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  1. The autopilot in the PMDG 747 usually initiates sharp turns too late which results in unrealistically high turn rates and bank angles. To counteract this, I usually disengage LNAV mode in the PMDG 747 autopilot a few miles before the turn and use HDG SEL mode to fly the turn "semi-manually" by slowly increasing/decreasing the HDG bug incrementally with the effect that the turns become smoother at a more realistic turn rate and with less unrealistic bank than when I let the autopilot command the turn in LNAV mode. However, if the the winds dynamically change during the turn, especially in gusty conditions, it can happen, that a left turn (heading bug to the left of current heading needed to keep the plane on track) suddenly becomes a right turn (heading bug still at the same position but current heading to keep track suddenly switches to the left of the heading bug in new wind conditions, for example in a strong sudden gust from the left) with the result that the autopilot immediately rolls the plane from a left bank angle to the right at an unrealistically high turn rate and bank angle (S-Turn). So far I haven't found a solution for this issue, but my idea was that if I was able to "freeze" the wind directon and speed dynamically during the turn (for example by pressing a joystick toggle button) this sudden banking to the opposite side would no longer happen. After the turn and after engaging LNAV mode again, pressing the toggle button would "unleash" the winds again such that I could keep getting turbulence effects on the plane in level flight. So here's my question: Is there a way to impement this "wind freeze toggle" in FSUIPC or otherwise? Or did anybody find an alternative solution to the sudden banking when flying a turn in HDG SEL mode subject to sudden changes in wind direction? Any help appreciated. (Btw, I usually use Active Sky as a weather engine and I am aware that in AS settings you can locally and globally freeze the winds, but there is no way to toggle winds on or off dynamically inflight, so I would basically need to bring up the AS settings menu before and after each turn to achieve what I want which I do not consider a solution.) Best regards draci
  2. Ok, I found the problem. For a strange reason STB shows all flights which are scheduled one day earlier. I guess this problems stems from the fact that FSX and later sims use another day encoding than FS2004 for which most of the original traffic tools were written. Is there a way to fool STB to display the flights a day later (of course without changing the sim date which I need to keep not to confuse other add-ons)? Kind regards draci
  3. Perhaps STB is missing the information about the FLAI AI Package which I use. Is there a config and logos set for FLAI available for use in STB similar to that which is availbale for AIG?
  4. Before every flight I generate traffic.bgl files for my departure airport, destination airport and the whole route by AI Live Traffic. These files can be read by the latest version of my preferred ATC program VoxATC. Since VoxATC simulates its own traffic according to the traffic.bgl files generated by AI Live Traffic and STB on the other hand only depicts AI traffic generated by the sim AI engine itself, I completely understand that the status of these VOX generated flights is unknown to STB (for example no taxi, landing, boarding messages are displayed for these flights whatsoever, which is a pity, but I can live with that). But in my opinion at least in prediction mode, STB should be able to read the AI Live Traffic generated traffic.bgl files (in standard location ../scenery/world/scenery) and display them with correct airline, flight number, departure/arrival time and list them as "scheduled", which is only partially the case on my system since only SOME of the flights in the aforementioned AI Live traffic.bgl files are displayed on the board with APPROXIMATELY the correct departure/arrival time and sometimes even WRONG flight number and in most cases correct destination. Sometimes it even happens that STB displays a flight for which NO flightplan is contained in the AI Live traffic.bgl files which is very strange since I have removed all other traffic.bgl files from the sim file structure, so when recompiling the STB database should only "see" the AI Live traffic.bgl files. Can anybody explain why I don't see all flights whose flightplans are stored in these traffic.bgl files (and sometimes a few erratic ones) and why the information contained in these flightplans is modified by STB? Since the flights are only scheduled and STB cannot "see" the AI aircraft generated by VoxAtc, I don't see a reason why STB should modify flight number or departure time (for example replacing the schedule departure time by the actual or targeted one based on delay and traffic at the airport). Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you John for your quick reply, No I simply plugged the monitors to the new card, no reinstall, no trashing FSX though. I mean, the .ini file is still there (I don't even know whether it has changed!), and yes I do have saved a few copies over the years, but I think they are useless for the new configuration anyway, or am I mistaken? So can it be that FSUIPC recognized the new graphics card and monitor connections when I fired up FSX for the first time after the card change and the .ini file was overwritten with new data?
  6. Dear all, after upgrading my graphics card my multimonitor setup with a myriad of FSUIPC key and button assignments, LINDA assignments, .lua scripts, autohotkey scripts, PMDG key combos and VRInsight software assignments doesn't work anymore in FSX, I think I kept my monitor arrangement and resolutions in Windows 7 unchanged (4 monitors, with a driver update) but the graphics card running the 4 monitors has different connections (DisplayPort, HDMI) instead of DVI and unfortunately I forgot to save the FSUIPC.ini file before changing the card. Is there a way to get my assignments back? This would save me hours of work of setting everything up again. Strangely enough I had to reregister FSX again after the GPU change and I'm not sure whether I used the same validation key as I did some 20 years ago.... Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  7. The airport GOBD (Dakar, Senegal) was not originally implemented in FSX and at the time of creation of the latest MyTraffic 6 schedules(2015) was not open yet, so there are currently no flights to/from this airport in MyTraffic. I know that I can add my own traffic using the various MyTraffic Subapplications. What I would like to do is to add autogenerated flights to/from GOBD without changing the other world wide schedules I currently have. I do care too much whether they are realistic, but the airlines should be correct (a lot of air Senegal, I suppose).Can anybody describe quickly what I would have to do? Any help greatly appreciated. I've already dumped the airports.txt and created myairports.dat, but what next? Any help greatly appreciated, draci
  8. Hi to all, thanks to my latest discussion with Pete I'm playing around with FSUPIC offsets and event intercepting and currently I want to try out whether an engine-blow out can be prevented when for example flying in icing conditions (eg. inside a TS) as some add-ons (like FS Captain) trigger an engine blow out if the anti-icers are not turned on. In the FSUPIC offset status list I found the offset 0B6B which seems to control the fail mode bitwise for each engine. I'm testing on the PMDG 747-800i (the old version, not the QOSII) in FSX. My idea is intercepting the status change of this offset when it occurs and immediately reset it to 0 (which means all engines ok). Then I expected no more engine failures to happen or at least to see them being reset after a few seconds. But somehow this doesn't seem to work. Can this be aircraft specific (PMDG is always a little bit tricky)? or can it be that this procedure doesn't work in general (as suggested by ?SimC and ?SimE)? or am I intervening at the wrong offset? Or is my code simply wrong? function failure(offset, value) if value ~= 0 then ipc.writeUB(offset,0) end end event.intercept(0x0B6B,"UB","failure") Any help is appreciated, kind regards draci
  9. Hi Pete, log checked, lua.script tested successfully, it's in fact simply a null string being written. Thanks for your help and every thing you've done and are still doing for the community, we all owe you a lot. draci
  10. Great, thank you, I'll do a flight tomorrow and report back! draci
  11. Sorry to bother you once again, but I don't have much experience when it comes to lua programming and I'm not at my FS Computer right now. Can you please quickly confirm that the following code does what I'm trying to achieve: function flightplan(offset,value) if value ~= "xxx" then ipc.writeSTR(offset,value) end end event.intercept(0x0130,"STR","flightplan") where I replace XXX by the value which I can get from the FSUIPC logfile that EFB2 tries to write to the offset position 0x0130. The idea is to simply block the flightplan being deleted by EFB2 but still allow other add-ons to set any flightplan (and also the user via FSX menu). I appreciate your help. Best regards draci
  12. Thank you Pete, of course, your guess is right, it's EFB2 I guess the file is simply removed from use, so I will try to investigate the log file, thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I will report back. draci
  13. Hi to all, I have the annoying problem that one of my add-ons deletes the GPS flightplan loaded into FSX default GPS after landing by sending an appropriate termination command to FSUIPC as soon as the gear touches down (according to the author). Unfortunately many of my other add-ons rely heaviliy on that flight plan and therefore cease working as soon as the landing gear touches down, but, of course, I need them until the end of the flight sim session. The author is working on a solution but meanwhile I need a workaround. So that's the reason for my rather peculiar question: is there a way to make FSUIPC to ignore the command of flight plan deletion it gets from a code to which the user of the program has no access? Maybe FSUIPC could subsitute the flight plan by another (identical one) as soon as the other is deleted? Or maybe the executing program can be tricked into thinking that the flight plan was deleted by sending an appropriate command back? Any help appreciated. Best regards draci
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