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  1. blacklabelbraai

    Thank you folks.

    I fully expect this topic/thread to also be disappeared by scoobflight shortly. @Feelthere - you have NOT covered yourselves in glory with this. Quite frankly, disappearing threads that you don't necessarily agree with, speaks volumes to your willingness to engage with us, you know, the people who buy your products. This "sale debacle" is a case in point. It was pointed out to you that only the CHEAPEST item of your 2-sale-purchase was eligible for discount. What did you do? You deleted all negative comments. That is blatant censorship. Nothing else. In these United States of America, are we expected, SERIOUSLY, to accept censorship of our our respectful views? This is not a private forum. It is public because it is hosted by simflight.com. Therefore any rights you may want to assert here in that regard are null and void.
  2. blacklabelbraai

    Thank you folks.

    Thank YOU for all your assistance here and for all the hard work you have put in to make our experience of T!3DPro more fun. I for one will miss your insights. BLB (Peter)
  3. blacklabelbraai

    Troubleshooting chart

    That is flat-out weird! I wonder if it's a graphics resolution issue?
  4. Hey all Don't know if this will be of any value to anyone...I've attached a screenshot but here are the steps: Instead of right-clicking on the tower3d.exe file and clicking on Run As Administrator simply do the following as a once only task: Right click on file left click on properties left click on Compatibility check box labelled "Run this program as an administrator" click apply, then ok now in future you can simply double click the file to load the game. left click on
  5. blacklabelbraai

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For TIST/STT v4.0

    Well you certainly succeeded with that! As did I, with a somewhat different mission.
  6. blacklabelbraai

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    ...and therein lies the rub, eh Craig? Can't wait for version 2 quite frankly.
  7. blacklabelbraai

    Schedule Information Tool for Tower!3D (Pro)

    It's a great tool, Eli thank you!
  8. blacklabelbraai

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Have to agree with you - although the terrain there is kinda flat, the buildings, roads and yeah pretty much everything, does look unnatural.
  9. blacklabelbraai

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    Wow! That looked hectic. I got stressed just watching and listening! Looks like a real challenging airport.
  10. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    This is what happens when you get called into a meeting and you forget to pause the game. 😥 Lesson here is - don't play T3dpro when you're at work!
  11. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    Does anyone else feel like sharing statistics screenshots of their last session? With perhaps also a screenshot of the DBRITE and ADIRS as well to show what you had to cope with?
  12. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    Remind me to delete that from my "Looks like fun" folder! Do you use voice by the way? And if so, is it easier/quicker to control?
  13. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    Yowsa! Was that a custom schedule you were playing???
  14. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    I can't even begin to think what that must be like. One of the reasons I haven't bought JFK yet is I'm terrified of the volume!
  15. blacklabelbraai

    Screenshots of latest sessions

    Oh and bear in mind I can't speak due to a medical condition, so this is all clicking and typing! 😃

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