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  1. blacklabelbraai


    I like both of those!
  2. blacklabelbraai


    😂😂 That's a thing???
  3. Wow that's a beautiful sight!
  4. blacklabelbraai

    Tower 2011 - Erratic loading

    Did you by any chance upgrade from Windows 7 via the (at that time) free upgrade path, to Windows 10?
  5. blacklabelbraai

    Is anyone having trouble downloading the newest RT

    I thought the latest version was sp16v16a I don't recall being advised of a newer version.
  6. blacklabelbraai

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    So I did it, bought KMCO and RC as well, updated RT just in case, fired it up, started at 6 am slot to get used to it, and wow! What a beautiful airport. Would be really nice as has been mentioned before, to have user-defined cameras. I really like this airport!
  7. blacklabelbraai

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    Thanks Andrew, and everyone else that has weighed in. I've found some info on landing/dep runways and it seems like 17L and 18R are used for landing and 17R / 18L for departure - does that seem correct?
  8. blacklabelbraai

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    I've had a good look at those 5 and am now leaning towards KMCO. Going to see if I can find a youtube video. Found one from ATControl https://youtu.be/eCLj3f0VRLo
  9. blacklabelbraai

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    Hi Andrew Wow, thanks for providing such a great response. Hmmm I never thought about that. My laptop isn't particularly powerful so that will probably be a non-starter then. I'm going to take a closer look at the 5 you mentioned. Thanks again! BLB (Peter)
  10. blacklabelbraai

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    Hey everyone So apart from the dissenting opinions here as to whether I should pay full price for a DLC or not... I own the base 3 airports, with RT and RC Should my next purchase be KJFK or another airport? Logic: KJFK will provide more liveries so if or when I buy others, the chances are good that I will have non-white planes. Is my logic flawed on the above point? Secondly, if anyone doesn't agree with my proposed purchase of KJFK, can a reasonable argument be made for a substitution? Thank! BLB (Peter)
  11. blacklabelbraai

    No International terminal found

    I know exactly what you mean, Kev! 😂
  12. blacklabelbraai

    Low Approach command

    Hi! Firstly, Craig is one of the most helpful people in this forum. Education however is a 2 way street. Before asking questions about a particular command, why not try the command, then if it fails for whatever reason, post your output and questions in the forum. Bad question: I have no idea what this command: "American 999 turn right to 270 degrees" means or does can someone tell me? Good question: I saw this command in the manual "callsign turn heading xx" tried it and the pilot responded "say again?" Here is my output from the command. As an aside, I can guarantee that you never managed to upset Craig. Have a blessed Sunday! Best, BLB (Peter)
  13. blacklabelbraai


    Hi! I think that Craig had every right to state what he did. FeelThere and Nyerges Design have at the very least, a symbiotic relationship with regards to product offerings. You are being somewhat disingenuous in stating " FeelThere has absolutely nothing to do with RC and RT", and furthermore, your snarky comment appended to that, "...but I think you already knew it." is not only dismissive of someone who has provided a huge amount of support to many on this forum, but also somewhat petty. Thanks BLB (Peter)
  14. blacklabelbraai

    So what's next?

    Well, England IS an island.... 😎
  15. And THIS is how you have a robust, fact-based discussion. Not worrying about whether you are going to possibly offend some snowflake. If you have a constructive comment/criticism to make, then make it cogently, using reasonably short sentences, lay out the argument factually, and don't ever take offense if someone pushes back when they correctly perceive that you are not making sense. In short, look at the 1st post of the thread, respect that person's wishes and post accordingly. BLB (Peter)

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