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  1. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    Excellent! I'm glad it was a simple oversight that we could get fixed.
  2. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    I heard back from the viva developer. Turns out, there are two versions of the dll kicking around out there, and he had only marked one of them as compatible with the latest P3D versions. He has now added both to the list. Try clicking "Check Online" now and see if that helps.
  3. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    I need to update the installation instructions for it, though - the location is going to permanently change with the release of Nantucket. I'm working on that right now.
  4. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    Have you tried grabbing the latest viva.dll from http://iblueyonder.com/viva ? If not, you might do that and follow the installation instructions on that page.
  5. Sorry to yell, but I wanted to make sure and get everyone's attention. iBlueYonder has a new website, and included in it is a new official support forum. Please direct all support requests to http://iblueyonder.com/forum from now on. I will do my best to check back here often, but for fastest service you'll want to use the new forum. thanks, Bill
  6. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    Try again, please. The module has been updated for compatibility with
  7. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    Good news! You should be able to click "check online" and have viva.dll validate now in P3D 3.4.14. I just heard back from the developer; tried it, and it seems to work.
  8. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    I need to get the module developer to mark this version of P3D as compatible. After that, clicking "Check Online" should clear the message permanently. You know, until they release the next P3D ;-). Bill
  9. Viva DLL updated for P3D 3.4

    That's right.
  10. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    According to the module's developer, you should click "run once", and then it should work fine. If someone could confirm that to be the case, I'll let him know and he can mark it as compatible on his server.
  11. P3Dv3.4.14 Released

    *sigh* I'll contact my guy.
  12. The latest version of viva.dll has been uploaded to the viva page - http://iblueyonder.com/viva/ . Please note the installation instructions on that page, but it's really simple. For FSX/FSX:SE users, there is no need to download. This is an update for P3D 3.4 only.
  13. P3Dv3.4.9 Released

    Viva has been updated to P3D 3.4 now. You can either wait a bit (less than a day, I hope) and click "Check online" when the prompt comes up, or shortcut the process by going to http://iblueyonder.com/viva and downloading the new module now.
  14. Viva.dll updated for P3D 3.3

    zazaboeing, The viva developer says the module should work fine in P3D 3.3.5. When you start P3D, do you get the pop-up asking you to check online for module compatibility? If you do, click the "Check online" button. It should fix itself. Bill
  15. Mesh Herons Nest

    Seejay, the link to download never changes. To download again, just open your previous email with the link and click it again. thanks, Bill