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  1. Braf123456

    EDDM Update

    Will be in the sp as a update
  2. Braf123456

    YMML - Melbourne Airport is officially OUT!

    Yes I have noticed one of the plane liveries isn't correct it is a china Southern plane an it is coming out as china eastern
  3. Yeah if you don't have real traffic then that will be the airlines you get
  4. Braf123456


    Has anyone else got a china Southern plane in the china eastern livery
  5. That is a generic airline u need to update real traffic
  6. Braf123456

    EDDM Update

    Will it be the real traffic an the updated dlc
  7. Braf123456


  8. Braf123456


    They just released Melbourne
  9. Braf123456

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    No there is not tutorial but it's is easy to do I use flightaware for arrivals I will use JFK for example you would put the airport it took off from then the airport it is landing so LAX, JFK, then the plane type so LAX, JFK, 764 then you put the airline code which would be Delta so LAX, JFK, 764, Dl, then the flight number LAX, JFK, 764, DL, 1234, then the time that arrives at JFK LAX LAX, JFK, 764, DL, 1234, 13:44, then you would put the time it departed from LAX but you can put anytime because it doesn't matter so I out 12:00 for the departure LAX, JFK, 764, DL, 1234, 13:44, 12:00, then u put a 1 idk why but that's the way LAX, JFK, 764, DL, 1234, 13:44, 12:00, 1, then u put the airline code a again LAX, JFK, 764, DL, 1234, 13:44, 12:00, 1, DL so that how u do the arrival side of the schedule departure are just like arrival JFK, LAX, 764, DL, 1235, 12:00, 15:43, 1, DL so you would put the departure airport first which is JFK this instead of LAX an for the time u would put a random time for the arrival an put a real time for the departure time
  10. Braf123456

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    That email has nothing to do with this conversation that's another post yeah I would like to see the new version not because I hate this one it because they will allow modding that is it an he ask how he could work around it so I told him to delete the airplanes
  11. Braf123456

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    I will an the spinning planes an planes getting stuck they have a delete plane
  12. Braf123456

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    They are ready did a pole for that if you don't like the game don't buy it then just stop complaining about it
  13. Vic posted they are working on 6 dlc airport
  14. Braf123456

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    I love the game an I want to see more dlcs an the the bugs I just over look them an find ways around them
  15. Braf123456

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    Vic was the one that said they are working on 6 dlc airport in this thread so I'm not hijacking the thread

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