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  1. Wow! Thank you Gavin! Another hugely impressive effort! I'm going to give it a try this evening. Judging by your graphic, a bottle of good whisky might be in order! Thanks again! BLB (Peter)
  2. Recommended format for reporting: AIRPORT: CYVR BUG/ERROR SUMMARY: ARE YOU ABLE TO REPRODUCE THIS BUG/ERROR?: HAVE YOU UPLOADED YOUR Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3d Pro\tower3d_data\output_log.txt file?:
  3. This thread is for ONLY posting verifiable and reproducible bugs/errors at all of the airports. Everything else that does not meet the above criteria, please create a new thread. Here is the full current list of airports, sorted alphabetically: CYVR EDDM EDDS EGKK KATL KBOS KJFK KLAS KLAX KLGA KMCO KMEM KPHL KPHX KRDU KSAN KSFO LEBL LFPG OMDB TIST YMML To report a verified, reproducible error for an airport, please create a new post hereunder, using ONLY the following subject: ICAO code - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached For example: KPHX - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached Do NOT replicate airports. Check whether an airport bug/error is in the list of posts before creating a new post. Moderators must remove all posts immediately that do not meet the above criteria. thanks BLB (Peter)
  4. There's an easy fix to this. Create a new thread as suggested by @Pedantic G, populate the thread with the currently released airports. 1st post should read: This thread is for reporting bugs and each post need to be accompanied by screenshots and logs and should be reproducible. Please use the appropriate airport topic below to report bugs/issues for the appropriate airport. Cheers, Peter
  5. Ordinarily, I would say, "that's gonna leave a mark", but in this instance I have to defer to: Whooooooosh
  6. I suspect that joking might offend someone who may therefore think you are denigrating one of the 37 genders they identify as. However, it does appear that KDFW is next, which should actually be pretty cool. It looks like a nice challenge. BLB (Peter)
  7. What u can do and what other schedule makers have done is to import the schedule into a spreadsheet and generate a graph that way hopefully you have a spreadsheet BUT you can also use the online tool posted in another topic to generate the graph but u might need to search for it using the search bar way up there on the top right
  8. Once again, I'm blown away by the selfless effort and time by our schedule makers, who do this out of their love for the game.
  9. 32 knots??? I'd call that a tad more than blustery!
  10. It doesn't have a 25L or 25R either any more, but perhaps there was something lost in translation.
  11. I took the plunge, and bought it, together with RC Nice airport. I'm assuming 26L for arrivals and 26R for departures?
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