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  1. 1 hour ago, alaskaGuy2018 said:

    hey I noticed that the launch customer for the Boeing 737 Max-9 will be Alaska Airlines when they add the max-9 will the new livery for Alaska airlines be on that jet for Alaska Airlines as that is what boeing is painting the new planes to have their new livery.

    Then you had better tell Boeing because they think differently.......



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  2. 17 hours ago, crbascott said:


    1 Apparently there is a customer base that likes to play marathon sessions and that is why FeelThere loads so many hours of flights. Personally, I don't understand this type of play but to each their own. But, again, there is a negative impact to the "sane" player to appease the binge players.

    I agree with Craig. I think the 8 hour session “requested by users” has never been requested via this forum and I think it spoils the game for everyone else.


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  3. Yesterday I completed a two-hour session at KBOS using the NW flow operating configuration with the arrivals set to 33L, 32 & 27 (but not 33R), see slide 16 of the attached presentation: http://massportcac.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Final-BOS-Update-MCAC-Logan-101-060817.pdf

    I did not do the session as an experiment of any sort, I was just having a routine go, but having seen Kev's post I thought I would chip in my penny's worth. I would estimate that the arrivals at KBOS over the session were as follows:

    32 (5%), 33L (15%), 27 (80%) so I didn't see much of the "runway balance" mention by Vic. 

  4. Thanks for your analysis Craig,

    When I saw that FeelThereAriel was agreeing with Peabody's conclusion, that started alarm bells ringing in my head.  If only FeelThere would produce an intelligent installer similar to the NyergesDesign products, then this forum would be empty.  (Apart from some rants from a loon in the NW of the USA that is).


  5. 4 hours ago, Peabody said:

    I admit I am no expert on this but the logfile loaded the Janet terminal, wouldn't that indicate he has the new version loaded correctly?

    "Add terminal: Terminal_Janet -  WWW"


    @Peabody @FeelThere Ariel     I am not sure that it does.  

    I may be completely wrong but isn't that line triggered by the klas_terminal.txt file which is a result of Real Traffic not T3D?  That line does not convince me that the KLAS @nrholland    is loading is actually the latest version.  Perhaps his/her installation of KLAS_for_Tower3D_SP3 went to the wrong folder and an older version is being used when he/she starts T3D?  We all know that a lot of the posts on this forum are resolved when the correct installation route is explained.

    Where is T3D's forensic detective when you need him?  Time to shine the @crbascott  signal onto some clouds. 🙂

  6. To defend Joe on the KAL liveries, (not that he needs defending as his responses on this forum are sometimes quite 'robust'), he has written before that his schedules are a closer match to real world than the RT version from ND, and if that results in albino traffic so be it. I see his point of view although my personal preference is for full color/colour so I do a little editing.

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  7. Pete,

    1.  According to my spreadsheet there is a KAL 772 in the RC KLAX texpack.

    2. I think your second problem is caused by a clash in the schedule.  There are 2 conflicting lines:

    SFO, LAX, 321, VX, 1928, 14:58, 12:00, 1, VX

    SFO, LAX, 320, AS, 1928, 15:36, 12:00, 1, AS

    Because of the data in the airlines file, both flights result in the voice callsign Alaska 1928.  From your log the first one (VX) was handled normally but when you tried to talk to the second one (AS) with the same callsign as the first the game seems to have ignored you possibly because the VX version had reached the terminal. I wonder what would have happened if both were 'airborne' at the same time?


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  8. 53 minutes ago, alaskaGuy2018 said:

    some of the airlines on their schedule for that airport it is listed as a Max-8 but when I put that into the schedule it will not have a livery on the plane,

    As far as I can tell the only 7M8 liveries in the released library of RC packs are: American Airlines (RC KMCO), WestJet (RC KLAS), and Southwest (RC KSFO & KMCO). For which airlines are you trying to see 7M8s in glorious technicolor?

  9. Hi G,

    I have just checked my spreadsheet of RT liveries and of the 13 airports released so far none of them include "Ryan Scare". I am intrigued as to why that particular airline livery is of interest.

    And Michael O'Leary would probably charge us every time an RYR appeared on our monitors!


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