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  1. Absolutely fantastic schedule. Really challenging, even on MP. Well done.
  2. Does this happen in other games or just Tower 3D? Are your drivers up-to-date? Specifically Graphics and Audio.
  3. @MrMatt24, use either of the following documents to troubleshoot your issue (i.e. PC or laptop). ComputerRepairDiagFlowCharts3rd.pdfLaptopRepairWorkbook.pdf
  4. Hi Chris, you need to search for airport charts in order to find out such information. For example: YMML = https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/AeroProcChartsTOC.htm#M Look under Melbourne for YMML. Specifically apron charts. NOTE: Tower 3D developers don't always use in date charts so do not expect these to reflect the in game layout - but it will give you an idea.
  5. I cannot remember if this is on the original (unofficial) discord wishlist ... More efficient log files - therefore reducing the size of a log file. Do we need to know that each aircraft livery / model etc has loaded or just those that haven't? Where there are issues, use of keywords such as WARNING for non-vital errors (sim loads but with issues or missing content) ... and ... ERROR for vital errors (stopping the sim session from loading).
  6. No worries, I like to play realistically. I use to fly to Melbourne on FS2004 quite a fair bit from Wellington or Sydney. I couldn't remember their operations so searched for about 30 minutes the other day 🙂 Glad you and others will find the link useful.
  7. Just-in-case those are looking on running this realistically 🙂 http://aircraftnoiseinfo.bksv.com/melbourne/runways/
  8. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+create+a+graph+in+google+sheets&s=g
  9. Best to inform me via the discord server or PM me on the forums as I don't always spot them due to my inactivity.
  10. Would you like us to add this to the main Custom Schedule's list @Swatx?
  11. Also are there only 4 files in your "...Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KMEM" folder? There should be the following: kmem_airlines.txt kmem_airplanes.txt kmem_airports.txt kmem_gaandlocaltraffic.txt kmem_schedule.txt kmem_terminal.txt AND the airport files: kmem_airfield kmem_airfield.manifest kmem_databases kmem_databases.manifest kmem_menu kmem_menu.manifest If those are missing, your KMEM did not install properly.
  12. OK, will have to see what Ben says regarding his airlines file. I'm too busy atm to look at it myself. Wait for a reply from Hexzed :)
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