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  1. pete_agreatguy

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    That was fast! Huge thank you. Will certainly give this a try :)
  2. pete_agreatguy

    KLGA taxi issues via A M coming off runway 4

    Unsure if it has always been like this Ariel as I only just started using multiple runways at KLGA. Before I have always just used a single runway; so to answer your question directly, it could have been.
  3. pete_agreatguy

    KLAS issues (after update)

    Thank you Ariel :)
  4. Where did you buy this?
  5. pete_agreatguy

    KLAS issues (after update)

    Hi, Had a few issues since the new update. This was a multiplayer session using an excellent custom schedule (Friday) from crbascott . I have included my local log file, the host log can be provided if required but it is 39MB odd. My log file is attached. If you need the host one I can upload it to cloud storage for download upon request. 1) Aircraft landing on runway 1R taxi onto S fine but should really stop prior to G. After providing taxi to terminal commands, aircraft taxi via S > D to get to G. 2) Pushback issues with AAY472. He was doing donuts for about 5 minutes lol: 3) Aircraft (NKS562 in this example) not holding short of runway 8L on taxiway A8 even though instructed to - note: we were using 8R for departures. We found a temp solution of getting them to hold short of taxiway A8 on taxiway B instead. @crbascott suggested this is linked with issue 5 on this thread as mentioned by @Pdubya Log file attached. HOST log file. my_output_log.txt
  6. Try running the installer as admin. Otherwise create a shortcut yourself from the install directory.
  7. pete_agreatguy

    klas update

    Use the custom schedule by @crbascott. The latter includes JANET but not the default schedule file included with the update.
  8. pete_agreatguy

    KPHL airport due some (brotherly) love (please?)

    What @Pdubyasaid ^^
  9. Hi, Found an issue at KLGA with arrivals on runway 4 taxiing to terminal via A M. They seem to want to taxi onto taxiway B which is not what we as humans want to happen :D (DAL2665) The way round it at the moment is to only give taxi instructions via A (DAL886) but even this isn't enough as sometimes you want to route departures out onto B. Screenshots below and log attached :) Please fix. output_log.txt
  10. Thanks for these :)
  11. Need to give this a try. Thank you :)
  12. Need to try these out. Thank you!
  13. pete_agreatguy


    Need to try these out. Thank you for uploading!
  14. Need to give these a try :) Ty Craig :)

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