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  1. Well, my friend Fabio, now when finally you MADE IT and everything now works so great, we don't want silly P3D amauteur "v5 update" to spoil everything, and leave you back to point zero after all your many hard steps you've been through already!!!
  2. Problem seems now to be solved! Turned out to be caused by USB overload and/or an involved USB hub
  3. Yep. After a rather long developing period, FCR has been working great for a long time, for v4.3, 4.4 and 4.5! That is, however, if one stick to the rules in every detail: 1. With sim set to same FPS as FCR, as you already noticed. (I'm also flying PMDG) 2. For replay, let the same airplane as used in recording, load FULLY up in P3D's default scenery and time. 3. Then load FCR and unpause the session - then wait again till the airplane is FULLY loaded. 4. Then finally hit the play button on the FCR, and you're running! In addition to this, my experience is that if you start recording and end recording in the same full screen mode you will with 95% certainty stay out of troubles - for instances with stalling replays just before landing!!, etc.. Cheers, Morten
  4. Hi Dave Stay away from P3Dv5!!! and stick to version 4.5 the next couple of month! A scandal is going on these days. Version 5 is not at all ready - LM customers are hijacked as involuntary beta testers! Flight sim developers has already made a common statement towards LM with protest! LM hired an inexperienced kid to manage LM programming! Fabio's Replay app is working perfectly okay with LM version 4.5!
  5. Reconfigured both Throttles and Yoke to "direct FS assignment" and disabled power eco bull savings on USB ... All problems seems so far solved by those actions /Morten
  6. I will check out your other suggestions regarding to USB problems and see if this helps. Will also check this
  7. Pete, it is related to the thread that you closed the other day: From this thread:
  8. Okay, then...! In that respect I can certainly recognize the "funny" part of the yoke suddenly going completely bananas just before landing, about one out of 10 times (as mentioned to you before), but as irritating as it is, I can actually deal with that by just setting the sim on pause and replugging the USB connection and all returns to normal again...almost rutine! :) However dealing with a throttle quadrant that I have to re-calibrate in FSUIPC because the calibration has been lost every time I startup the PC and fly the PMDG in a new session, is pretty damn hard to deal with! Giving this another thought... if no one else has that kind of problem, I guess it potentially could be due to the fact that this selfmade quadrant was originally made as an analog "joystick" plugin - then during time I put the analog plug into an USB adapter which worked just fine up to and including Win 7 - but with Win 10, here was when problems started with "forgetting" calibration settings! Gordon Bennett! Just having a new session after rebooted the PC several times and NOW, all of a sudden, the quadrant within FSUIPC calibration suddenly remembers all data! Absolutely, having no clue why this relatively old problem suddenly, all at once, now is disappeared??!! The only thing I can think of is a newly Win 10 update this afternoon! Will however, of course, monitor this "miracle" the next couple of days and see if things are staying that way....!
  9. Hi there I recently in another post learned that calibration of joysticks handling PMDG aircraft tend to make unpredictable troubles: "If you want to assign in FSUIPC, for PMDG aircraft Send to FS as Normal Axis AND select the "Axis_" controls. And do not calibrate in FSUIPC no matter where you assign" In my case, most of my avionics are controlled by commercial "joysticks", consisting of yoke, spoilers, mixture, pedals, etc, which have calibration tool software along with the equipment - However my 4 throttle quadrant consists entirely of homebuilt equipment! Would anyone perhaps have any suggestion to into which alternative tool I successfully would be able to calibrate this throttle quadrant when FSUIPC is not an option? Regards, Morten
  10. Well sorry for my part also, but what you don't seem to realize is when your customers finally has done all assigning and calibration according to your comprehensive and relatively complex manual, they will usually only return to you for help if something goes wrong - that could be months or even years after. Because of that it is obviously essential that you stick to the exact same terms as used in in your own FSUIPC manual and program. No vague and "agreed terms" please, which would have the tendency to confuse everyone else than folks in your own staff. Put on top of that language barriers from your customers from all around the world! Furthermore, take into account the fact that FSUIPC, as in my case, is only one out of 5 other plugins that has to be calibrated, adjusted, etc. Fortunately for most part though, with clear and straightforward manuals - otherwise it simply wouldn't be possible to get to the point of actually flying within my limited spare time! Experienced professionals as I guess we both are - in my case a construction architect - unfortunately have a very bad habit of taking for granted that everyone understand what we are explaining to them within our usually professional (..arrogant?) insider language. Because of that, it is sometimes best for everyone if we would leave that to other good and patient folks to communicate for us ;) In agreement to this, for leaving out any misunderstandings I would be most grateful if you at least, for everyone's sake, please would stick to the exact and fully expressed terms as it occurs both in your program and in your manual as in this example: 1. Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration 2. Send to FS as normal axis 3. Send to FSUIPC Offset Thank you. /Morten
  11. Hi Pete May I ask you to please answer me precisely, specifically and directly according to my questions. Which of the following environments would you recommend me to calibrate my PMDG: 1. Send to FS as normal axis inside the FSUIPC environment? OR 2. Calibrate my axis entirely inside the P3Dv4 settings environment? Morten
  12. Hi Pete 1. In my specific situation I'm using PMDG 777 most often. However occasionally I use these other aircraft for VFR: 2. Standard P3Dv4 Mooney Bravo aircraft 3. Third party DC3 by Daniel Fuernkaess, Manfred Jahn, Alexander M. Metzger, Hans-Joerg Naegele, Mike Cyul, Warwick Carter, Jan Visser So in this particular situation of mine what would you advise me to do regarding calibration methods and profile systems for each aircraft? Regards, Morten PS. Actually my very least occasional problems is NOT with my rudder/brake pedals (occasionally the pedals are completely "dead" by start up a session. But immediately solved by simply replugging the USB connection with absolutely no further incidents whatsoever!) As I wrote to you my main problem is my 4 quadrant throttles and my yoke!
  13. Thanks indeed Pete for taking your time and getting back to me with a quick response... I'll look into your answer in depth and get back to you if any further questions. Regards, Morten
  14. Hi Thomas If this is really the case in relation to PMDG, this is very cruisel for me and my settings! However you were a bit fast in your answer, so please confirm if I got you right: Types of axis assignments as it shows up in your program: 1. Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration 2. Send to FS as normal axis 3. Send to FSUIPC Offset So what you are telling us is that we have to stick to No.2 "Send to FS as normal axis" in the case of PMDG. CORRECT? As it is my separate yoke, pedals and 4 quadrant throttles are all currently assigned to No.1 "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" AND I got problems with P3Dv4/PMDG 777! A. My yoke will occasionally go completely bananas/uncontrollable whenever I disconnect the autopilot on approach - then I have to set sim to pause and reconnect the USB yoke before it will work normal again. B. FSUIPC keeps to forget my separate throttles per engine Joystick Calibration. Which means that I have to recalibrate my throttles all over again when starting a new sim session. Obviously pretty annoying! NB. I have already disabled ALL my axis settings inside the P3Dv4 settings. Also I'm fully aware of that P3D occasionally tend to put them back again, so I have an eye on that. Nevertheless, problems as described above keeps on ruining my sims! Question is, if all this is because of using a wrong FSUIPC axis assignment type? Regards, Morten FSUIPC5.ini
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