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  1. skino

    Offset pmdg

    Works perfect. An absolutely perfect piece of software. Thank you so much.
  2. skino

    Offset pmdg

    Many Thanks. Good news for all Sim programmers.
  3. skino

    Offset pmdg

    Thank you for the fast answer. You mean the broadcast entry in the Options.Ini? He is active. The entries for both FMCs are also in the Ini.
  4. skino

    Offset pmdg

    The thread is already old but my question goes in the same direction. How can I read the content of the CDU screen? In the FSUIPC documents stands "This is the raw matrix provided by PMDG, in offsets 0x5400-0x57FF (for CDU 0) and 0x5800-0x5BFF (for CDU1). " But I get no or meaningless data. How can I do that in VB? I'm grateful for any help.
  5. I want to play in VB NET over the offset 4200 five sound files, but have no idea how I can realize this. The trigger should be a joystick button or a key. The file should only be played once. How can I call the WAV file? Is it also possible directly via the FSUIPC module in the simulator? Am grateful for any help.
  6. Found the error. The code can not run in a timer. Have now put it in a button and there is no more error. I also get no tanks displayed (in P3Dv3), no matter which aircraft I choose.
  7. Hello Paul, If I use this code I always get an error message Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick Dim ps As PayloadServices = FSUIPCConnection.PayloadServices If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox6.Checked = True End If Label3.Text = ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).LevelUSGallons & " Gal" If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_2).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox7.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_3).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox8.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Aux).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox11.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox10.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Tip).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox9.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Aux).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox13.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox12.Checked = True End If If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Tip).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then CheckBox3.Checked = True End If ps.RefreshData() If My.Settings.NoPanel = 1 Then Form1.Hide() Tank34.Hide() Else Form1.Show() Tank34.Show() End If FSUIPCConnection.Process("AircraftInfo") Label2.Text = aircraftType.Value End Sub
  8. Thanks for the comprehensive explanation. That helps a lot. Peter
  9. I want to fill the standard aircraft in the FSX and P3D with a small VB tool. A value is to be written into a text field and transferred as gallons into the simulator. The necessary functions and declarations, I have not found in the client Dll. How exactly do I get the tanks filled? I am grateful for every note. Of course also for VB code examples.
  10. Thanks Pete, the code I need to analyze and understand first. Peter
  11. That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the good news and as always excellent support. :)
  12. I can display text in FSX with FSUIPC. Can I read this text, if it was created by another program? This text is generated by x PRO ATC-X http://pointsoftware.de/proatcx_d/index.html and I'd like to read it in VB.NET. Is this possible via offset? 3380 ? I want to have the text, for example, greater to be able to read it easily at high resolution.
  13. Thank you for the quick help. That sounds logical. I will try it. :)
  14. I'm trying the status of the LEDs on PM MCP read. Programming language is VB-2013. I have the offset declared as SHORT because it has 2 bytes. Public LED As Offset(Of Short) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Short)(&H4F0) How do I get the status of each LED in VB? 04F0 2 MCP/FCU Lights (Read Only) Bit Light 0 A/P Master L (1) 1 A/P Master C (2) 2 VS 3 ALT HLD 4 APP 5 LOC 6 LNAV 7 HDG 8 FLCH 9 SPD 10 THR 11 A/T 12 F/D 13 A/P Master R 14 VNAV I am grateful for any help :)

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