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  1. In case someone wants to play around with it in JS... Just open your webbrowsers Dev-Tools [F12] and execute the below snipet in your browsers console: // set the numeric value as reported from FSUIPC Offset 0x0D0C fsuipc_0d0c = 234 fsuipc_0d0c = (fsuipc_0d0c >>> 0).toString(2); // log the bit-sequence as string to console console.log(fsuipc_0d0c) light = {} light.navigation = fsuipc_0d0c.charAt(0)* 1 light.beacon = fsuipc_0d0c.charAt(1) * 1 light.landing = fsuipc_0d0c.charAt(2)* 1 light.taxi = fsuipc_0d0c.charAt(3)* 1 light.strobes = fsuipc_0d0c.charAt(4)* 1 light.instrumen
  2. Hey guys, based on the TripleUse.lua i tried to get an more generic and easier to configure script. This supports to easily assign lua functions to button presses but not only for the rising or falling edge of the signal but also for double-press (like doubleclick) or for long press. It is based on Pete's TripleUse.lua but extended to be able to call the funtions that were already defined in other lua scripts like the ones coming with LINDA. You can just refer to it and re-use all the additional stuff like writing something to VRInsight panel displays etc. --[[ 1=BU0836A
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for your support... I finally succeeded. In case, you're iterested in the "how"... i published the more generic TripleUse.lua and TripleUseAssignments.lua on Github. See: https://github.com/joeherwig/msfs-fsuipc-lua-scripts Probably someone might find it usefull as well.
  4. Hi Pete, Thanks for the fast reply. Well... It's not LINDA specific but just a matter of organizing my LUA code. Using the already available functions from the other lua file has a simple benefit: It makes the code more readable and ways easier to understand and doesn't require fiddling around with cryptic numbers nor duplicating code lines. Anyway... The work of mapping offsets and the corresponding values to functions was already done, so why should i do it again? Being "functional lazy" is not always bad. And it also includes writing messages to the VRInsight display or able to
  5. Hi Paul, first of all... thanks for jumping onto the Websocket-Train. 🙂 I tried to approach something similar with https://gitlab.com/joeherwig/portable-sim-panels-fsuipc-server which is used for https://github.com/joeherwig/portable-sim-panels But It seems, i should investigate into the new Websocket-Server you provided. What is essential is that only updated data is sent to the subscribers, as registering on events of course is a performance-bottleneck if you're receiving information which you don't need, as they did not change. May i suppose, that this feature is already there?
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for your kind reply. So i fully aggree, it is much more worth the effort to help us with FS2020... 🙂 But it is great to see, that there are others also using JS to work with the simulator. Probably one of those users has any ideas how to approach it. I'll check the threads. Thanks for the links! All the best to you and your family for 2021! Joe
  7. Hi Pete, hi John, hey guys, I tried to make the tripleUse.lua for me a bit more flexible. Most of the part i already succeeded. But still one small thing is missing. I'm trying to hand in a config, where i can set function calls for each of the three types (single-, double-, long-press) So far all the events are registered and entered. I also get the right "function call". But obviously the functions are not found. Probably you can give me a hint on that, how i'm able to access the MSFS / FS2020 functions which i can also assign via LINDA. Thanks a lot and best regards,
  8. Hello Pete, hello John, As Microsoft is moving clearly towards HTML and JS for gauges, mods, extensions etc. i wounder whether there are already any plans to enable also JS within the FSUIPC world. I again struggled on with very basic tasks like array.length() etc. which is always ways more complicated in lua then in the JS world. So in case you have any plans regarding that,... just let us know! Best regards, Joe
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