let down if not included.
  13. Gazdon

    Aircraft not moving LAX

    Jet Blue 320 stopped and will not move ending with a deletion. Using SP2, Real Traffic and Real Colour. Cannot find tower log so please see images. Thanks
  14. Gazdon


    I stand corrected :)

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