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  1. i figured it out once the plane leaves the screen i have to wait for a bit before i can give them contact to departure
  2. but i did give it the command to takeoff so i dont understand why it didnt show up
  3. i tried it an it still didnt work game LOG.txt
  4. Ok I will try to do it thanks
  5. I put the contract departure an it says negative an it gives me negative points
  6. ok thank u i wasnt for sure an i also was playing an for some reason i cant send planes to departure
  7. i just bought tower 2011 an ik u can custum liveries i was wondering how to do that an also is there a place to download schedules for 2011
  8. Ok thanks for the update do u have the finalized list of what will be added
  9. Ok I was wondering the same thing but it hasn't been released yet correct
  10. to be honest as big a heathrow is im suprised it isnt in the game yet
  11. Idk if it was just me so I thought I would see
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