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  1. Johannesburg, O. R. Tambo International Airport is available! Note! Due to COVID-19, the air traffic has suffered a major setback. The schedules may not reflect actual flight data. Please consider this situation. Thank you nyergesdesign Gabor
  2. No problem 🙂 Enjoy the game!
  3. I updated EKCH airport on Steam when we released it. I have uploaded it again.
  4. Here is a help to use the Retro RC. Thank you EliGrim! The "retro only" option is now available in the Schedule Builder. https://builder.eligrim.de Gabor
  5. Here are some informations about Retro RC You can see in the Retro Rc description, there are no schedule and terminal file for this add-on. You can make custom schedules for the airport you already have. If this add-on could have like 2-3 schedules, you would need to buy those airports. We wanted to prevent these situations. We hope this will no affect the overall experience of this add-on, and it would bring up some old and good memories. Gabor
  6. Thank you for your note, we will fix it in next RT version. Gabor
  7. Dear Folks, Retro RC is available! Enjoy the game! Gabor nyergesdesign
  8. Dear Folks, we have fixed Real Color KSEA installer's. As Pedantic G has noted on forum, installer has worked fine but the name was incorrect when somebody clicks on the other 3 (Tower 3D Pro, Tower 3D Steam etc). So not need redownload and reinstall it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Gabor
  9. After the release of KSEA Airport, RETRO RC will be available soon.
  10. I have fixed my post. 😭 Your version is good. Gabor
  11. Hello Everyone we have fixed EKCH airport installer's name. It's EKCH_airport_SP1a.exe. Who has downloaded EKCH_airport_SP2.exe version, don't worry, the same as EKCH_airport_SP1a.exe. Sorry for inconvenience. Gabor
  12. Dear Folks, due to technical issues, a wrong installer had been uploaded. We are apologize for any inconvenience! The fixed installer is downloadable on EKCH_airport_SP1a.exe name. Have a pleasant weekend! Gabor
  13. Dear Folks, Nyerges Design are pleased to announce Service Pack_1 update for the recently released EKCH airport to address some minor issues. These include The DBRITE screen now shows the correct Runway Orientation angle Corrected the placement of some Runway/Taxi Boards Fixed a minor spacing and Aircraft push back issue at one of the terminal aprons. Gabor
  14. Thank you for your information this issue it will be fix at the next RT update.
  15. Thank you for your information this issue it will be fix at the next RT update.
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