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  1. OMG, I just can't help it, I have to laugh as loud as I can! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! SORRY ALL!!
  2. Hi guys, I have had this issue as well. I am not certain because I have not tested much, but I believe this is a problem when P3D is full screen. Also, it seems when doing multiple keypress combinations there has to be a built in delay between keypresses or P3D will not see them after the first key. In windowed mode in order to get the P3D menu to respond to FSUIPC keypresses I have to insert at least a two second delay. E.G. "ALT", delay 2 seconds, "S". I sure wish there was another way to control the menus... James
  3. Wow, just WOW. I can envision several uses for this. Awesome stuff sir. James
  4. Hi Pete, From what I have read in Paul's docs the former is false, and the latter is what I have always done using Paul's DLL and it works here. Now I simply use his method for sending control numbers instead, which I realize doesn't apply here. Just my 2c James
  5. I am happy yes, those docs make perfect sense! But as I am using Paul's class now I will defer to him. @Paul Henty ? Thanks guys... James
  6. Hi John, IMO no, not needed. But I'm just a nobody 😉 >>>So a value of 512 (0x200) is a Simconnect menu, and 257 (0x101) would be white text. Does that make sense? Does here, that's what I was using in my old code. Also explains why it didn't work when I changed it in P3D to scrolling text. James
  7. Well that makes me feel better 😉 Thought I was going senile LOL. Your new build is working nicely now thank you Paul! Let's see what John comes up with... James
  8. Hi Paul, Pete, and John, Thank you for this, I will be testing your new build in a few minutes, but further to the offsets issues I've done some testing with FSInterogate. Maybe I am not understanding correctly but according to the FSUIPC version 6 docs the offsets should be this (for at least FSUIPC 4&5, no idea about 6 as the docs don't mention it): B000 4 bytes changed indicator (tick count at time) B004 4 bytes type value (as documented for Lua) B008 4 bytes display duration in secs (32-bit float) B00C 4 bytes the ID of the SimConnect event B010 4 bytes the length of
  9. Hi Paul, I finally got around to implementing your TextMenu class replacing mine. It works mostly well except for a few things: 1. I occasionally get this error when calling the Refresh method: "Group '0~~SimConnectTextDisplay~~' does not exist." 2. The Simconnect event ID is always zero. 3. In my old code I was able to detect the Clear event. That kind of still happens with yours, it sends an empty message of length 0, but it always receives as a TextMessage, never a Menu, so I am only able to clear the TextMessage and not the Menu items. I used to detect the difference s
  10. John, I have seen this for years even in apps that I write. The only thing I can suggest, which you may already be doing, is to check the window state before saving the window coordinates and if is is minimized to the tray don't save the position. The other thing I have tried is to get the combined screen size at app startup and if my window position is not within those boundaries I reset the position to 0,0 or 100,100 or similar. Seems to be a Windows issue that's been around a long time. Just my 2c. James
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