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  1. Hi guys, Try this one that i crated and the problem is solved: https://mega.nz/file/kTgyUKaA#xb6ALu1Or5SVFta4N_s3UT_0YAptuwVqwmcdXBuSu7k It goes into SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture for the 170/190 and for the 175/195 in SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC E175\sharedtexture. There is still the problem that the taxi lights illuminate the cockpit, but that is due to the fact that the model (MDL) is for prepar3d v4 and it should be fixed for v5. Regards, Ricky
  2. From what i know the textures and also the model of the aircraft is developed by Aeroplane Heaven, so Feelthere should ask them to optimize it a little bit. They, as i show you in their statement, are aware of these issues. From the first release and then with 2 service packs a lot of things were fixed, so let's hope for a new service pack soon. Regards, Ricky
  3. Hi Benjamin, The high VRAM usage is due to the fact that, even if it is not an "easy fps aircraft", Aeroplane Heaven developed the model only for v4. The v5 version is just the v4 version with a installation patch to make it work with the new version of the sim. In fact, the v5 version still has a lot of visual bugs, such as the green windshield other lights problems and high VRAM usage. Me and other users have already reported these problems, and the @FeelThere team is aware of these issues, hopefully working with Aeroplane Heaven to fix them. I think they have to work with t
  4. We’re waiting patiently for the fix. Let’s hope it does not take so long since the plane works perfectly in v5 apart this visual issue! Thank u as always Vic for the support
  5. I tried to disable them but it still remain. Can you show me what you excatly do? Thanks
  6. In v5 or v4? Because in v5 even if you disable FSL Spotlights the problem is still there
  7. @FeelThere Ariel this happens only in v5. I've already report the problem to VIC in september. You should ask to aeroplane heaven who did the model to check it, i think it is not so hard to fix it. If you need, here it is a video of the problem: https://mega.nz/file/8a4FXQoA#AveShjIVUjMckhVVHnI4ONVgs347X3jAR2201p0BnBU
  8. For those who are asking for the A2A dll, you have to create an account and buy from here : https://a2asimulations.com/product/a2a-rain-effect-for-p3dv4/ It's free and to install just follow the guide. About the green effect it is not corrected using this dll since it provides only the rain effect in the windshield. The green hue effect it is only in P3D V5 and i think it has to be corrected by feelthere.
  9. The Dll is from A2A and it is for rain effect in the windshield not lights yes
  10. Yes, the lights need to be fixed. In prepar3d v5, when you turn some lights on, the windshield becomes green. Let's hope for a developer fix, i think it's a model problem (MDL)
  11. Hello, The Dome, panel flood, pedestal, overhead lights work perfectly. The only problem in v5 is a greenish effect inside the cockpit in certain situations. Regards.
  12. Any news about the SP2 release? Can't wait to use it in v5! Thank you very much
  13. Just to clarify, SP2 will also bring the compatibility with Prepar3D v5? Also thanks to Matt for the video, very interesting!
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