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  1. Vantskruv

    [SOLVED] [Tower3D!Pro CRASHES] Crashes all the time

    Hopefully now solved. I changed the the memory frequency from 3200 to 3000 mHz (maybe my mem-sticks are of bad quality...). I am sorry having been creating this thread, and causing problem-solving irritation from the devs. I wait a while and try doing some more instances of this game before marking this thread to solved. I want to thank everyone so much for their help, you seem to be very nice people here. :)
  2. Vantskruv

    [SOLVED] [Tower3D!Pro CRASHES] Crashes all the time

    I am using windows 10. I have forced to update it with the latest packages. Not sure how to make a summary of the event log, will check it later.... No custom addons. Though, I bought the deluxe version in steam with the extra airports, to both support the devs and have some extra fun. I have been mainly running the KLAX airport, but it crashed also with the KJFK airport. I cannot find any pattern, I have left the game on without doing anything while the KLAX airport scenario was open (issuing no commands), and it crashed after about 5 minutes. The menu, as of now, seems not to have been crashed, but more testing should be done. I have not tried changing the graphics settings... No problems with cooling (using custom water cooling system). I have even increased the voltage of the CPU from 1.34V to 1.37V to increase stability without any change in the game concerning crashes ( running the CPU on 5.15 Ghz).
  3. Vantskruv

    [SOLVED] [Tower3D!Pro CRASHES] Crashes all the time

    Reinstalled, didn't help. :( Maybe it is a hardware failure, I do not see anyone else having this problem.
  4. Vantskruv

    [SOLVED] [Tower3D!Pro CRASHES] Crashes all the time

    Playing in admin mode, have not uninstalled and installed. I will try it (though I have validated the files via steam).
  5. Vantskruv

    [SOLVED] [Tower3D!Pro CRASHES] Crashes all the time

    i7-9700k Coffe Lake Refresh 16Gb RAM Nvidia 1080Ti 11Gb (The GPU and its memory, aswell as the system-memory is already specified in the log files, but I have stated the specs here anyway ;) )
  6. It crashes all time, it happens randomly, sometimes it crashes after 5 minutes, or 20 minutes, or other timetamps. I am running the game as an administrator, and I am not using any antivirus software (though I am using the default windows antivirus protection). Here is 6 crash logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BezwOzxbRW_ppLYsxwL5tfofbwsLzlS8/view?usp=sharing I bought the game, and I am sad it does randomly crash, it is a fun game though. :(

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