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  1. My typical luck, I bought this a few days before the update. Anyway, I completely removed the older 4.852, and downloaded 4.86 from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html. I confirmed 4.86 is installed OK, and reconfigured everything. And, after a preliminary test of a few of the planes, it does now appear to be working. Many thanks for the quick turnaround time :-) (Too bad I didn't get notified about the new version...)
  2. Informational: I can confirm that FSUIPC 4.853 works with an Aera 500. (Et Sylvain, je te remercie encore pour le cable!) The setup is quite simple. If your computer doesn't have a serial COM port, get a USB-to-serial cable. (Cheapest is not best: expect to spend about $30.) (Make sure your port is configured to operate at 9600.) In FSUIPC on the GPS Tab, select "Check to enable the GPSOut", select the COM port across which the communication will occur. For port speed and interval, I am using 9600 and 100 (one hundred). The only box that should be checked in the message types is AV400. Then the interesting part the Garmin cable to serial port. On this, the solution I have is an official Garmin "Bare Wire" cable which plugs into the back of the Aera and has cables dangling off the other end, as described in appendix D of the user manual. Yellow wire pin 3 data transmit, black wire pin 5 ground. Final part is the configuration on the Aera. On the tools/setup/interface,, change the interface setup to "Aviation In". It will say "Aviation Input Status: Disconnected" - just ignore. On Tools/GPS Status/Menu, select Start Simulator. Then go back to the map page... and enjoy! Hope this is helpful for someone :-)
  3. I have installed FSUIPC 4.852 into my FSX installation, which includes several bits of hardware including a Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel. Unfortunately all is not well with this installation. In essence, without FSUIPC installed (e.g. rename .DLL to .DLX) the system works perfectly as expected. However with the system installed, the Multi Panel does not behave as expected. For example if I press the AP button to engage the autopilot, some random action occurs such as the Vertical Speed autopilot being selected. If I then press AP again, some other lights will come on. Basically it makes the entire Multi Panel unusable. If I click on the graphics of the autopilot on the screen however, the correct commands occur i.e. click on AP and the autopilot engages. (Interestingly the Saitek mirrors this OK.) However if I then press the now lit AP button on the Multi Panel, some new random thing will happen such as the IAS will set to some random value. So as things are at the moment, if I wish to fly using an autopilot, I have to disconnect FSUIPC. Does anyone have a fix for this? What additional information can I provide? Thanks!
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