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  1. Why are you not on the development team? The fanblades look stunning!
  2. Shom are you pressing the TOGA button on the throttles after you finish setting up the TRS page in the FMC? And verifying you see ROLL/TO on your PFD before engaging autothrottle?
  3. Hmmm I've only tried PRO-ATC X which is good but sometimes literally forgets you or vectors you to pretty much nowhere when withing 20-30nm from the airport. How do you like radar contact?
  4. Do you run the program as administrator?
  5. I believe a few real world ERJ pilots confirmed that to be a correct characteristic of the aircraft. The way I slow it down is to either take the plane manually under 10,000 or take it out of VNAV and go into VS descent mode and aim to get to the intercept altitude early. With the plane leveled out you can get it down 170 or so with some flaps and from there by the time the GS comes you shouldn't have an issue getting the speed down. Also helps to disengage AT at some point to ensure the speed you want will be met. Also holds can be your best-friend in a sim. If you're to high and fast enter a hold and you should be able to hit your constraint or desired altitude, then exit the hold when ready. These tips are flying offline if you are online especially on PilotEdge you might need to make a few requests to do this to prevent spacing issues and what not. These work for me but i'm sure theres more out there someone else has. Thanks Jamie
  6. You will have to copy and existing aircraft line paste it with a new fltsim number and make the changes to suit the new livery. I have below two different lines you can see the differences between them so if you have the alaska.texture change those lines to match that texture folder name. [fltsim.1] title=Embraer 175 Delta sim=175 model= panel= sound= texture=DAL kb_checklists= description= ui_manufacturer=Embraer ui_typerole= Regional Jet ui_createdby=FeelThere ui_type=Embraer 175 ui_variation=Delta atc_heavy=0 atc_id= atc_airline=Skywest atc_flight_number=455 atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=DAL [fltsim.2] title=Embraer 175 alaska sim=175 model= panel= sound= texture=alaska kb_checklists= description= ui_manufacturer=Embraer ui_typerole= Regional Jet ui_createdby=FeelThere ui_type=Embraer 175 ui_variation=alaska atc_heavy=0 atc_id= atc_airline=Skywest atc_flight_number=455 atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=ala
  7. Disregard I have it working replacing only the sound folder in the E190 folder thanks a bunch sounds are waaaayyyy better now with this!
  8. Question, do I replace the sound folder in all of the variants sub folders or just the E190 folder. Only the E190 folder contains an abundance of sounds. The 170,175, and 195 folder just have a sound.cfg file.
  9. It worked for him but mine and it appears CaptBmckay it is not. Either way couldn't be too bad to have a brand new set made from TSS.
  10. Well good news here I posted a comment on TSS facebook about this asking if they were gonna update the sounds to work with V3 and they stated either that or possibly a brand new sound set is planned so I will patiently wait for that.
  11. Yeah something isnt working for me the sounds from TSS are there Im getting the great engine sounds and what not but all the sounds that wouldn't normally get replaced are not there such as aural warnings and everything in the main sound folder in the Feelthere main folder in root sim.. I guess Ill have to wait... darn those sounds are nice.
  12. Did you delete the sound folder in there or just rename it?
  13. Which folder did you install the TSS sound folder too? I tried to install mine into Root Sim Folder/FeelThere/E170
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