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  1. Hi Marcel; I looked in the registry but I did not find that key in the location specified. I am using windows 7, would that make a difference? Regards, Michael.
  2. Hello, Everytime I run FSX I get a message that "FSX is having a problem with FSUIPC.DLL". It then gives me the option to either quit or continue, if I quit FSX starts normally except FSUIPC does not and is not present in the Menu. If I select to continue FSX never starts but hangs on the start screen. I have tried various versions of FSUIPC including the most recent, with the same result. FSX ran with FSUIPC before without any problems and I do not know what is causing this to happen now. Any suggestions welcomed. Error screen attached. Regards, Michael.
  3. Hi, after you setup the WideFS Button Screen, how do you get the buttons on the screen to activate something? Do you have to use FSUIPC Buttons Tab to set the buttons? :???: Regards, Michael.
  4. Hi Pete, To answer your first question, "yes", not sure where I can get the information 'what windows thinks happened', except that it might be on the screen shot I added to my topic. The problem only started recently, I have been using version 4.934 since it came out without any problem. I tried version 4.931 with the same result. However, I installed version 4.930 and it workes fine, so I am sticking with it. There was a log file but I deleted it when I changed versions. I will stick with 4.930 for now, if the problem reoccurs I'll send you the log file. I am using Prosim with FSX and a number of scenery addons. Regards, Michael
  5. Hi, Why am I getting this error message when I start-up FSX? Regards, Michael.
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