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  1. After 6 hours fly again test with clean MSFS and FSUIPC7. No more crash. every things working.
  2. thank you Pete Dowson. Crash happened only FSUIPC7 terminated it self and all programs opened by FSUIPC terminated. MSFS it self still running normal. I make clean re install Linda, FTDI driver for Vrinsight, clean install FSUIPC, remove not in used addons then MSFS is running without error now. I think Linda is reason because Linda offten restart when i flying. But no more crash or terminated FSUIPC or Linda. Will try more.
  3. I need help pls. After upgrade to Windows 11, my MSFS 2020 running without error but FSUIPC7 is crash end closed randomly. Here is log file. Thank you. FSUIPC7.log
  4. Thank you for your information. I will try it.
  5. I need to setting Vrinsight MCP Combo II to control MSFS Asobo B787 Map Range and MapMode using rotary encoder but not success to find any Lvar or Control to do it. Any help pls? Thank you.
  6. I try mapping keyboard and vjoy to MSFS via FSUIPC7. MSFS can see vjoy buttons up to 128. But FSUIPC each vJoy device only up to 32 buttons. Ineed to creat many vjoy device to do that. Can you fix this?
  7. i has exactly same problem. Rudder axis not working in virtual cockpit view. if i switch to outside view of aircraft then aircraft moving normal as i control. in VC mode view aircraft only moving straight.
  8. I Has buy new FSUIPC5 and the Registration key is normal work. but it make my WideFS key wrong because User Name: my Order from Simmarket for FSUIPC5 with the Name: NGUYEN DUONG and email: duongnt@xxxx.xxx My FSUIPC4+WIDEFS some years ago is under my full name: Duong Nguyen Thanh and other emai: billydragon@xxx.xxx in FSUIPC5.key file saved only 1 name with both Keys and emails. User] Name=NGUYEN DUONG Address=duongnt@xxx.xxx FSUIPC=xxxxxxxxxxxx WideFSaddress=billydragon@xxx.xxx WideFS=xxxxxxxxxxxx So, if i change name to: NGUYEN DUONG then FSUIPC5 show registered but WideFS not. If I change back name to Duong Nguyen Thanh then WideFS will registered but FSUIPC5 not. Please help me to make both key registered. Thank you.
  9. Thanks to prokopiu for his script using FSUIPC. I success make script to make Vrinsight CDU II work with PMDG 737NGX without original VriSim. Because VriSim allway ask to config Panel FMC, I make change Display size of CDU II in fsx.cfg to 768x1024x32 then can using undock panel in full screen mode, don't start VriSIm. Here is script for it. Vri_CDU2_PMDG737NGX.zip
  10. You must uninstall Saitek drivers. It don't need more when you using SPAD. PMDG can't update MCP infor to SPAD.
  11. my SPAD work fine on PC running FSX or network PC running WideClient. The method is the same. may be you have some thing wrong. I planning make short video howto do when i come back from Biz trips for you
  12. OK. Step by step as follow: 1. Put file *.lua in FSX/Modules/ folder then restart FSX. 2. SPAD setting to send your buttons as virtual FSUIPC joystick 3. Open FSUIPC in button tab and wait SPAD send button (you can try by click to send in SPAD or real button in Saitek panels) 4. Assignment that button to run LUA PMDG737NGX_AP.LUA (for example) and Parameter need to put number equivalent to function in Lua file. Note: Not all function in my script work because i don't need it. Only functions like: --function NGX_LAND_ALL_on () if ipcPARAM == 1 then --DspShow ("LAND", "ON") ipc.writeLvar('ngx_switch_110_a', 100); NGX_LAND_RETR_L_on () NGX_LAND_RETR_R_on () NGX_LAND_FIXED_L_on () NGX_LAND_FIXED_R_on () ipc.sleep(100) ipc.writeLvar('ngx_switch_110_a', 0); end --function NGX_LAND_ALL_off () if ipcPARAM == 2 then NGX_LAND_RETR_L_off () ipc.sleep(100) NGX_LAND_RETR_R_off () ipc.sleep(100) NGX_LAND_FIXED_L_off () ipc.sleep(100) NGX_LAND_FIXED_R_off () end Let see : if ipcPARAM == 1 then meaning if Parameter=1 you send to LUA PMDG737NGX_OVH.LUA then this button will turn on all Landing light, set Parameter =2 in this button when release will turn Off Landing light as --function NGX_LAND_ALL_off () if ipcPARAM == 2 then ... you can get original files action.lua from LINDA aircaft folder change name to as you want (PMDG737.lua or i seperate t to OVH and AP), find function you want then mark function name, replace it by if ipcPARAM = XX, where XX is number you use as parameter FSUIPC will send when assgnment buttons.
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