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  1. OK, probably a dumb question but since SFO is manifest #11, how do i get it so that others will not overwrite it since I purchased others after it?
  2. I have noticed on some of the airliners that the tail livery appears lighter than others. It happens on all airports, all types of aircraft, and various airlines each different session it seems to be random. I attached an example. Is this a normal part of the game? Thanks!
  3. Getting back on topic...... United has a presence in SFO and a new livery https://onemileatatime.com/united-new-livery/ . Now re-designing the whole fleet would be too much work but how about all the Heavies? Or maybe all the 737s (737, 738, 739, etc.) That way it could look like real life as a mixture of new and old paint jobs, especially since United said it might take several years for entire fleet to be re-painted. Any thoughts?
  4. I want to create a custom schedule with airlines that may not service a particular airport (i.e. Southwest at JFK). Is there anywhere that lists the airline and plane types that each Real Color contains? Thanks!
  5. Hello all. I have a problem on several airports in that when the planes are on their takeoff run or landing, they will hit a spot on the runway and "pause" for about a second then continue. It looks like they hit a speedbrake and then resume their normal speed. I thought I might have a bad install so I tried to reinstall everything. But when I loaded up Tower3D Pro, my ADIRS, DBRITE, and Strips were in the custom locations (and sizes) I had before the re-install, so it appears I missed uninstalling something (even though I used the uninstaller). Has anyone else heard of this problem or have any ideas? Thanks!
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