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  1. hello -the slave visual must be with Y command (slew mode) i don't know the soft WANFS? also normaly wide client can't work with an fs ou p3d running on same pc (it there one possibility but not good for your need). if you know LUA you have sample with masterclient.lua and slaveserver.lua . this tow scrips allows to transmet the 6 vars needed to the slave (y mode) longitude, latitude, pitch,bank,hdg and altitude. so the slave visual follow the master. (you must givethe good ip address on each scripts) best regard gilles
  2. hello peter, here nothing important, I know you have other cat to whip (French expression, sorry, I love cats anyway). Offset 3340 ..... you say 4x9=36 Bytes.. ok and so 9 virtual joy.. so it 's not numbered 64 to 73 but 72 may be? still thank's for your Job and especially the support you want to give us. all the best for you Gilles
  3. Hello Pete, as I promised, I'm reporting back to you on my tests over a longer period of time. everything seems to be working, we have no more mistakes. thanks again. gilles.
  4. hello Pete, I went to the simulator yesterday late afternoon. (I didn't have much time. ) I changed all clients on 6 PCs, used the TCP protocol and master's fixed IP address on ini file . Everything seems to work, no errors as indicated in object reported in logs file. so I'll be doing tests on Friday night on a longer usage time. Thank you a thousand times for your reactivity and the efficiency of your work. If you wish to have specific files, please let me know. best regards Gilles from bordeaux
  5. pete i must leave my home now... i mail you back tomorrow thanks gilles
  6. pete for information. pc Master have 2 network card. one for internet, one for local fsnetwork 6 clients 1 pc instrum also 2 pc spare also 3-4-5-6 pc (efis 1-2-3 and instrum) only one network card. may be bad acces but ok with old client (witch have master adr write in ini file) my config network joined sorry too big, so in my google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H6D7eF6An87P6oKaKsts1-kPgcZtUdy gilles
  7. pete thanks, -yes all clients have same issues, ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! plenty of lines just these lines after the firsts lines of connexion and launch pm apply. i'm happy to have the backup 0.log !! send i 'm not near my cockpit (40 km) my wife don't want a cockpit in the living room! gilles WideServer0.log
  8. Hi peter, it's very difficult to explain my issues. so i begin.. i have decided to change my visual computer (MASTER) to have P3D V4.1, buy fsuipc5 and use my fsx wideserver licence. my cockpit have 7 computers: one big (before fs2004) and 6 with full Project Magenta software. (before all work normally) with fsuipc3 and wideclient 6.999xx. after make change on 6 clients computer with wideclient 7.14, the system seem to run normaly. But after 4 hours to test and set différents parameters (no in wideclient) the PM software run slowly and finish to not working. after plenty of seach and test we have see that all wideclient log execed 1 or 2 Giga octets!! after autostarting each pm soft we have ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! on rest of log file. we have tested with just one client power on and just one apply (pmsound , then pminstructor, then fsinterrogate2std) always the same (gust of ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! ). in despair of out I tested my old client wideclient for fs2004 all seems ok we have no more error. strange !????? also we have had some stranges impossibility to have fsuipc screen on P3D. i am able to give you all file you want, some are joined here. best regards gilles ********* WideClient Log [version 7.14] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 11/03/18, Time 16:40:04.838: Client name is INSTRUCTEUR-PC 46 LUA: "D:\wideclient\Initial.LUA": not found 124 Attempting to connect now 124 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 124 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 1185 Attempting to connect now 23462 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 74381 Server = MASTER 74396 Trying TCP/IP host "MASTER" port 8002 ... 74396 ... Okay, IP Address = 74396 Connection made okay! 74911 d:\pmsystems 74911 D:\pmSystems\pmSystems.exe 75223 d:\pmgetweather 75223 D:\pmgetweather\pmGetWeather.exe 77329 New Client Application: "pmGetWeather" (Id=3956) 83585 New Client Application: "pmsystems" (Id=168) 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! 116345 ###### ERROR: Data Requests Overflow! WideClient.ini FSUIPC5.log WideServer.log
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