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  1. Hi Fabio Your default replay speed 1:1 is wrong - too fast!(Standard version) - Please look into the bug and correct! Cheers
  2. P3Dv4.4 FSUIPC 5.15 PMDG 777 Can't seem to configure my Saitek pedals correct through "send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" along with PMDG 777. Brakes and rudder works fine, but the front wheel works poorly, which means that I have to use my throttles violently as a compensation in order to make sharp turns. For my Saitek pedals ONLY I previously through the years used to send my Axis to "FS as normal axis" (rest of the "joysticks" direct to FSUIPC) which worked fine until FSUIPC/P3Dv4.3. From then on my other "joystick", my yoke, went totally bananas and out of control! No surprise here, as according to the manual, one is not supposed to mix "send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" and "FS as normal axis"...anyway this worked for a long time, until now when I don't seem to have no other choice than let all my axis on all my "joysticks" assign to "send direct to FSUIPC Calibration", which in practise wont work for my pedals! What is going wrong here? Would it perhaps help if I instead use "Send to FSUIPC Offset" ONLY for my pedals mixed with "send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" for the rest of the "joysticks"..? Cheers, Morten Attached files: log and ini. FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  3. Come on Pete, what do you take me for! Of course I know all about that. But at the time parking brakes had already been released by me long time before this blocking occured. However as I wrote above, this issue has now been completely solved with help from John. Thanks Pete for that reminder!
  4. Yes! The "Direct to FSUIPC" choice solved the blocked foot brakes after landing! Thanks John!!! (Pedals regarding to steering is however still chosen to be "Direct to FS", as it was the only way to solve my PMDG 777 steering problems - strange...but whatever it takes!) Cheers, Morten
  5. Oh dear...not quite, actually. By disabling P3Dv4.4s own joystick controllers and sending everything through FSUIPC - including the brake on my pedals: "to FS as normal axis" I get an allround perfect and steering setup - EXCEPT for the fact that brakes now seems to block 100% whenever I start taxing and after landing. When taxing I have to hit the food brake in order to release brakes which I haven't touched in the first place at all! Upon landing, it's not enough to hit the food brake twice (as in the good old FSX days). The only way I can release brakes here is when turning the Autobrake button off and on several times, otherwise I'm completely stuck in the middle of the runway with ruined tires! Unfortunately, as I wrote before, to enable P3Dv4.4s own controls only for the pedals is NOT an option for me - Because I'm not allowed to mix my sims controls with FSUIPC as it is. Otherwise my yoke suddenly becomes uncontrollable and go bananas! Frustrating because the sims own controller has an option to define null zones for the brakes which FSUIPC unfortunately don't have (at least to my knowledge). In other words, according to this link, the missing Null zones is what causes exactly this issue: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/512544-777-prepar3d-v4-ils-parked-and-blown-brakes-on-landing/?do=findComment&comment=3662099 Any idea to sort this problem out, strictly, within the FSUIPC environment, please?
  6. Morten

    Steering tiller

    Fully agree - hate those beeps, not knowing what the heck is going on...
  7. Ahhh okay.... I'm afraid that you misunderstood me using the term "sensitive" - I'm not literally referring to the joysticks as the being sensitive. They are working perfect now in EVERY sense! What I was referring to was what was my experience with the newest version of P3Dv4.4 being ultra sensitive/intolerant to mixes between buttons assigned directly under the options of P3Dv4.4 and axis assigned under FSUIPC - with the result of joysticks going bananas! Although not a purely correct mix - anyway at least tolerated in P3D versions up to v 4.4. All according to what I wrote earlier: So, in other words, trough your effective advice, to disable controls completely in P3D and do all calibration and assignments within the FSUIPC environment is what made everything perfect to all my joysticks in P3Dv4.4. So for now: - Everything works perfect! - Happy ending! - Morten being happy! - End of troubles! Cheers, Morten
  8. What?? "all the fuss" .......? I was struggling my arms off in order to get things right here - I finally ended up with succes, as you well know partly through your advice to disable P3D controls, and partly through my own experiment of letting pedals axes go through "Send to FS as normal axis". So no more "fuss", just happiness. But you asked me about some analytic questions, which I answered. Nothing more to it. 😃 Yes indeed, I'm off flying! Cheers, Morten
  9. Throttles: "direct to FSUIPC calibration" Spoilers: "direct to FSUIPC calibration" PropPitch: "direct to FSUIPC calibration" Mixture: "direct to FSUIPC calibration" Yoke: all axes: "direct to FSUIPC calibration" Hat switch on yoke: "Send to FS as normal axis" (NEW assignment) Pedals, rudder: "Send to FS as normal axis" (fairly NEW assignment. Solved front wheel steering problems ) Pedals, brakes: "Send to FS as normal axis" (fairly NEW assignment) P3D "Use Controllers": Disabled (fairly NEW assignment. Solved throttles unable to be calibrated correctly and yoke going bananas after disabling autopilot) ALL buttons assigned through FSUIPC (NEW assignment) ______________________________________________________________ "Calibrating?" Yes of course! "Check in the P3D support forum". No way Pete, check yourself if you like. For my part I'm just happy now that everything works again! /Morten
  10. Yes I'm sure. All the sim hardware including throttles, yoke and pedals has been exactly the same all the time. All I have changed is new monitors and according to those I changed resolutions and the fullscreen setup. Also installed MS Office. And of course I can't tell whether any MS update could have had any influence here. /Morten
  11. However rather strange... Up till the latest P3Dv4.4 conditions were more tolerant without problems. Now conditions apparently are extremely sensitive in every sense - strictly, either FS control assignments for everything OR strictly assignments through FSUIPC, even including buttons! 😲 Amazing that all my joystick troubles during the last couple of months only comes down to this fact!! Cheers, Morten
  12. My dear Pete This was indeed your best advice of the year!!!!!!! EVERYTHING now works as expected, yoke, throttles and pedals! Wow! 😃
  13. I tried to mix tiller and rudder, assigning both to the pedals through "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration". Not an option, at least not to my PMDG 777-200. The tiller mix reacted by turning the wheel all the way to each side. Not possible to go straight forward. I found the best solution till now, by assigning the axis rudder (no tiller mix) to my pedals and use "Send direct to FS as normal axis". This makes my front wheel turn fully perfect again as it use to couple a month ago! However my yoke, which is assigned trough "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration", still go bananas if I choose to turn off the autopilot, as described above. No axis whatsoever, is no longer assigned inside P3D - Options - Axis Assignments. So what the heck is going on here?
  14. Okay Pete, got it! In fact my 'some what' common sense already told me before I even started this configuration!..hi, hi...life aint easy. The steering issue however, is left to solve - not for common sense to solve.. quite a drag...!!
  15. Moreover, according to this my previous statement and the following discussion, I've chosen as an experiment to completely keep my pedals out from FSUIPC. Which means that my pedals currently is calibrated within the P3D settings environment only, whereas my throutles and yoke is still calibrated inside the FSUIPC environment and send "direct to FSUIPC". With this combination I unfortunately still find my yoke going completely bananas and uncontrollable. It will happen mostly during an ILS approach, if I then choose to abort the autolanding and disconnect the autopilot in order to make a visual approach instead, then the yoke will turn all the way to the right and become totally out of control! The only way I can overcome this is by replugging the yoke into the USB slot and from then on it will be controllable again. All together, for some reason quite a mess here these days...?! Cheers, Morten
  16. Ok thanks, I'll get it a try. What is noticeable though, at least in my case, is that this lack of steering came about after updating from P3Dv.4.3 to v.4.4 - might be a random event, might not be... /Morten
  17. Hi Pete and John I guess, you're right and the problem is still present - probably just me getting more and more use to compensate the lack of turning by using cross throttling... I read the "FSLabs A320 Steering/Tiller debate" link which John provided me. However I'm afraid it got too nerdy for me and didn't really catch the conclusion, if any. Please bare over with me, I'm just a regular user and have no skills whatsoever into programming and special FSUIPC mods. So in simple terms, please; 1. Is there actually a way to mix the tiller facility with my (physical) pedal rudder axis assignment? 2. If so, would I actually benefit with such a mix in order to make my front wheel turning more efficient? (During turns on the taxiway I notice that the animated tiller on the PMDG 777-200 actually DO turn - whether this animation is actually a valid reflection of a tiller process taking place for real I can't tell) Cheers, Morten
  18. You really need beta folks to carry out what works and not works, before launching your appreciated updates.
  19. Fabio, this is no go, requiring customers to install all kind of stuff...if necessary it should be included in your install!
  20. No, Fabio! Both NET Framework already installed here on win 10. I have the exact same symptoms as "adribaradri" - your earlier version didn't have those crash issues! Back to the drawing board! /Morten
  21. P3Dv4.4 Done ALL your advice in order to get audible AI sounds - NO luck! Still just weak far away sounds... Have had much more luck with freeware AI sounds! Please tell me if I can manually adjust the volume - can I destil the CAB files in order to adjust the volume level through a sound edit app which I'm used to?! Will the CAB files work if they are distilled in the folder?
  22. Is this place completely dead or what? No support whatsoever since last year...
  23. Hi John Thanks for your profound suggestions... Now I totally erased axis for my pedals inside the FSUIPC.ini and instead established axes directly inside the P3Dv4 controls environment. So far steering is back to normal again. Cheers, Morten
  24. Hi Fabio Indeed pleased to find that distorted sound has now gone with your latest FCP and P3Dv4.4 + PMDG 777 (at least with EVERYTHING limited to 30 FPS) - wonderful!! you finally made it! 😉 HOWEVER, with your latest version P3Dv4 enhanced version, recording RANDOMLY stops!! No good! - often stops just before landing without any command from the user to stop! What the heck is going on here?!!! cheers, Morten

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