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  1. If the issue still exists after reinstalling RC you should check your installation folder. I had installed the game on a SSD drive different from my system drive and wasn´t able to fix the problem even with several reinstalls. After installing to the suggested path in the installation menu the problem was solved.
  2. I enjoyed EDDF a lot as it is the airport I was priviliged to work for five years. It is fun and brings a lot of memories, feels like coming home. Thank you for this release! But to be honest there are some issues with the runways available: Runways 25R/07L and 36 are not available for departures but I was able to dispatch A/C für departures on these runways. On the other hand runway 18, the socalled "Startbahn West" is not available for arrivals although it id possible to assign it for possible arrivals. As these are important regulations you might consider a hotfix for this...
  3. I think he meant the rythm. HND is out since mid of January and with roughly 4 weeks between releases the glorious Rhein-Main-Airport should be released by now. I´m also waiting eagerlly as I have a week off and can´t wait to play my beloved airport where I spent 5 wonderfoul years...
  4. Depending on the region. In Germany we use the term Ramp Agent as you decribeed it. In the US Ramp Agents are what we call "Loaders" and Ramp Agents are called Dispatchers(?) while Dispatchers in my opinion work in an OCC. So, I prefer the term Turnaround Coordinator... Back to topic: I would prefer to thel tha A/C to "Taxi To Position XYZ"... And next question for Taxi Out: Would it be possible to implement command like "Long/Short Push", "Extend Push/Pull Forward Abeam Position" or at least "Face East/West/North/South"?
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