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  1. Hi Ashlee the 2nd monitor issue was solved in another thread:
  2. Agreed. I reckon even Job would have thrown up his hands in despair by now.
  3. What's your opinion on the vatsim procedures, Craig? Back in the day I used to do virtual controlling quite a bit, and they seemed to be quite authentic.
  4. Thanks VERY much for making these available.
  5. It's all good. There are some very knowledgeable folk on this forum, so you may want to stick around. The search bar up on the top right will lead you to solutions for about 95% of whatever issues you may be experiencing. You might also want to ask Parallels if you can upgrade directly from 12.2.0 to 15.x. Once you've sorted that side of things out, please test again and report back here. All the best BLB PS I'm not one of the knowledgeable folk, I'm just like a darn dog that refuses to let go of a bone I'm chewing on!
  6. Yeah that must be it. So I ran an experiment, sent a plane off from KPHX a few minutes ago, after wheels up, sent it the contact departure command (you paying attention @Braf123456?) 🙂 - quit the game, then fired up Windows Explorer. Not one single file shows a last modified date of this morning, in any of the folders under the folder tree of d:/Program Files (x86)/FeelThere. Weird. EDIT: two files have the date stamp of this morning: output_log.txt file & speech.log
  7. That's not strictly correct. You can give the "contact departure" command when and only when you have received the message stating takeoff successful.
  8. From the release notes of version 15(!) https://kb.parallels.com/en/124724 Resolves UI performance and font issues in Parallels Desktop Resolves an issue with letter keystrokes getting dropped when typing in Windows applications. I think we found the problem 😎
  9. Hi AshleeL Are you saying that you are running Windows 10 virtualized within Parallels on the Mac? It's quite possible there's a keyboard layout conflict of some sort. What version of Parallels are you using? I strongly suspect that is the issue. thanks BLB
  10. Yeah I found them there but I'm a little nervous to mess around with my registry. Thanks!
  11. EDIT: I'm unsure why your submission rated a laugh from someone in this forum.
  12. Nicely done. Perhaps for your next release, you can zip up all the files, include a text file explaining where the files should be installed etc...? It makes it easier for us to to download, rather than having to D/L each file one at a time. Thanks again for the effort! BLB
  13. This took Google 0.59 seconds to give me the correct answer:
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