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  1. Braf123456

    KMIA for Tower!3D Pro?

    They have to make sure everything works ok they have to code everything an if I’m not mistaken the coding of the game is the longest part
  2. I really wish y’all would consider making London Heathrow
  3. Braf123456

    new update for real traffic with tower 3D pro

    Well the 777-8 an 777-9 hasn’t even flown yet
  4. Lol we both hope that it will be released before then
  5. Please continue making world airports please some people are not grateful an they criticize everything a person does but the majority of us on here supports y’all an want y’all to continue making world airports
  6. I take as a simulation as well not a gamer but maybe I don’t noticed it but the only airport that as been bad is edds
  7. i havent had a problem with eddm i play that airport all the time an i havent had one bug
  8. whats wrong with eddm an sfo i use 28 for landing an departure
  9. well if u dont want to buy the dlc dont but i over look the bugs an play the game
  10. Braf123456


    Yeah I was just wondering wanting to see what others say
  11. i was going to say it hasnt been released yet
  12. Braf123456


    ok thank you an the last question do u give priority to takeoff to a certain airline or just go as they call out

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