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  1. Anyone working on a pre-COVID KIAD schedule, or at least have access to the pre-COVID traffic data that they're willing to share? Happy to work on a sked if someone has the data.
  2. Yes, it does. That's the odd thing. And I'm using an extremely high-end mic. Even just saying the word "Hold" brings up "Change". I rarely ever use the command "Change" to move someone to another runway. I'll vector them back around if I don't like what approach they're on. To that end, is there a way to completely disable "Change" from being recognized? I see the config file with the commands in it, but seems like a lot in there I'm not willing to blindly start changing or deleting.
  3. So a new development recently and it's driving me absolutely mad. More often than not when I issue the command, "Hold short..." it recognizes "Change to", so a "Hold short of Runway 22R" for a taxing craft comes up as "Change to Runway 22R", which the pilot chokes on & comes back with "Say Again". I'm a very clear speaker (hell, I spent 5 years working in radio, so it's not like I'm slurring, mumbling, or anything). So there's no reason that 2 commands that don't even sound close to each other are coming up. Any ideas, y'all?
  4. So far a couple of issues so far with LEBL: 1. Any departing aircraft at Terminal 1 that are issued a pushback command for runway 2 lock up. They will not pushback, the strips show a runway 2 assignment but never list "pushback" on the strip. You cannot then issue them any other runway command, so they just stay parked & never push back. Only resolution is to delete them. Does not seem to be an issue coming from south side of Terminal 1 or from anywhere at Terminal 2. See circled area in the diagram to see the aircraft that are stuck. (DLH1129 was issued from Q4 to RW2 and move
  5. One bug so far. Start time of 16:00 (not a power hour start file), VLG8322 (1st aircraft) will not push back. Can issue pushback commands, which they acknowledge, but never actually push back. Other miscellaneous... Still having issues program-wide with the voice recognition picking up on any Avianca jet. End up having to manually clear them with the buttons at the top. Also, probably also not this file but program issue, no one will taxi past approach end of 7L on taxiway N (coming up from say N2 > N taxing to T > Z8 > 7L). Aircraft hold as if they're trying
  6. Disregard. Apparently had to reinstall v11 of Real Traffic then copied the LEBL files over and it's working.
  7. I've copied the the files into the LEBL directory, but it won't load past 63%. Any ideas?
  8. Is there any way to save a game in-progress & come back to it later? Can't leave it running and don't want to keep having to start all over with 1 aircraft on the screen.
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