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Autostart Wideclient in admin to Windows 10

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Hi all,
here FSUIPC and WIDEclient has no problem. I want to run wideclent automatically when my Windows 10 PC starts up in administrator mode. If I do it without admin mode it's ok. On the other hand, nothing happens if I check the option as admin.
I need this option because in the wideclient.ini I launch different things (runready) such as FMGSA320 from JEEHELL which claims to be launched as admin.
if I don't run Wideclient as admin, wideclient gives me an error. I did a search in this forum and found the solution given by peter "run wideclient as admin."
If I launch wideclient manually with the mouse, everything is ok...

thank you for your feedback and your enlightened ideas

best regards


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Not sure what you mean by 'when my Windows 10 PC starts up in administrator mode' - administrator rights are UAC privileges attached to a process.
To run any application with Admin privileges, go into the exe files properties->Compatibility mode and check Run this program as an administrator. If you have done this on the exe itself and it is not starting as admin then this seems to be a windows issue.


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merci John, 

 the problem is indeed WINDOWS, which seems to trigger UAC and therefore prohibits the automatic start of wideclient in administrator mode. I tested this on 3 pc win 10 and the result is the same, wideclient does not launch or tries to launch but cannot.
can you testing and place the wideclient shortcut in your start folder of your windows start menu with the run in admin mode option?

my path to this menu is "C:\Users\gilles7700k\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

I have put UAC (print screen attached, sorry it's in froggy ! ) to max low and it's the same..... it's annoying, but the common point .... is me!

if you have an idea?

thanks to you.


Capture d’écran 2023-03-20 182827.png

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