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  1. @EliGrim, I know life gets busy for all, but just curious if any word on KSFO being added? Thanks, Peter
  2. Woohoo! Looking forward to KSFO, my favorite after KPHL! Thank you for all the work you put into this!
  3. Yet I have fun watching the points! 😄 I think of it as a kind of barometer as to how good I'm doing when looking at it as a game more than a sim.
  4. I love this game/sim! However I would also pay ($20 - $40?) somebody if there was a way now to get rid of the -500 for every collision alert that happens and then have ten of them pile up on you to quickly get -5000 points. I'm no master of this game, but I really hate this "defect". Even -50 would be a 1000 times better!!! Peter
  5. Just curious and maybe I missed this somewhere else but are you in essence generating random flight data, or are you pulling any sort of data from online sources?
  6. As a newer person, I enjoy playing what we have now. Heck I tried ATL at 50% and it kicked my a_s so I have a lot to learn yet! There are things that tick me off about this version (stupid 500 point penalties) but I also extremely look forward to whatever the next version will be. I will gladly buy the FeelThere crew a beer sometime also! @FeelThere I think a blog would be a great form of communication, I know a company can't be transparent on everything but some sort of regular updates would be a fun peak behind the scenes. Peter
  7. If I could add a related question here, is there a "list" of all penalties describing what they are for us newer folk?
  8. I only asked for people to share specifics so that others may learn perhaps, or new people such as myself can buy something recommended in a thread like this one.
  9. Just curious what everybody uses for their setup? Headset with mic? Standalone microphone? I use at the moment a Corsair Void RGB wireless headset. Please give specifics if possible please! Thanks ahead!
  10. Please add keyboard shortcuts for all things that are simple clicks on the Command Panel, such as turning on/off the camera, lights, ADIRS, STRIP, etc.
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