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  1. the singapore 380 was changed back when frankfurt was released
  2. Quick question I love the hard work you put into the schedule I'm curious will it be pre covid schedules
  3. I was just checking to see if it was just me or was others seeing the same thing
  4. Yes non of my other airports does it's
  5. ORD, DFW, MIF, G#, 8200, 22:15, 12:00, 1, G# This needs to be changed from i to 1
  6. when i am playing dxb my frames rate drops a lot but when i play other airports they stay consisted frame rates
  7. HERE is a website that goes back to 2017 its free u hust have to click on the little arrows nest to the flight to see what plane was used https://www.flightera.net/en/
  8. IDK if it matters but mine is throught the app on my desktop
  9. Just remember anytime they release a new airport you have to reinstall really traffic everytime
  10. i honestly didnt know just trying to help thanks for telling me
  11. you go to the orginal email then click the link like you first did to install real color
  12. did you get real traffic if so you need to update it
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