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  1. https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/ The FAA have released up-to-date revisions. If you enjoy controlling realistically, these documents provide information on how the US airports operate 🙂 (i.e. runway setup for specific wind directions). Enjoy 🙂
  2. @battlehawk77's KSEA (Seattle) schedule has been added to the list 🙂
  3. Please read the first post. This is for a list of released custom schedules. Not a place for discussion of these released schedules or for support of said released schedules. Hence why I have amended the initial post countless times now. Thanks.
  4. If you find errors, please report it on the custom schedule thread which is appropriate. e.g. If there is an issue with KBOS, then post on the KBOS thread. The custom schedule developers do not check this thread often - if at all - therefore the issue will most likely not get fixed. 🙂 EDIT: I've amended the original post to reflect the above point.
  5. Probable got lost on the way to the recycle bin. I'm not liking Windows 10 compared to 7. My File Explorer process crashes often and then resets when opening it from my taskbar. Temporarily can be fixed by resetting the file explorer options though.
  6. All flights between 8 and 12 will appear 🙂 You can stop early or start later 🙂
  7. This sounds like the issue to me. Make sure to select a start time on a particular day rather than the full days schedule 🙂 In terms of installation: The readme file provided by battlehawk is top notch so I doubt you may have installed it wrong - If it works in SP (single player) then it is more than likely because of the latter (the time snippet we mentioned).
  8. 1) Are you using the snippets or a full days schedule when installing the schedule you want to play? If on MP, then you must use snippets otherwise you won't be able to get started. 2) Double check that the files are installed in the correct places. 3) Are you both on reliable internet connections?
  9. Battlehawk has already completed a recent KDFW schedule. I would recommend that 🙂 Though it is insane in places!
  10. Added @iamblue91's KLAX schedule to the list 🙂 Well done @iamblue91 on completing this! And a huge thank you from us all.
  11. @iamblue91, would you like this adding to the main custom schedule list? 🙂
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