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  1. Patrick, it is a known fact that GF doesn't work well with USB3. That's why before building my new system I researched the latest mobos for enough internal USB2.0 connectors. ASRock mobos usually still have 3 of them (internal connector can accommodate x2 USB ext.). So I added 3 external usb2.0 boards and used them for connecting hubs with my GF gear. Dirk.
  2. Pete, which file exactly do you want me post? Which is p3d crash log file? Where is it? Thanks, Dirk.
  3. Now, this is how I've fixed this crash at first P3D launch: 1. I ran SimConnect.msi installers from the redist folder 2. I removed SimConnectP3D3.dll folder (ver. from FSUIPC4.95 install) 3. I deleted *.wx files from Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\ folder 4. I switched off wxstationlist.bin file in Weather folder Only after that P3D launches seamless on the the first run after pc reboot. Do I still need SimConnectP3D3.dll and wxstationlist.binfiles? Thanks, Dirk.
  4. Sorry Pete, I think I misinterpeted your post, you rather pointed to the old version of Prepar3D.exe that you found in Beavis's log, didn't you? Dirk.
  5. If I run all SimConnect.msi files in redist folder, do I need SimconnectP3D3.dll in Modules folder at all? Thanks,
  6. Luke, I renamed wxstationlist.bin to wxstationlist.bin.off and removed all *.wx files in Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files folder. Rebooted my PC and launched P3D - still the same problem. My FSUIPC version is 4.95 and Prepar3D.exe is: Prepar3D.exe version = Thanks, Dirk. PS: Don't I need wxstationlist.bin at all? Does it ever get regenerated?
  7. I'm having a similar problem on the first launch of P3D with the freshly installed FSUIPC after each reboot of my PC as posted in this thread: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/81463-fsuipc495-crashes-p3dv32/ Pete, please note the latest version of Prepar3D.exe version = not "Prepar3D.exe version =" And it's been there since 16-03-07. Can that be the key to my problem posted in my thread? Thanks, Dirk.
  8. I'm having a weird problem with FSUIPC4.95 installation crashing my vanilla P3Dv3.2 in Win10 x64 on each first launch of P3D. It took me 4 days of research, multiple uninstalls and Acronis recover to pin this problem down to FSUIPC4.95 install. I would never imagine FSUIPC could to that to me. )) So, each time when I reboot my pc and launch P3D first time I hear some Win10 system chimes followed by Errpr: "Prepar3D exe has stopped working". I close the program and launch P3D again. Second launch produces only the chimes but no Errors and all seems to work OK after that, no matter how many l
  9. Burkhard, when does MyAirportsshort.dat file get created first time? With the installation of MTX6 before launching it for the first time? Thanks,
  10. What is "UT2 tool", do you mean UltimateTraffic2.exe? Thanks,
  11. AIFP is an important tool, so thank you for bringing this to light. Sabre.
  12. I have this problem in UK2000's Heathrow v3 on Rwy 09L but on 27R AI always lands ok.
  13. My OS is set to US English, including the DOT as a decimal separator. So I still need your help to sort out the problem with "Failed to read MyAirportsshort.dat file" at the launch of MyTraffic Interactive. Thanks,
  14. Do we still need to use quotes for MyTraffic path in FSX.cfg? Now it is: "F:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" I'm curious because I tried with qoutes and without quotes and the traffic seems ok in both cases. Please advise, Thanks.
  15. airernie, thanks for your time explaining the concept, I have better understanding now. I think UT2 can export schedules in txt format with Power Pack. Dirk.
  16. I guess I should dig MyTrafficInteractive for the beginning, but when I run it I always get this message: What am I supposed to do to fix it? Thanks.
  17. It's not an answer, just another question to the above: Could it be due to the 'broken links' the developer used for managing AI traffic on their runways?
  18. Hello, I'm using side-by-side installation of MT6 and UT2. I have a custom AI collection in UT2 and updated schedules. However I don't like simconnect AI traffic, so I'd like to use MT6 only. I know how to disable UT2, but I have no idea how to make MT6 use UT2 aircraft models and database/schedules. Could you please help me on where to start with it? Thanks, Dirk.
  19. Hello, I plan to switch from MyTrafficPro6 to UT2 and see if I'll keep UT2. Before installation of UT2 I'll disable MyTraffic from fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg. I'm not going to unistall MTP6 though. Traffic3D sounds are currently aliased to MT AI aircraft. How can I switch T3D sounds from MTP6 to UT2 installation? Thanks, Dirk.
  20. Yes, perhaps I should have, but somewhere else, not even here, in some other thread. From your side perhaps you should have added it to a readme with the installer, not a bad idea if you ask me. :) Finally all is good, thank you. Dirk.
  21. You missed my point, Alan. I was wrong assuming that I only needed to change some Prop to Props. Before that I would have had to do some folders moving as you explained in your email.
  22. Please note that the above version IS NO GOOD for FSX-SE stand-alone installation. I'm sure Simon should clear up and somehow separate the installers. (the above installer is looking for some files it needs in FSX-SE folder, whereas FSX Steam stand-alone installation creates FSX not FSX-SE folder in \\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft folder). The current update works very well in FSX Steam stand-alone, so if you have only FSX Steam on your OS partition installed you should use v3.2.1.7 instead of v3.3.2. Dirk.
  23. Alan, from the posts above I thought I could figure it on my own just tweaking some "Props" etc. in the config files, and I was wrong. Also your manual doc with the original installer is not for uninitiated I would say. Thank you for your direct help by email, now I have clear understanding of how your sounds package fits in FSX and where the files should go. Cheers, Dirk.
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