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  1. Joe, Thanks for posting the additional explanation and for taking the initiative to generalize Pete's TripleUse.lua . I figured out how to install LINDA and access the lib-fsxControls.lua provide in LINDA's library. I have also learned a lot about LUA programming and FSUIPC in trying to get this code to work on my system. However; despite my efforts, I couldn't get any other entries in the TripleUseAssignment.lua to work except the very first entry. All the other entries returned a "nil" error. After studying your code, I think I may have found two potential problems (if I und
  2. Do you ever have one of those days (or weeks) where you are unable "to pour pee out of a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel!"🤬??? Thanks to Pete and John, I figured out the problem and have TripleUse working with MSFS/FSUIPC7. As they suggested the missing element was indeed the lib-fsxcontrols.lua and lib-msfs.lua found in the library for LINDA_4_0_3_41, which is for MSFS only. The lib-fsxcontrols.lua contains a long list of calls to the default FSX control offsets like: function _PITOT_HEAT_OFF (p) ipc.control( 66073, p ) end function _PITOT_HEAT_ON (
  3. Thanks for the responses Pete and John. I was assuming (wrongly apparently!) that by some magic in FSUIPC, that when TripleUse "asserted" the function names (which I thought were THE EXACT same names showing up in FSUIPC.ini when I simply program a button to those FS controls ) that the ASSERT command somehow triggered FSUIPC to issue the command to FS. I'm embarrassed by my lack of understanding. I saw the OP's "dofile XXXXXXX" commands in his files, but thought those were related to LINDA. I did try installing LINDA, but the "lib-msfs.lua" and "lib-fsxcontrols.lua" files were
  4. Sorry I just can't leave it alone...... Since the TripleUse.lua was written for FSUIPC7 and MSFS, I wanted to rule out that the error I am getting is because I'm trying to use TripleUse.lua with FSUIPC6 and P3DV5.1. So I tried running the TripleUse.lua with FSUIPC7/MSFS and I receive the same error. Below is a cut and paste of the FSUIPC7 log file. 167625 LUA.1: beginning "D:\Programs\FSUIPC7\ipcReady.lua" 321469 *** LUA Error: [string "DeIce_PITOT_off()"]:1: attempt to call global 'DeIce_PITOT_off' (a nil value) 326437 *** LUA Error: D:\Programs\FSUIPC7\TripleUse.lua:45
  5. Joe, I use HomeFries' T.A.R.G.E.T. profiles in DCS World and have grown very fond of having short, long and double presses for each key on my TM HOTAS, so I was really glad to see you post this. It will be great to be able to do this in MSFS and P3D. Thanks for sharing your hard work. However, despite all my efforts I haven't been able to make this work. I hope you or someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I admit to being a total novice when it come to LUA code and it is probably something pretty simple, but after about four days of "bumping around in the dark" and tr
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