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  1. Yay! Looking forward for a new version! :)
  2. Yet another bug ☝️ Airport: KPHL Bug/error: Arriving aircraft on runway 27R, when given the command "Vacate runway to the left on taxiway Tango", the aircraft exited the taxi way K4 on the right instead. Arriving aircraft on runway 26 (which refuses to exit on right taxiway D if I command him to late), I gave him taxi-instructions to taxi via D, and make a hard right turn on H to enter terminal on taxiway (in this case I gave him the command 'taxi to ramp via Delta, Hotel, Juliet', and a second command to hold short runway 35), he still crossed run 35 without permission.
  3. Airport: KPHL Bug/error: Arriving aircraft on runway 27R, when given the command "Exit at taxiway November", they exit instead on taxiway Mike to the left. They also do the same thing if I give them the command "Vacate runway to the right on taxiway November". Also, a visual bug in the map, where two N:s is represented on the right side of runway 27R on taxiway November, and two unidentifiable markings are overlapped on the crossing between taxiway K3 and M (I guess K3 and M, as text, is overlapping each other?). Another visual bug, in the 3D-view, is that the taxiway between E1/E2 to E, is grass (no asphalt). But that is not so important for me.
  4. Airport: KPHL Bug/error: When departing aircraft is holding at taxiway M for RWY 27L, if giving the command continue taxi, they do not stop for aircraft holding on threshold RWY 27L, causing a collision.
  5. @EliGrim that would be very nice, and also to have the possibility to give more information in a row, instead of needing call the airplane several times, i.e. taxi and hold short commands.
  6. Actually I got an idea here. Right now, we are playing the current game with the help of the airport schematics showing the current routes of the taxiing aircraft and exactly where they are. I am not sure how it is in reality if you have a position indication system for each aircraft in the bigger airports and how detailed it is, but for the smaller airports I know there is no so such thing. My idea here is, to have two play-modes. First the current one, which we now have in Tower3D,. This mode helps us with information such as where the aircraft are on the ground, connected to their callsigns. This is mandatory to get order out of chaos if you are running the airport yourself in high traffic-flow. The second playmode would be to have no indications where the aircrafts are on the ground (I guess mainly for smaller airports), you as a traffic-controller need to use the 3D-view to keep track on the taxiing aircrafts, and also somewhat memorize the callsigns on aircrafts you are seeing on the ground. Though, you will have the departure and arrival windows which may hint you which aircrafts with callsigns are on the move around your airport... but of course this is not enough for help, you will fail to memorize the callsigns of course, and not know how to call the aircraft on the ground. So additional voice-commands needs to be added in the game. Ask which aircraft is occupying a taxiway * "Aircraft on taxiway C, say your callsign" * "American on taxiway C, say your callsign" And so on, I guess this may be rather complicated to do if there are several aircrafts on the same taxiway, I guess you need to have an origin and position to point out which aircraft you want to get identification of: * "Redwood behind AAL529, say your callsign" * "Aircraft at the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign" * "Aircraft at C, as number 3 from the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign" * "Westbound Aircraft at C, as number 3 from the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign" Another way, maybe better and easier to implement, is to call out the aircraft with the help of the departure/arrival windows, asking for their position. Ask XXNN where they are Tower: AAL529, say position Aircraft: At taxiway C, behind SWA642, AAL529 or Aircraft: At taxiway C, as number 3 from crossing taxiway A, AAL529 or Aircraft: Holding at Z, AAL529 Tower: AAL529, say taxi instructions Aircraft: C, Z, K1, holding short runway 24L, AAL529 Tower: AAL529, say direction Aircraft: Taxiing at C westbound Of course, this second mode needs lesser traffic of course, as it is much more demanding, but a different playstyle, which creates a purpose of the 3D-view. Currently I never use the 3D-view, I am only focusing on the airport-schematics, and it feels like the tower 3D-view is only used as background image. Also, in addition of this playstyle, on larger airports, a feature where you can use binoculars would be handy aswell. ;)
  7. Okay, noticed that you where not able to zoom if window was maximized. If resizing the window manually, you are able to zoom in and out. Though it is quite wonky, as you are not able to zoom in fully if window is to big, so you need to resize it to quite small, then zoom in/out, and then resize the window to the size you want. So the problem is partially solved.
  8. Hello! Is it possible to zoom in the scope in window mode? I currently have a ultra-wide monitor with 5120x1440 resolution, and setting the game to fullscreen looks ugly, and also you are not able to ALT-TAB to other applications, as Tracon2012 is on top always when in fullscreen mode. When in windowed mode, Tracon2012 looks nice, but it is zoomed out, very hard to see the details. I have searched and went through 20 pages of the results, only thing I found was pressing the middle-button, but that only pans the scope up and down.
  9. Could not resist, and it seems to be the Nahimic service that is the culprit, it is a service that probably have been installed by my Asus drivers to improve headphone sound. I disabled the service by starting the System Configuration, selecting services, and disabling it there. And now Tracon2012 seems to work fine! @BFunfer PING PING
  10. I think I have managed to get it to work, thanks @scoobflight for pressing me on. I closed some applications and services running in the background, though I am not sure which one is the culprit. But I have a feeling the Asus service and application suite (i.e. Nahhimisvc and services named something with Asus) may be the culprit, but I am not sure as of yet. I will try to pinpoint out which of the services Tracon is incompatible with tomorrow.... and I will update the thread.
  11. @scoobflight Thanks for the link to that thread, a sad thread though, poor guy, it seems he never got it to work. :( Lucky me though I still have a possibility for a refund...
  12. I recently bought Tracon2012!SE on Steam, but it crashes very very early ingame. It crashes also if moving the Strip-window. The log-files does not show any vital information or error codes. * I am not using any DLC:s or addons. * I have reinstalled the game several times * I am running it as administrator * I have tried running it with Compatibility Mode for Windows 8 * Edit: I have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers (442.50) but it does not help. My system is Windows 10 and I am using a Nvidia 1080Ti card. Anyone had the same problem as me and got it to work with some fixing? logs.zip
  13. Hopefully now solved. I changed the the memory frequency from 3200 to 3000 mHz (maybe my mem-sticks are of bad quality...). I am sorry having been creating this thread, and causing problem-solving irritation from the devs. I wait a while and try doing some more instances of this game before marking this thread to solved. I want to thank everyone so much for their help, you seem to be very nice people here. :)
  14. I am using windows 10. I have forced to update it with the latest packages. Not sure how to make a summary of the event log, will check it later.... No custom addons. Though, I bought the deluxe version in steam with the extra airports, to both support the devs and have some extra fun. I have been mainly running the KLAX airport, but it crashed also with the KJFK airport. I cannot find any pattern, I have left the game on without doing anything while the KLAX airport scenario was open (issuing no commands), and it crashed after about 5 minutes. The menu, as of now, seems not to have been crashed, but more testing should be done. I have not tried changing the graphics settings... No problems with cooling (using custom water cooling system). I have even increased the voltage of the CPU from 1.34V to 1.37V to increase stability without any change in the game concerning crashes ( running the CPU on 5.15 Ghz).
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