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  1. I quite enjoy KPHX and KLAS - personally I think KPHL is for masochists but to each his own.
  2. The lighting affects are quite stunning Vic! I dread to think what my laptop specs will need to be.
  3. I never noticed the schedules were slow before, but thank you for your continued work on this amazing project.
  4. Here ya go. Three minutes of duckduckgo (it would have been less than one minute but I had to let the dog out) https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=219397 The entire thread is quite interesting. but for those that suffer from TL;DR, I believe the original Terminal 1 is the terminal you're looking for. Post #12 is very informative. BLB
  5. fantastic job you've done Ben. Many thanks!
  6. My preference is option 1, followed by option 3, with option 2 a very distant last.
  7. Hi everyone Something I always wanted whilst playing was a departure and arrival board for the airport I was controlling at, for the hour I had selected. So I've set about doing this for myself and anyone else that would like to have the departures and arrivals listed. For my test, I made use of @bcooley66's recent KLAX schedule because he already had a spreadsheet available and it was easy to separate departures and arrivals. My end goal is to make it available for all airports currently available for T3D using the default schedules and then also to somehow allow members t
  8. I suspect late night posting into the incorrect forum might be the reason for the OP :-)
  9. This is an extremely impressive effort. Thank you for all your work. The spreadsheet you attached reveals just how much time you put into this. I'm going to give it a try shortly and I'll definitely NOT be going anywhere near 8 am!!!! Thanks again!
  10. Okay...well a few things...although I'm appalled at your ping times. I would have expected +-150 ms - not over 240 ms 1. Hop #2 ( is your ISP 2. You appear to be getting NAT'ed from there on until you reach hop #11 3. All the hostnames from hop #6-18 do not resolve to IP addresses, which is odd. (security by obfuscation or extremely strict Access Control Lists?) 4. Hop #8 (prs-bb4-link.telia.net) is extremely odd. This is where I suspect things went awry. 5. Hop #11 ( is where you are handed off from telia.net (Swedish Telecoms company), to
  11. Thanks for doing this for me. Please give me some time to analyze.
  12. Okay so my theory was disproved 🙂 How do you get Internet access where you are currently living? Try the game again please, except this time instead of running a ping, download and install WinMTR from SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/ It's very straightforward to use and the beauty of this tool is that it will allow you to see, when you lose connection, where the traceroute dies. Do that when you are running the next game...and report back the IP address where it dies. (MTR = My TraceRoute)
  13. Hi William I know I'm just a member but as a networking engineer, I find your issue interesting and I have a theory which I'd like you to disprove 🙂 Assuming you both know each others public IP address, I'd like to see whether you get disconnected if you do this while playing MP: Open a command prompt, type in ping -t where is your friend's public IP address. The -t flag in the ping command will continue pinging until you press CTRL-C. Let him do the same, using your IP address. Keep the ping running continually until you have completed. EDIT 2:
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