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  1. eddm

    I finshed my first ever custom schedule for eddm I hope yall enjoy it if there is any problems let me know yall can use them in videos no stealing eddm_schedule.txt eddm_terminal.txt
  2. RC_EDDM_Virus? :: RESOLVED - false positive

    it has happened on every airport an rc an it works good ask anybody
  3. How are folks enjoying EDDM

    i played thirty minutes of munich so far i really enjoy it the different liviers are awsome
  4. RC_EDDM_Virus? :: RESOLVED - false positive

    Every file I have download has come back with the virus warning it’s a false positive
  5. I having the same issue with buying it off the website
  6. schedule questions

    i have a question when making a schedule like LAX, JFK, 321, AA, 123, 12:00, 12:00, 1, AA what does the 1 mean i been trying to write my own schedules an i was wondering
  7. NO COMMENT :)

    What do u think the next airport will be
  8. missing airlines

  9. NO COMMENT :)

    That would be a cool one or hong kongHong Kong
  10. missing airlines

    I'm working on my own custom schedule an some of the cargo airlines I want to add them on how would I be able to added them
  11. mco out

    i didnt see the other one sorry
  12. mco out

    i got the news letter an it said mco was out for tower 3d so i went to go buy it an i couldnt find it please fix this its confusing
  13. NO COMMENT :)

    Yeah Paris or Heathrow Frankfurt
  14. NO COMMENT :)

    Yeah non USA airports

    It don’t give me that option to run it as administrator