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  1. Hi, At Tower3D, Probeller airplane MAX6204 lands at 25R and moves (taxi) direct to B2 When I instruct the plane to taxi to the terminal either via taxiway B or C, it doesn't move at all and blocks all the planes which are in position to take off. What can I do? Please help. Thanks JP Ravyst
  2. Tower3D+Real Traffic+Real Color=SWEET!!

    I really like the standaard version, but what will be the main difference between the standaard T3D version (incl. RT, RC and additional airports) en the T3D Pro version. Only then I will decide to purchase the RT, RC and additional airports. So far no info has been given regarding those differences or added value of the Pro-version even it has been asked before. Looking forward Jean-Pierre
  3. Tower 3D: some small suggestions

    I would be nice if those windows (DBRITE, STRIP, ADRS, could temporally erased such as in Tower2011, or moved aside (only showing a partial display of those windows ) such as in TOWER. This would allow us to have a better and nicer view of the overal airport. Thanks JP Ravyst