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  1. pete_agreatguy

    BOS bug, reported already?

    This is exactly right. Seen it at LAX myself as well.
  2. pete_agreatguy

    KJFK bug

    The issues at Terminal 2 have been reported multiple times as you did state :) You are missing your log file which is a necessity in fixing bugs ;)
  3. pete_agreatguy

    Exiting Runway Onto Another Runway

    It has been mentioned before about the use of runways being able to be used as taxiways. I am sure this has been noted already but I will make sure to request it when there is a post for requested features of the next version.
  4. pete_agreatguy

    Loading stuck at 27% for LAX, PHL, and ST. Thomas

    I'm sure that if we ask nicely, @FeelThere, @FeelThere Ariel or @FeelThere_AJ can pass this information onto the correct devs who can help get this implemented. The installers also each require a seperate uninstaller by simply providing a name to the uninstaller.
  5. pete_agreatguy

    Exiting Runway Onto Another Runway

    This isn't possible in this version of Tower 3D.
  6. pete_agreatguy

    Fuzzy/not sharp graphics

    I thought this too. Certainly try the setting mentioned above though :)
  7. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    No problem :)
  8. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    Basically yup :) You can use web sites such as flight radar to discover realistic airport timetables: https://www.flightradar24.com/airport/mem/arrivals
  9. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    Basically though ... 1) Navigate to the airport folder you wish to produce a custom schedule for. Usually "C:\SteamClient\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields". 2) Make a copy of the file "schedule.txt". I suggest naming one "backupKJFKschedule.txt" or something. Then name the main schedule file "schedule.txt". The latter will be the file that Tower3D Pro looks up. 3) Notepad++ is recommended so download and install it. 4) In the schedule file you need to add your custom schedule flights. Each line is laid out like: Departure Airport, Arrival Airport, Aircraft Type, Airline, Flight number, Arrival time, Departure time, Duration and lastly codeshare (the airline code). All of this information can be found in the [icao]_airlines.txt, [icao]_airplanes.txt and [icao]_airports.txt files within the airports folder as mentioned above. For example: SFO,JFK,752,DL,2144,00:03,12:00,1,DL LAX,JFK,752,DL,759,00:04,12:00,1,DL JFK,POS,738,BW,551,12:00,00:05,1,BW JFK,BOG,788,AV,245,12:00,00:10,1,AV JFK,IST,77W,TK,12,12:00,23:50,1,TK JFK,YYC,744,CX,95,12:00,23:51,1,CX CLT,JFK,752,AA,1608,23:51,12:00,1,AA JFK,PSE,320,B6,745,12:00,23:52,1,B6 JFK,BQN,321,B6,839,12:00,23:57,1,B6 JFK,SJU,321,B6,1503,12:00,23:58,1,B6 SFO,JFK,321,AA,20,23:58,12:00,1,AA JFK,BGI,320,B6,1561,12:00,23:59,1,B6 MCO,JFK,321,B6,284,23:59,12:00,1,B6 5) Most of those who have already created schedules also amend the [icao]_terminal.txt file so that each airline parks at the correct terminal or apron of the particular airport. I know there use to be a program which was created by someone on here but I am unsure if it is still usable.
  10. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    Not sure myself as haven't created any myself; yet.
  11. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    If it isn't in the list, then there is no schedule yet :)
  12. pete_agreatguy

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    This can be implemented. I will do so when I have some free time. They can see this info for themselves on the posts already mind.
  13. pete_agreatguy

    Current version of Real Traffic for Tower3d

    Get in contact with Richard Slater on the Justflight forum and explain what has happened - he will help you out. Tell him aniceguy sent you. Quite surprised a lot of people are having issues with JF. They use to be a good company. Seems of late, that this has changed :(
  14. pete_agreatguy

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    With UK ATC I believe you work only 2 hour intervals prior to having a break.
  15. So it isn't an airport issue? Just; if you zoom in closer, there clearly is a connection coming off of 28L onto taxiway Delta. There isn't for Echo mind. More to do with aircraft not exiting the correct taxiways after landing. They have followed my exit right or left commands without issue in other airports (you have to make sure they have clearance to land prior to giving the vacate runway L/R command).

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