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  1. And to echo what someone else asked, do you need any more beta testers?
  2. has any one the new airport ltfm how is it
  3. What does it mean array index out of range
  4. it says the a343 was upgraded and i thought i remember someone posting about the size of the 737-900
  5. with the minutes i just put in like 21 or the actual time
  6. ICAO/IATA - IATA - ICAO it wont let me type inn anything
  7. SAVE - DAY 1 - HOUR 5 NOTE: Always SAVE your progress first before clicking on any button other than ADD ARRIVAL or ADD DEPARTURE. ARRIVALS: The arrival time is typically between 7 and 8.5 minutes earlier compared to the landing time in real life schedules. DEPARTURES: For your schedule to be processed by the game without errors, at least one departure per used hour is required. FLIGHT NUMBER: The 3-letter ICAO format provides better results, as the games' double-digit IATA codes more likely differ from the real world.
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