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  1. nyergesdesign

    LEBL Bugs

    Hi, thank you for your feedback. I will check test them, but before the release these problems weren't existing. Gabor
  2. nyergesdesign

    Unable to download the latest version of Real Traffic.

    Hi guys, interesting problem. After I read the forum, I checked it again with my own virus detector and also had a check on the BMT file. There can't be an infection. Gabor
  3. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    HI guys, The RC KJFK add-on is almost ready. Craig doesn't have time for testing the update at the moment. I would need someone to test the RC, who creates unique schedules, and who is able to test the RC add-on. I won't release the update untested, I hope you understand this. Gabor
  4. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Barcelona is the trophy of a really long and hard work. Thank you for the appreciation, but it stands for @Pedantic G and @ATControl -- Joe as they are part of the nyergesdesign team 🙂
  5. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    What do you mean about they are unable to arrive? They can't land or you can't send the planes to the terminal?
  6. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Sorry for the big delay. As Joe mentioned earlier, I was focusing on releasing LEBL. Yesterday I talked it over with Craig, and it turned out that I didn't receive an important e-mail from him. The updated version is ready, it will be released soon. Gabor
  7. nyergesdesign

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue

    The EDDM update will fix the game issues. Ground textures will be the same.
  8. nyergesdesign

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue

    The airport is fixed, under testing. I will release the update soon. Gabor
  9. nyergesdesign

    Real Color - A New Concept

    I also think this is a great idea, thank you @winsaudi. This way, we can make Real Colors more flexible and it will be more beneficial for the Community. We can try it out wuth the next airport. I will send the new airport's Real Color list here, then you can make your wishlist. I would like to maximise the number of new liveries to 10. The deadline would be one week for making the list. I hope this system is acceptable for everyone here. Gabor
  10. nyergesdesign

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    As @scoobflight said, we and FeelThere always provide the updates for the providers as soon as we finished the fixings. Gabor
  11. nyergesdesign

    For Nyerges Design: RT KMEM Errors?

    @winsaudi I will fix these problems, thank you for notifying me about them. Gabor
  12. nyergesdesign

    KPHX Bug

    @CL30 thank you for your thread. As soon as we find the problem, we will release an update for PHX. Gabor nyergesdesign
  13. nyergesdesign

    Another Problem With RT at EDDS

    Hi Guys, thank you for this feedback. We are searching for the solution. Gabor
  14. Thank you @crbascott for this idead and to make this thread. We will do everything to make this thing work. Craig, please start a vote for the next airport everyone wants to see new liveries on. Give a deadline to the vote and to the list too. If the Community has decided about the airport, as winsaudi said, make a complete wish list about the new liveries (aircraft type, airline). When the update is released, I will sign it here. Gabor
  15. Thank you @ATControl -- Joe for your job for the Community. The video is also nice, I like that it's detailed. Gabor

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