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  1. I disabled joysticks in FSX and made FSUIPC control all axes and settings .- Is there a way to limit a joystick overall sensitivity within FSUIPC , or we can only set the response curve ?.- Thanks
  2. It worked Pete, I erased the ID parameter from the macro, and included it in the FSUIPC kepress parameter field.- So I configured each aircraft individually checking "aircraft specific".- I found what the PDMG 747 problem was, it happens that there are 2 panel.cfgs, one in the Panel folder and the other in Panel.vc folder, in this last one was apchart included.- Now I have the macro working for all the aircrafts I select.- Thanks for all your help.-
  3. Well Pete This happens: APChart seems to assign window ID 10000 to all the default aircraft,.- The addon aircraft receives diferent IDs (ie: Piper Navajo: 28760, Feel there B737: 10012, Feel there A340 :11004, B777: 16001, and so on) All default aircraft works OK with the macro.- I changed the ID for all Airbuses and B777, to the default 10000 and the macro works OK.- The Feel There B737 and the Piper Navajo accepts only their own Id , and must be selected ""Apchart show/hide"" also in the ""control sent when main key release" box., this setting is not saved, and must be reconfigurated each time FSX loads.- The PDMG B747 have no ID or window assigned to Ap Chart in its panel.cfg, but strangely, the gauge appears in the views/instrument panel menu, and can be opened by mouse click.-.- So it seems that in case of diferent IDs, multiple macros should be created.-
  4. Sorry, I forgot that in panel.cfg each window has a definition section.- So in my case the Feelthere B737 id is 10012, and consequently I modified the macro.- First It didnt work, until I selected ""Apchart show/hide"" also in the ""control sent when main key release" box, then it worked OK.- The problem is that the setting is not saved, as when changing airplanes or relaunching FSX strangely the macro then shows only in the ""control set when keys pressed"" with the other box blank, so it fails to work.- Also, which rol does both parameter boxes play ? in my case both are in "0".- Thanks Pete for you patience and sorry for my English
  5. Pete These macro stuff is dificult to me, I note in the default macro: "1=Show/Hide=C66506,10000" , which acording to the FSX controls list is ""PANEL_ID_TOGGLE"", but cannot identify the specific Airport Chart id you referred to.- In my Feelthere B737 panel.cfg the id is "Window16=Airport Chart", so how can I edit the macro in consecuence, and what should select as parameter in the FSUIPC keypress box ? I am interested only in invoking AirportChart by keypressing "x", or some other key, all the other macro options are useless for me.- Thanks
  6. How about simple batch files which switches between the diferent .ini.s, to be runned before starting FS ?
  7. Thanks again Pete Fixed the airbrake, it works OK Also I go the hat working as it did in FS A new question: I noticed there is a macro already done, related to ApChart.- As I often use that gauge ,thought it was a good idea to invoke it using a simple keystroke instead of opening the FSX menu bar and looking for it, so I went to the keypress FSUIPC section and selected among all the ApChart options "ApChart show/hide", for the key "x" (which is not used in my FSX), aircraft specific unchecked.- The only result I got was that it toggles the FMC CDU in the FeelThere B737, nothing happens in other aircraft.- What I am doing wrong ?
  8. Thanks again Pete It happened that I used the parameter "ShortAircraftNameOK=Yes" and that "Boeing" is not the first word in the tittle of some Boeing aircraft.- Now I switched to "substring" and now all is OK.- Two new questions: 1) I have problems mapping the Yoke mixture lever as an airbrake control, I selected the ax to be recognized as spoiler, but is tricky to calibrate, the reverse box is checked and it works normally raising the airbrake, but most of the times doesnt return to normal,.- I dont understand why it has a center point, so maybe spoiler is not the option for an airbrake, but I couldnt find any other.- 2) I mapped the yoke hat and it works OK panning views, but not as smooth as it happened when controlled by FSX, is there a fix ?.-
  9. Thanks Pete There is no USB energy management set in device manager, so that is not the cause.- I fixed the problem disabling FSX controls and assigning and callibrating all from FSUIPC.- I cannot manage to use the "short aircraft name" ini editing./ As I need to have all my Boeing jets axes specificly assigned the same way, I shortened the name and it reads: [Axes.Boeing], but doesnt work.- Please tell me which is the syntaxis.-
  10. I am using USB CH Yoke and pedals.- Every time I start a flight in FSX, I found the throttle at full and rudder full left, so the aircraft begin to make circles unless I quickly center the controls.- The only cure was to save the default flight with engines off.- I tried disabling joysticks in FSX and assign and calibrate within FSUIPC but got stuck when trying to map full toe brakes, I had no problem with differential brakes.- So I calibrate the controls within FSX with a generous null zone intended to prevent the problem without success - Any advise should be welcome. Thanks
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