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  1. THE only thing about flightaware it cost a lot of money to get the date
  2. it proves boeing is changing the name of the max but they are hidding
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielreed/2020/08/24/max-no-more-for-some-reason-boeing-wont-admit-it-but-its-changing-the-name-of-its-new-generation-of-737s/#2cd865d5619b
  4. Here is a picture from a Boeing plant in washington @crbascott for someone who don't support the game you are on here a lot I don't support the game so I pulled my schedules from here so no one can play them but I will still give my two sense
  5. That's fine I didn't buy the real color for any of my airports
  6. im looking for a good lhr schedule for 2011 can u send me a copy of it
  7. If I'm not mistaken you have to get the real color for a certain airport for it too work as well
  8. Yeah a lot of people cant use the vr tho
  9. I hope there is a scaled version because I can't afford a big gaming pc
  10. It's the new Istanbul airport
  11. Egll is the one in waiting for
  12. I can't wait for Heathrow
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