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  1. Added @EliGrim's KBOS challenge to the list 🙂
  2. Added @battlehawk77's YMML weekly schedule 🙂 Thank you BH!
  3. @Pringle, I was going to do one but with the bugs in place in the base game; the likelihood of it being successful was and still is extremely slim so I decided not to bother. I haven't even bothered purchasing EGKK or other DLC releases since. There are a lot of community members who are awaiting the next version of the Tower series due to these base game bugs. You will find many posts about these bugs; if not soon discover them yourself.
  4. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    No problem 🙂
  5. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    How ... did I miss this important bit out 😞
  6. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/boston-ma/02108/hourly-weather-forecast/348735 Boston (BOS) Airport Capacity Profile, 2014 and ... How Logan Operates ... will be of use 🙂 Credit goes to @crbascott 🙂 as he shared these on the Discord MP server 🙂
  7. pete_agreatguy

    custom schedule questions

    Use this document to work out the airliner codes. You need to edit the "schedule.txt" and "airlines.txt" (if required) where necessarily.
  8. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    Works fine on others, therefore logic dictates there is something wrong with your file 😛 Anyway I just edit the airlines.txt file accordingly. I can never get that one to be recognised lol. Even in crbascott's KLAX schedule.
  9. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    Blame Ben and his wonderful voice for that 😄 I have the same trouble with his airlines.txt files. Come on Ben! 😉 Fix it! 😄
  10. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    In my defense, if the simulator understood a clear runway after an intersection correctly, I would not have had a minus score. 😉 I see, they are meant to be like that 🙂
  11. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    Couple of minor issues here Ben: 1) Skywest aircraft appearing on the strip as SKD instead of SKW 2) NKS Spirit Wings aircraft appearing incorrectly on the strip info: Not had much running on this yet though.
  12. Loads fine for me. Make sure you installed all the required files. READ the readme file 😉 @Tommy2604 Also make sure all your addons are up-to-date 😉
  13. Updated date for @hexzed's TIST release Added @battlehawk77's KBOS weekly schedule
  14. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For TIST/STT v4.0

    Updated main list. You weren't joking were you? 😉

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