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  1. nyergesdesign

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue

    Thank you for your remark. We got this on our to-do list. When we fixed the other issues currently with EDDM, we will release a service pack for it. Gabor
  2. nyergesdesign

    KPHX Phoenix SP Update please?

    Dear Players, updates for KPHX airport and KPHX RC are available now. You can donwload them from the link you have got after purchase and you can use your original keycodes. Gabor
  3. nyergesdesign

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Wayfinding

    Unfortunatly, the problem hasn't been found yet. When we find this problem, we will release a sevice pack to fix some minor issues too. Thank you,, Gabor
  4. nyergesdesign

    New Liveries with KMCO

    Brilliant solution 👍, thank you. We will make this change in the future, so you won't have to bother with the zeroes befor the numbers 🙂 Gabor
  5. nyergesdesign

    KPHX Phoenix SP Update please?

    Hi, I think it will be release in this week. Gabor
  6. nyergesdesign

    New Liveries with KMCO

    A319 has the yellow Spirit livery and A320 has the white one. Gabor
  7. nyergesdesign

    KMCO Real Traffic Bug @NyergesDesign

    Hi, thank you for your note. The fixes will be in the next RT update. Gabor
  8. nyergesdesign

    T3D KPHX Taxiway B7 not connected!

    Of course, we will check this problem too. Gabor
  9. nyergesdesign

    T3d More issues at KPHX (Phoenix)

    Thank you for your notes. We will release a service pack soon. Best regards, Gabor
  10. Yes, it's a small mistake. It will be fixed by the upcoming sp. Thank you, Gabor
  11. nyergesdesign

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Wayfinding

    We are searching for the source of the problem. Thank you for your remark. Gabor
  12. nyergesdesign

    How are folks enjoying EDDM

    Thank you for your kind words for EDDM. We got the problems in our list and we are working on them. Gabor
  13. nyergesdesign

    RC_EDDM_Virus? :: RESOLVED - false positive

    Thank you for the reports and here is our official answer. We checked the file on McAfee, BitDefender and we also uploaded the file to Virustotal to check it on more than 60 antivirus software. 2 gave us two different indication out of 66 including the big ones such as Kaspersky and even Microsoft so we think it's safe to say that the file has no virus and it's OK to use it. We also uploaded previously released products and some of them made a false alarm by those very same screeners. Gabor
  14. nyergesdesign

    Tower 3d Pro - Airbus A321

    Sorry for not notifying you about the A321 update. As Gary said, the lights of the A321 have been fixed. Gabor
  15. nyergesdesign


    Thank you for your note. It's on our to-do list. Gabor

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