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  1. Yes, sorry, FSC won't work with FSX in full-screen mode. FSX wants to take over whatever monitors you have in that mode, and won't let other programs share the space. You can get FSX to not pause when you switch to FSC by unchecking the "Pause on Task Switch" option in the "general" settings.
  2. You get a big thumbs-up from me, Pete! That's exactly how I envisioned it working. I deleted all my old aircraft profiles tonight and started clean, just to see how it'd work. Well done. That'll make it way easier to set up new planes in the future.
  3. Hi Pete, Sorry, it got stuffed in my mail server's spam folder by mistake. I just retrieved it and am working on testing. thanks,
  4. I just PM'd you back, Pete. I'm an FSX user (+Accel), so I'd be happy to test the functionality in FSUIPC4.
  5. Hi Matt, Sorry, I don't have an answer, but I'll be watching to see if anyone else does. I have this problem in FSX, but only intermittently. I'll switch off the flying tips, and then just like you, I'll see them pop up again sometimes. It's enough to drive a person batty.
  6. Yeah, when I envisioned it, I figured you'd have to have a line tying the aircraft name to the profile in the fsuipc ini file.
  7. I've been using FSUIPC to do all my controller assignments for years now, and I had an idea this week that might be of interest to some. I use several control layouts, depending on what type of plan I'm flying. Right now, in order to set up aicraft-specific controls, I need to define axes and buttons for each type of plane in FSUIPC, then use the ShortAircraftNames=Substring parameter in fsuipc.ini to make sure that every 172, for instance, uses this layout. Making multiple assignments for different types of aircraft involves either setting them up individually in FSUIPC, or looking up the t
  8. You're doing the whole country of Denmark? :shock: Man, that is a HUGE amount of work! I've done a little photoscenery lately, and I have total respect for anyone that would take on a project of this magnitude. Looks fabulous, by the way.
  9. This request is a bit of fluff, but I'll make it anyway. I've gotten a Saitek yoke recently, and one of the fun extra features is the clock/timer they built into the face of it. In clock mode, this display is synchronised with the Windows system clock. I wonder if it's possible to have FSUIPC reset my system time to the FS in-game time when I start it, then revert back when I quit the sim? That's probably outside the scope of an FS module, but I thought I'd ask. It'd be fun to have my flight time displayed right there on the yoke. See, told you it was fluffy. :D thanks,
  10. It looks to me like you're missing some variants of the texture tiles, forcing FS to use the same tiles over and over again for a given landclass. There should be some internal versions that interlock with the edge tiles and provide greater variation there, as in your first shot.
  11. I mentioned that my setup was working mainly to stop you and Pete from going down the path of thinking that GoFlight was somehow disabled across-the-board by SP1. Having said that, I'll look into my setup tonight just to make sure that I'm not having the specific Nav/HDG problems you mentioned. Unfortunately, I've not had much time to enjoy SP1 since its release. thanks,
  12. I'm running the GoFlight module, v.1.72 (the latest as of today, I believe) without issue in FSX. I'm also running FSUIPC. As near as I can tell, there's been no change in my GoFlight functionality since adding FSX SP1.
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