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  1. when you are doing a schedule you can only assign a airline to a certain terminal like example terminal a gates 1-3 is assined to united. but dou to the game restrictions we cant do that we only have the ability to assign like exapmle terminal a- untied
  2. in the game you can only put a airline by terminal not gate we don't have the ability to assign a airline to a certain gate so we just assign the airline to the terminal
  3. Is it copy and paste because I put the actual arrival times
  4. What do you mean they have the new liveries for them and also windowless cargo planes
  5. Yeah u would put them in the ga parking
  6. That's what I thought but wasn't for sure is do they us the inside runways for landings on a rare occasion
  7. That the real life setup for lax right
  8. it wasnt you i was talking about i deleted the comment sorry
  9. hey i appreciate the hard work you have done to keep the game up to date
  10. You have to get the real color for the airport plus real traffic
  11. It was add for London and Beijing but they had to add to the ltfm because they had already released those airports before the request to add them
  12. Yeah I would love that it's my home airport
  13. in the folder you have to put a zero in front of the number until u get to 10 like 01,02,03
  14. And to echo what someone else asked, do you need any more beta testers?
  15. it looks good cant wait to play it
  16. has any one the new airport ltfm how is it
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