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  1. nyergesdesign

    YMML - Melbourne Airport is officially OUT!

    This issue will be fixed with the next SP released.
  2. nyergesdesign


    Thank you! We know about this problem. It should be fixed with the next SP update.
  3. nyergesdesign

    YMML - Melbourne Airport is officially OUT!

    Thank you! We will repair this problem in SP. Gabor
  4. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Update

    The update will be released during the next week. Gabor
  5. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    What happened exactly? DLH or SAS pushed back? Has it happend once or many times? Gabor
  6. nyergesdesign


    Yes, these planes will be added to the to-do list. Gabor
  7. hey now that KJFK has a new rc update I can get the liveries in that to work but now because of having this added and how it has to be at the top of the list now the plans for Spirit airlines won't show as yellow again this needs to be addressed and fixed all of the plane types that spirit has need to be yellow they don't have any planes that are painted the way they are in tower 3D Pro with the old livery thanks have a great day

  8. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Hey guys, I'm very pleased to say that the JFK RC update is out now! Big thanks to crbascott, Braf123456, hexzed and Pedantic G! Version number: SP3 Have a great time controlling! Gabor
  9. what is the hold up for releasing the rc update for the airport to KJFK for tower 3D Pro

    1. alaskaGuy2018


      if need be i would be willing write a schedule to test the new rc for kjfk

  10. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    I can't solve this problems, because I don't develop the game. We only give the Real Traffic and Real Color add-ons. Anyways, the game doesn't let big planes in small gates. Gabor
  11. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Ooh I see. I could give this information, but I can't see the point. The game automatically finds the gate for every plane. Gabor
  12. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    You can find this information in the terminal.txt file. The other issues are now clear, working on it.
  13. is the RC jfk updated yet 

  14. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Hi, Thank you for the information. The EDDM sp is on the to-do list. We will update it as soon as we can. Gabor
  15. nyergesdesign

    Help with Real Color

    Thank you Craig! 🙂

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