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  1. Fearless

    Next 3D Release?

    Awesome. Looking forward to Pro version
  2. Hi I'm not sure if this has been specifically asked as I've been away from Tracon for a while and was wondering if a resolution fix or patch for Tracon! 2012 to include a 1366 x 768 resolution was available. Changing it to window setting mode does not solve the resolution issue. Perhaps there's a method that could do the trick. Thank you in advance. Fred
  3. Fearless

    No aircraft lights on Airbus aircraft

    Thanks, I've left a message on his website.
  4. Fearless

    RT SP7 is available

    Not that I've noticed.. All aircraft have lifted off at KJFK so far..
  5. Fearless

    Taxi and runway lights

    Thanks for your response. looking forward to the pro version.
  6. Fearless

    Tower!3D Pro

    Hi Vic and FeelThere team, Is the Pro version an upgrade to the standard T3D? meaning do we upgrade our standard T3D to the Pro version and the airports purchased for T3D can also be used in T3D Pro?
  7. Fearless


    Best wishes Vic & FeelThere team . I as well am looking forward to the Pro version of T3D.
  8. Fearless

    Taxi and runway lights

    Hi all, Is there a way the taxi and runway lights can automatically turn on when the weather is foggy or stormy. The present auto setting does not turn these on when weather is sub standard.
  9. Hi all, There are no tail, wing and strobe lights functioning on the Airbus aircraft, My setup is Tower!3D SP2a; Real Color Bundle RC_Tower3D_TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp3; Real Time RT_Tower3D_sp7; as well as installed the Duplicate free schedules uploaded by Dick Parker on Nov 18, 2016
  10. Hi Team, Current controlling at TIST but I seem to have problems with CAT I aircraft Taxiing to either the terminal, apron or gateway. They remain positioned at the entrance from the taxi way and whilst they acknowledge the 'taxi to' command they stop moving. Then when I issue the 'continue taxi' command, no response is received and they remain at that position. Also I've had instances whereby the aircraft acknowledged the 'negative' response when given the 'continue taxi' command when they are stopped before crossing of the runway to their line up.. The only way I could get the aircraft to continue to taxi was by giving the command 'lineup and wait'. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays. My setup purchased on Dec 23, 2016 is Tower!3D SP2a; Real Color Bundle RC_Tower3D_TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp3; Real Time RT_Tower3D_sp7; as well as installed the Duplicate free schedules uploaded by Dick Parker on Nov 18, 2016
  11. Fearless

    Could we get a progress report on T3DPro

    Take your time team.. Happy Holidays and I look forward to the PRO version release. :)
  12. Fearless

    Exporting Flight Plans

    Hi Sascha, Thanks for the response. A pity this can't be done as I'm having problems getting Wilco/FeeThere aircraft to recognise imported flight plans into the FMC. Now the problem is not caused via FSC. Far from it. This program is terrific and creates FS Plans without a hitch. There just doesn't seem to be a solution getting them imported into the FMC of the B737 PIC aircraft and actually having that flightplan recognised as loaded and working. Oh well looks like the manual entry is the only method to make the FMC work. Thanks again. Fred
  13. Greetings all. I have FSC X and has installed no problems. The question I have is whilst there are a few formats the flight plan can be saved as (eg PMDG, VATSIM) is there a possibility that the FeelThere aircraft family can be included also such as Wilco's Boeing 7xx PIC series? Thanks in advance Fred Fleuren

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