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  1. I had been using the registered version of FSUIPC 4.5 without problems in FSX, running Win XP 32; now I installed the XP 64 bits version in dual boot mode, and the unregistered version shows with the registering box greyed out and a legend about using right click to load FS as administrator.- I have no other user than administrator, I tried with the right click and only administrator is checked, also I unchecked the box about protecting the programs from unauthorized changes, also in the compatibility box there is an option about letting other users to access the program, which I checked, but the problem remains.- I have no problems when running FSX in XP 32.- Want a solution because I am accustomed to use FSX with controls managed by FSUIPC.- Thanks
  2. [quote="Pete Dowson "What makes no sense is that Captain Sim apparently don't know anything about it and no one except your good self has come forward with such a conclusion. Pete That is not so, I am quite convinced that Capt Sim is well aware about the problem, as It had been mentioned no only by me, but by several other customers in its own forum.- I sent a ticket to support which was apparently accepted.-
  3. I am using FSUIPC to manage my controls and I am very happy with it.- All what I said applies to my case, so I dont know what happens with people who dont use FSUIPC.- As I said in my first post, the problem is definitely an incompatibility between the CS B757 and the latest versions of FSUIPC.- As I had saved all FSUIPC 4 versions, I made trials with all of them with same settings, the result was that V 4.323 is the latest with which I had no problems.- I dont know if that makes sense, but is absolutely real.- Well, I really cannot imagine what it is which you and Soldano have set in FSUIPC which causes any problems. By default, with no assignments, no calibrations, no settings, FSUIPC does nothing -- the same as if you had not registered it. It really then cannot possibly interfere. There is really bound to be some setting or assignment which is causing an incompatibility, but with no information to go on there is nothing I can do to help. Re-reading the earlier reports here it looks as if Soldano is saying that the aircraft actually USES FSUIPC for something -- if so then how do you fly it without? There is almost nothing in this thread which makes any sense. Maybe someone, someday, perhaps, will actually come here with something more definite. Regards Pete
  4. Thanks Pete I discovered the cause.- It happened that the assignments and settings for the B767 were copied in fsuipc.ini from the B737 as I always do for new similar aircrafts in order to save time and efforts, but in this special case it caused the trim problem.- I found that making new specific B767 settings and callibrations fixed the problem and now the trim works OK.-
  5. Thanks Pete I will send your reply to Cap Sim Support forum.-
  6. There is a known issue with Capt Sim FSX B757.- It happens that after disconnecting tha AP, is imposible to regain manual control until 10 or 20 seconds later, which is rather annoying.- The cause has been determined as an incompatibity with FSUIPC, and in the forums, the recomandation is to go back to version 4.3.- I made some trials, and noticed that the most recent version free of the problem is 4.323, in newer versions I found the problem.- Is there a workaround ? Thanks
  7. I am using FSX with controls disabled and FSUIPC V4.413 controlling my CH yoke, pedals and quadrant and have no problems at all with the aircrafts in use.- I recently acquired the FSX version of Level D B767 and everything works OK except the trim: when hitting trim up there is no response, when hitting trim down, suddenly pitches down, it happens either using the keypad or the programmed button.- I am sure it is a FSUIPC incompatibility issue because I made the following trials: Enable FSX controls: the problem continues Enable FSX controls and disable FSUIPC by deleting the .dll: the trim works normally.- I tried with FSUIPC V4.408 and V4.50 with no results .- Level D support only says what I already know, that is a FSUIPC related problem and I should delete FSUIPC.ini and let the program create a new one, which I did without results Is there a workaround ? thanks
  8. I have all my joysticks controlled by Fsuipc and very satisfied with that. (CH joke, pedals and quadrant).- I have been upgrading Fsuipc with all the new *.dll that appeared without problems.- Now I see there is a complete new version 4.40 and a 4.408 dll update, I want to install them by am afraid it may change my assigments and calibrations.- Is there a risk of that ? Strangely, my fsuipc.dll actual version is already 4.40, although as I said before I didnt install yet the complete version.- Thanks
  9. [quote="Pete Dowson It probably depends on how they are programmed and maybe on the aircraft model/panel programming. Does pressing the '.' brake button on the keyboard release the parking brake? I set and release parking brake with ctrl + (.), it also releses with (.)
  10. I am curious about toe bracking releasing the parking brake, it doesnt happen in my case.- I have my CH pedals toe brakes working OK and a yoke button programmed for the parking brake and there is no interaction between both.-
  11. As I was in doubt, reinstalled the CH Ctrl Manager, used it only for calibrating, and it happened again, I found all the axes changed.- So I deleted the ini and then I could assign new axis and buttons OK.- As some problems with buttons appeared (i.e trackir hotkeys), I uninstalled the CM and returned to normality.- Thanks for your replies
  12. Sorry I my last mail I didnt manage to separate the quotes, please read the whole message.-
  13. I have no idea how any separate program can make a mess of FSUIPC settings. I have no idea either, but it happened, I found all the axes changed It is never impossible to reset anything in FSUIPC -- if you want to reset everything to default simply delete the FSUIPC INI file. Everything you do is recorded in there. Or find the Axes or JoystickCalibration sections in that file and delete just those. It really couldn't be easier! I know I could do it, but I preferred to delete all axis for various aircraft and configure them again What box? "aircraft specific"? That has to be checked by you, not FSUIPC! I refered to the "aircraft specific" box, which of course should be checked by me, it happened only with the Learjet, as everytime I opened the FSUIPC screen, found it unchecked, not with other aircraft also configured as aircraft specific.- I really cannot imagine how you got into such a mess. There's nothing magic or clever about any of that in FSUIPC. It just does what you ask -- it sounds like you were misunderstanding some of the indicatiions. I misunderstood nothing, I proceed exactly as I succesfully did before installing that bloody Control Manager, and as I did after uninstalling it.- If the CH control manager is assigning FS controls, then you cannot assign them also in FSUIPC, though you should be able to calibrate any axes assigned to FS controls by any program. The axis assignments in FSUIPC are simply done by those axes which FSUIPC can see changing. The only way they cannot be assigned is if FSUIPC cannot see them changing. In FSUIPC3 that could only be because the CH Manager does not support the standard Windows "joystick" interface. In FSUIPC4 is seems more unlikely as it would mean it doesn't support the "DirectInput" interface. I dont know how the CH manager works, I didnt even opened it, the only thing I did was calibrating my Yoke, pedals and quadrant in the new Windows screen modified by CHCM.- Regards
  14. I installed the CH Control Manager, and used it only for calibrating the controls, the result was a mess in my FSUIPC settings, I had to reset all from scratch, which was very dificult and imposible in certain cases due to some strange behaviours.- I.e, I couldnt assign the Lear as aircraft specific as each time I opened the FSUIPC screen, the box appeared unchecked, other aircraft specific controls need constantly to be recalibrated, some axes couldnt be assigned, etc etc.- So I uninstalled the CM and replaced the FUIPC.ini with the previous one I had fortunately backuped, and now every thing is OK.- It confirms what was said in other threads about some incompatibility between the CH Control Manager and FSUIPC.- It is a pity because the CM provides a better calibration facility for the CH USB controls than Windows.-
  15. I am using CH Yoke, Pedals and Quadrant.- In FSX I disabled the controls and FSUIPC is in control of all axes.- I think that the joysticks must be primarily be calibrated in Windows, but I noticed that the calibrating facility is not adequate for some axis, (i.e toe brakes and the left pair or levers of the quadrant) and my question is: Is it convenient to install the CH Control Manager and use it only for the calibrating routine instead of the Windows XP facility ?.- Thanks
  16. My question is: I want FSUIPC get total control, so I disabled joysticks in FS.- In FS there is ie. a throtle ax assigned as well as in FSUIPC, should I delete it ?.- I think that being joysticks disabled in FS there should be no conflicts, but I want to be sure.-
  17. Even when controls are disabled within FS ?
  18. Thanks for your quick reply, and 2 more questions: Those addons which interfere with FS controls, are only panel related, or maybe also some aircraft with advanced panel management.- ? When controls are disabled in FS, is it necesary also to delete posible redundant axes assigned in it , or in that situation they dont interfere with FSUIPC ?.- Regards
  19. I read about it but my doubts continue about the differences in ax assigment between the 2 options: "Send direct to FSUIPC calibration"or "send to FS normal axis", which are the advantages or disadvantages and in which case should be chose each one ? Thanks
  20. Great Idea Pete, panning now works OK using FS Recorder.- Thanks
  21. I deleted all the buttons configuration related to POV and map only the ax to pan view, and now it works smoothly.- Something strange although happens, the POV doesnt work at all when in instant replay, it works OK when joysticks are controlled by FSX.-
  22. I downloaded V4.301.- I consists in a new dll; I replaced the old one with this one, and panning works almost the same, perhaps slightly smoother than before, but not as well as with FSX in control.- Should I change something in my hat configuration ?
  23. Had it almost in my nose (here in the stickies)
  24. I thought you said you were going to keep your eyes open? I released the update (4.301) with the relevant changes a week ago, on the 31st July! Your eyes don't go through the relevant Announcements it seems -- in this case FSX Downloads? Regards Pete Cannot find V4.301 in www.schiratti.com/dowson, neither in flightsim.com, where is it ?-
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