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  1. Because it's length needed for takeoff at MTOW is too long for any runway at KBOS, whereas the A380 barely makes it. It's important to note that the A340 is one of the most under powered airliners out there. It's called the "Hairdresser's airplane" because it has 4 hair dryers for engines. This is why it's takeoff length is so long compared to even larger planes. I remember an interview with an ATC where he said that the A340 is the plane he hates the most because its take off time and climb rate is atrocious. I am no aviation expert but this is what I've read/been told.
  2. I think the game assumes that all the planes are pretty close to max weight. If the 777 had a full load of fuel they would likely need 33L. The game does not assume that a shorter flight (for a 777 anyways) from London to Boston has allot less fuel on-board and can use 9/27.
  3. A few others have have this issue (the artifacting) at EDDM and LFPG (including me). If it's a couple people then I kinda doubt it's just a dying card. At least for me, I can run CoD: MW and RDR2 just fine yet I still get this bug.
  4. Nope, still doesn't fix it. Sent an email to Nyerges, haven't heard back yet. output_log.txt
  5. Hmmmmm I'll try that when I can. ty
  6. Same for me. Everything is fine in MW, BFV, and WoWs. Plus it only happens after 5PM at LFPG.
  7. Well then at least it's not only me so it's very likely it is not an issue on my end. Interesting it's at EDDM too. Did this bug happen before the SP was released? I sure hope this gets fixed soon. Kinda a bummer to have a broken product.
  8. That was my first thought too but I updated my drivers and it still happens.
  9. Did that, still getting it.
  10. So, later in the day at LFPG (around 18:00), I will randomly have rave parties at the airport. By that I mean a bunch of the lighting effects spaz out and turn the whole airport into a rave party. You can see a video here. I can deal with the broken taxiways, the taxi instructions not working for all planes, but this just makes the airport unplayable. I hope that we get a service pack soon.
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