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  1. vali

    FPS after update

    On low light (dusk) I noticed also stuttering now, reduced fps, especially when I was taxiing, was not the case before SP1.
  2. For the pre SP1 release I added manually the lines below in the add-ons.cfg, you may try that. I also did not use the P3D folder but my add-ons custom folder. [Package.xx] <- depends by your list PATH=F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4_Addons\FeelThere EJets <-depends to your path ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false On my side the installer, ran as admin did not see the module/add-on so I did it manually. For SP1 might be the same issue but I did not install it yet.
  3. vali


    Thanks for the heads up, I did not check that as by edit is not marked as something new 😄
  4. vali


    Sounds like good news. Do you have a list of items which will be included in this SP which can be shared with us in advance of the release?
  5. Guys, do you know if there is an E175 livery for KLM? On avsim or iniBuilds I could find for E190 only for now.
  6. I am wondering if the list of know problems can be updated in the respective post, in that way will be more clear for the people what is acknowledged (and perhaps will be fixed) and what could be a new bug. I think the last update is from 17th of December. Just an idea. edit: I see some updates, just not sure if it is the latest status.
  7. I noticed that after the second engine is starting (first engine already is started) the message "BLEED APU VLV OPEN" disappears from EICAS which I saw in a movie that it does not, till the APU is turned OFF. I realized this because I forgot to shut the APU off and I found that in flight.. As long as that message stays on EICAS is a reminder that it has to be turned off. (After start, if you turn OFF left engine the message appears, if you turn OFF only the right engine it does not. I suppose the logic is implemented depending by engine 1 condition. In the video below it does not seem to depend). Can this be checked (or perhaps is explainable)?
  8. vali

    Flight plan question

    The initial flight plan is: EDDM KIRDI3W KIRDI DCT MEDEL DCT STEIN DCT NARKA Z650 ATSOS ATSOS1X LRCL Controler gave me KIRDI3S departure. You can see after update, from KIRDI to ATSOS the waypoints are missing. Video here:
  9. One question regarding the flight plan, why when I change the departure or the arrival I loose all the intermediate flight plan waypoints? The VATSIM controller can give me a different departure or arrival and when I change I see that I loose also the waypoints already programmed between the departure or arrival or between where I am and arrival. Is this normal?
  10. Yes, they are slow in loading, in my opinion the VC textures and its lighting implementation should be optimized and improved more by the team. Probably to use implementations like the other are doing nowadays.
  11. A HOP! livery for E190 was uploaded to Avsim by Miguel Angel Taboada: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=215736
  12. vali


    Merry Christmas to the Feelthere team, looking forward for nice updates in the new year 🙂
  13. Great one, thanks!! 🙂 I really like it, nicely done! Hopefully an Air Dolomiti for E915 will be made also sometime.
  14. You can set vPilot to automatically switch to mode C at departure, in case you forget to switch it manually, but yes, it will be nice to be coded into the FeelThere product itself.
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