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  1. thanks apricate your help @EliGrim
  2. i know that clearly what i need a guide to how to assign airlines to terminals to avoid crowdness same as in original terminal file in tower3d pro EX: Terminal_GA: GA Terminal_A_N: DAL Terminal_A_S: DAL Terminal_B_N: DAL Terminal_B_S: DAL Terminal_C_N: DAL,SWA,BTQ,EDV,ASQ,RPA,AWI Terminal_C_S: DAL,SWA,BTQ,EDV,ASQ,RPA,AWI Terminal_D_N: ASA,AAL,DAL,FFT,JBU,NKS,SKW,ASH Terminal_D_S: ASA,AAL,DAL,FFT,JBU,NKS,SKW,ASH Terminal_E_N: AFR,BAW,DAL,JBU,KLM,COA,DLH,QTR,THY,VIR,KAL Terminal_E_S: AFR,BAW,DAL,JBU,KLM,COA,DLH,QTR,THY,VIR,KAL Terminal_F: ACA,AFR,BAW,DAL,KLM,COA,DLH,QTR,SWA,THY,VIR Terminal_T_N: AAL,DAL,UAL Terminal_T_S: AAL,DAL,UAL Terminal_Cargo_N: UPS,FDX Terminal_Cargo_S: ABX
  3. not in session i talk about schedule creator
  4. no gate/terminal information in both no information about maximum flights per hour
  5. when i made by myself i cant appropriate distribution of all airlines and also made huge number of arrival and departure is there any external website/tool to can take it as guide when create schedule
  6. Where can I determine the density of airlines distribution at gates or terminals? How can i determine movements per hour? in schedule creator tool @EliGrim
  7. yes tried to remove everything and install again all things good now thanks for replay appreciation
  8. I purchase new dlc as wsss zbad ltfm faor from steam i start tower and try to start new session in new dlc it made loading once stop in 67% in zbad and not response closed and start again with new session in wsss stop loading 0% and not response
  9. refresh an exiting RC pack redownload for all airports or last one i purchased
  10. I need to know how can i make update to my real colors?
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