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  1. That's a fantastic gesture, Vic. Thanks!
  2. I've just updated the list Craig, thanks. Real life got in the way. Regards, Peter (BLB)
  3. I have only one thing to add to this overly long thread: Thank you @EliGrimfor all your hard work, dedication and patience, giving of your free time to make playing this sim more enjoyable. Regards, Peter (BLB)
  4. Hi Zatris Download & install Real Color for LAX Download latest version of Real Traffic Install latest version of Real Traffic (Real Traffic for Tower 3D/Pro: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v19.exe) Make sure you save all download links and codes in case you need them again Make sure in points 1,2,3 that you install to the correct directory on your PC This link has the latest versions: Regards, BLB (Peter)
  5. And this dear friends, is an EPIC example of a thread hijack. 😂
  6. If you're buying the drinks, heck yes! Seriously though, a "read-only!" blog with hopefully reasonably regular updates on the new version would be an excellent idea. Thanks though for what you have provided above by way of info. Thanks BLB (Peter)
  7. Hi all Although I made one person happy, others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way I set up the competition. I admit I should have been more explicit as to how you submit your responses; however that is now water under the bridge and a winner was selected and he has received the prize of RJTT airport and the associated RC that he requested. I have created a poll as to whether I should turn this into a monthly giveaway (which I am quite happy to continue to sponsor!) and the lessons learnt from this competition will be applied to the next one, depending on whether there is enough interest. Please therefore vote on whether you would like to receive free stuff or not. I am using this forum as the vehicle for the competitions simply because everyone who owns a FT product knows about it. Thanks Peter
  8. @freakanthas responded to me and he chose RJTT - a most excellent choice! I hope you enjoy your prize and thank you for participating! Please be sure to check out the poll I posted a little while ago! All the best BLB (Peter)
  9. Hi all I'd like to sponsor a monthly giveaway if there's enough interest - so please answer the poll. It closes February 5. EDIT: i was asked by someone whose opinion I respect a great deal, why I want to do this. This is directly from my PM to him: " As to why - I have received much joy and knowledge from this forum, along with a bellyful of laughs on occasion - I just simply wanted to try give back something to the community. There is no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda - everyone struggles to a lesser or greater extent each and every day with various aspects of their lives. I had hoped that by gifting someone, it would "make someone's day" - which coincidentally is exactly what the winner said to me in PM."
  10. And the winner is.... @freakant! Well done to everyone and my apologies for not explicitly stating that entries should be made via PM to me and not to the general forum. @freakant please check your PM's Thanks for participating everyone! BLB
  11. Hey everyone So it's competition time. If there's enough interest, I might turn this into a monthly thing. And yes, there's a prize. 01001001 00100000 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101 00100000 01001011 01010000 01001000 01011000 1st 100% correct answer wins. Rules: One attempt only Please only enter if you are actually looking for an airport/RC that you don't have. Competition ends 12:00 GMT tomorrow January 29. Winner will be announced by me in this thread and must message me privately with a working email address so that I can gift you the prize from the FT website. Oh yeah, the prize. 1x Tower!3D airport of your choice plus Real Color for that airport. er.... GO!
  12. @Chadwith, I think my favourite is split 50/50 between KLAS and KPHX.
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