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  1. pete_agreatguy

    CUSTOM SCHEDULE for KPHL 20181107 V3 by Scout

    Added to the main list. Please add a version number (either in your post or in the title) so that people know which version of the files they have.
  2. pete_agreatguy

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    No problem :)
  3. You do realise by buying more products, feelthere will not begin development on the next version? I don't get how the current bugs don't get to you? Have you tried eddm or SFO (using 28's for arrivals and 1's for departures?
  4. How can the new DLC airports be bugfixed when the base game has bugs itself? New DLC are already flawed before they have even reached the design stage; let alone the release stage.
  5. pete_agreatguy


    All the documents linked here have all the answers you require :) KATL, KBOS, KJFK, KLGA, KLAS, KLAX, KMEM, KMCO, KPHL, KPHX, KSAN and KSFO.
  6. pete_agreatguy


  7. pete_agreatguy


    Depends on how much you like the pilot lol. Doesn't really matter. If you re-sort the que prior to the runway and give priority to those who pushed back first, you are your way to being a pro. Otherwise come join us all on the Discord Multiplayer Server :)
  8. Well when FeelThere release it to the public, feel free to test the heck out of it and report any bugs to this forum. I don't have it at the moment due to the above reason. I have no intention of buying any new DLC until the next version now.
  9. pete_agreatguy


    Now; realistic it depends on the airport as most are provided clearance to land between 3-6 miles out .. however in the UK airports, it depends on the size: For example at Manchester or Heathrow etc (large airports); tower won't be handed the aircraft from Approach until around 6-9 nm out. So tower won't clear them to land till around 3-6nm out from the runway threshold. However at small busy airports such as EGNM (Leeds Bradford, Exeter etc) you will find that Approach or Center will pass arrival aircraft on to the tower frequency about 12-20nm out depending on traffic in the area. Tower can clear these aircraft to land around 15nm out. In the US I am told it is different. @crbascott or someone else can comment on what it is like in the US.
  10. pete_agreatguy


    No problem. That's why these places exist.
  11. @MAW You can beta test Gatwick. I've completely had enough of the base game bugs affecting new releases. The new airports being released are already flawed with bugs. I'll be keeping an eye out on how they have implemented the 2nd Runway and the bug reports to come (they are guaranteed).
  12. pete_agreatguy


    I always do it realistically. Between 500ft - 1500ft depending on the airport and aircraft type.
  13. pete_agreatguy

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    In theory the more platforms you will support, the more sales you would make. However that said Vic, check out the steam statistics: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey Specifically OS (as it does show Mac clients in those results). Only 2.84% of people on the steam network play using Mac OS. Personal opinion; I do think only having one version is the way forward. And stick only to Windows platform. 2.84% cannot be justified. EDIT: Also, having ALL dlc on the steam network would be highly recommended.
  14. pete_agreatguy

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    Jeff Favignano is brilliant isn't he?
  15. pete_agreatguy

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    I had no interest in the basic version. The VOIP feature was the decider for me completely. Not disappointed in my choice after seeing Steven Kiberton stream it on Twitch. If I had 2 monitors I would benefit more but 27" is enough.

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