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  1. Hey whazzup Fabio .. hope you doing good , just wanna thank you for your continues updates . I cant wait for the next update (June 21) . one Idea to keep in mind if its possible in the near future , I wish If I can replay 2 different planes in the same map. I hope you got the idea .for exp. If i wanna make a video about flying the 747 (Airforce one) Plus 2 Jets follow it . Or make a video about an collusion accident with different 2 aircrafts . on the mean time check out what's the FCR can do is amazing . Thank you Again
  2. hey Fabio , just wanna thax you . I still cannot use rendering option .when i press it the plan stuck in one point . so the only way to make a formation flight is without rendring for now . check out my last video and thx again . Saudi Arabian Airlines | #MSFS2020 | لعشاق السفر #الخطوط #الجوية #العربية #السعودية | #Airbus #A320 cant wait for the next update .
  3. hey Fabio . I just wanna thanks you for your effort and I wanna share my first video and get the feedback . I'm trying using the render support but still couldn't. Plus the pre-set camera didn't figure out how its work till now. thanks again and cant wait for the next update . https://youtu.be/G-pGUdPaDIA Emirates Boeing 747 SkyCargo
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