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  1. Are you loading in your flight from a previous saved flight? When you load in P3D you need to select the aircraft, airport and time within the start up P3D menu at the start and not load in from a previous saved flight.
  2. The only time this happens to me is when my sim crashes and I reload from a save point using FSUIPC.
  3. I managed to sort the problem out, I just reassigned a key to the FPA button on the EMB configuration utility, now my push to talk on my yoke no longer activates the FPA. I still find it strange why installing the update assign my push to talk yoke button to the FPA button. No matter it is all good now.
  4. I just installed the update, and for some reason when I press my push to talk button on my yoke it engages the FPA button, for some reason it has mapped to my yoke push to talk button. I have not changed anything with my keys or yoke buttons mapping, it just seems to have happened automatically since installing the update. Can anyone help me? I want to remove the FPA button from engaging when I press my push to talk on my yoke.
  5. Hello Will the new version of Flight Control Replay record other aircraft around you? for example if you are flying on Vatsim and are recording, it will also replay the other aircraft. The current replay system in P3D does do this.
  6. Many thanks for your response, I found to get the options menu working again I only had to install the vc++ redist only and not direct x redist. Now the options menu works, Many thanks for your help.
  7. Hello I have had this issue for a long time now, every time I want to go into the options menu it crashes the program or I get an error message. The program itself works fine, it is just I cannot go into the options. What I would like to do is change the frame rate settings during recording in the options, is there a way of doing that without going into the options menu, maybe there is a config file I can edit in windows for flight control reply? Thanks
  8. I am hoping one day you will add the ability to see AI aircraft during reply. As bad as the p3d replay system is it also show/records the AI aircraft.
  9. I already had that unchecked in the Enhanced version but it still randomly stop the recording, but I switched over to the non-enhanced version and it is now working.
  10. Many thanks Morten, I will give that a try today. I already had `Record Audio during flight recording` unchecked, but I was using the `Enhanced` version, so will try the `Standard` version.
  11. What was the solution to this problem? as I am also having the same issue with recording randomly stopping.
  12. Having the same problem, did you fix the issue and how did you do it?
  13. Hi Fabio It was the very old version of your software I was using from beginning of 2017, back then it did reduce my flightsim performance, but a couple of days ago I reinstalled the latest version and you are right it does not affect frames or performance at all now. The software in general is a big improvement from when I first purchased last year. Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the good work.
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