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  1. Pete, Of course I will try the adjustments according to the other posts in this thread in advance. I will test this, when I am at home this evening. The switching back is only a solution, if I want to fly reliable again and there is no quick fix. As I had today the situation, that suddenly the rudder wasn't reacting anymore, this stepping back is for me an option to get my flying environment back to a stable state. Rgds Reinhard
  2. Hi Pete, Another error report with 3.96 which seem to be in relation with this topic. I used all the time FSUIPC in the past and all the time the joystick calibration worked like a rock. Today I installed FSUIPC 3.96 and now I have an error, which I have never seen before: I tried to recalibrate my SAITEK throttle quadrant for the Wilco A321 as I wanted to test some new axis assignments. This worked in the first run. Then I left the dialog box, checked the result, entered the FSUIPC axis assignment dialog, made some adjustments. Tested these results and suddenly: At the third of fourth time when I entered the axis assignment dialog, I was not more able to rescan the axis of my throttle quadrant. It was just like the device would not have been connected any longer. In the Saitek control panel I could see, that the quadrant was working properly but in FSUIPC I was not able to scan the axis for alignment. After I had this phenomenon I also could not more assign any other axis, buttons and keys. The dialog boxes appeared but the scan didn't detect any reaction from my devices. The only way to get out of this situation: I had to close the FS 9.1 and restart it. Now all axes are working again properly. Then I repeated the game: And again: First it's working and you can assign axis and suddenly after some configuration work this feature didn't work anymore. Once also my rudder pedals didn't give any input to FSUIPC anymore. I repeated this several times (including always to shut down my FS 9.1 running on WIN XP with the lastest SP and starting up again). Reloading of all assignments didn't work to get out of this situation. As I told you: I NEVER had seen this before and I have NEVER seen a better utility for assigning and calibrating my devices. This always worked perfect. I also checked my FSUIPC.ini file, if there got something corrupted - nothing. Btw:I work with profiles. This evening I will switch back to the previous version and I will see, if this phenomenon disappears. Rgds Reinhard
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